Why Does My Boyfriend Fart So Much (5 Reasons We Know!)

Among the things that are easily despised by people, but have an important role to play in our health is farting.

Just like yawning, people see farting as an embarrassing thing to do. Well, doing this natural call without being considerate and knowledgeable is where it becomes an awful thing to do.

Perhaps, this is how you feel having noticed that your boyfriend farts a lot. You might ask, ‘why does he do that?’ or ‘what you can do to help out?

This must be a hard time for you as I can imagine how pissed you must’ve been to seek out solutions.

In this post, I’ll be trashing all the myths behind why your boyfriend farts so much and what you have to do to salvage the situation. Keep reading to find out more!

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Farts So Much

If your boyfriend farts excessively, then it doesn’t happen without a cause. That is to say that there are a couple of factors that must’ve resulted in your boyfriend farting so much.

However, in the course of my research, I found out that the greater part of the cause is linked to what goes into his stomach.

Meanwhile, below are possible reasons why your boyfriend farts so much.

  • It could be a result of allergic reactions
  • It might be because of his insensitive approach to health issues
  • It could be a result of bad feeding habit
  • It might be due to food intolerance (digestive system disorder)
  • It could be because of excessive intake of air

1. It Could Be a Result of Allergic Reactions

Since the first discovery of allergies in the past 150 years, words are yet out concerning any possible final treatment for this condition.

The condition is a health state in which a person’s body system reacts aggressively to the ingestion or contact with a certain substance.

The first discovery of allergies was found in the rejection of drugs but it has extended to food and even body sprays or lotion.

However, the subject matter in this post fingers at farting which has to do with food allergies. So you might want to consider if your boyfriend is allergic to any food.

If that is so, there’s a chance that he’ll be farting so much within the period of eating this allergic food until the food digests completely.

This is one of the most outstanding reasons why your boyfriend farts so much.

2. It Might Be Because of His Insensitive Approach to Health Issues

I’m sorry if this sounds too brash and blunt, but if you’re dating a careless person who doesn’t add caution as they get along their day-to-day lives then he’s at risk of farting so much.

This reason right here correlates with the next reasons but still makes its statement.

If your boyfriend pays little to no attention to his physical well-being, it could cause him to fart a lot. This extends to if you’re dating a fat partner (no offense at body shaming intended).

You’ll confirm or rather get more insights on this if you study your boyfriend’s health life closely.

3. It Could Be a Result of Bad Feeding Habit

Why Does My Boyfriend Fart So Much

There’s always an expense to doing things the wrong way, such as purging when you overfeed or getting hungry at short intervals if you eat little.

In this case, the issue sits at poor feeding habits. If your boyfriend eats everything that comes his way without considering the last thing he had eaten, it could also lead to farting too much.

This factor represents the scientific law of cause and effect as I can testify to it. Therefore, if this is true of your partner then you have yourself the reason why he farts so much.

4. It Might Be Due to Food Intolerance (Digestive System Disorder)

This factor takes us a bit further into the medical field, as it concerns mainly the person’s digestive system.

Just as earlier indicated, a digestive system disorder known as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can cause someone to fart irregularly.

This appears to be the body’s way of relieving waste since there’s some kind of malfunction of the organs concerned with the process.

If you notice that your boyfriend complains about not being able to digest food properly even after hours of eating, you might want to take a medical approach to the issue because it could answer why he farts so much.

According to Healthline, some of the causes of IBS include early life stress, excessive intake of caffeinated beverages, and overfeeding.

The reputable health report platform also advises some home remedies for the condition, such as reducing stress, regular exercise, and even cutting down on caffeinated beverages.

5. It Could Be Because of Excessive Intake of Air

Are you dating a skydiver? Or a motorbike racer? Either way, these two persons are at risk of getting their lungs filled with air as a result of the type of activities they indulge in.

If any of these is the case, then you have yourself the possible reasons why your boyfriend farts so much.

The air that he has accumulated needs to find a way to leave the body, and in the case where he’s no good at exercising or even doing the least act of running laps, then farting uncontrollably becomes the only choice of the body to let out the air in his body.

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Farts So Much

Having a boyfriend that farts so much must be an exhausting thing to put up with, especially if you’re the type of lady that like showing off her man in public.

Therefore, as a caring partner, you probably need to find a lasting solution to your boyfriend’s problem of farting a lot.

Let’s do a quick rundown of things you have to do to contain the condition and get done with the uneasiness that comes with knowing your boyfriend farts so much.

  • You have to take reactive meals off his meal plan
  • You should draft up a good feeding habit for him
  • You have to encourage him to exercise regularly
  • You should take off fatty food from his meal
  • You might as well check in with a medical professional

1. You Have to Take Reactive Meals off His Meal Plan

This has got to be the first step you take if you want to salvage the situation with your boyfriend.

This initial step entails you having to first indicate and then take off any form of reactive or rather allergic food which you know his body reacts to badly.

While this might be easy to do, it’ll get hard if you have to replace this food with costlier ones because they are cheap.

Nonetheless, you’re out to control the condition so sacrificing a few more dollars won’t have to be the problem in this scenario.

2. You Should Draft up a Good Feeding Habit for Him

You can’t overemphasize the role and need for good and healthy feeding habits. If your boyfriend eats like he has his life on his sleeve, then you should make him understand that it doesn’t always pan out well as he risks farting so much.

In this case, you have to make it standard that the feeding habit involves two crucial practices. These are eating in small portions and slowly too.

This is the time you have to show him how much you love him although I know you already do, by just seeking out solutions to his problem.

3. You Have To Encourage Him to Exercise Regularly

Why Does My Boyfriend Fart So Much

Many people, especially guys feel that hitting the gym only means you want nice abs and probably build some muscles.

While this is right, it is also a one-sided view of the importance of working out. Regular exercise enhances our medical lifestyle just as it improves our physical outlook.

So, you have it up to you to continually reiterate the need for your boyfriend to exercise as it’ll help him burn out fats and air, especially if he’s a professional skydiver.

Those fats that get burned out during exercise relieve the intestines and other digestive organs of the weight of having to process the hefty amount of fat in the body.

You can even join him in this process, to both serve as a backbone and also keep track of his progress.

4. You Should Take Off Fatty Food from His Meal

I have the strong thought that you’re in charge of what comes out of the kitchen if you live with your boyfriend.

Well, even if you don’t you can still try to keep off fatty food off his meal. You can write bold warnings of the dangers of taking them on small placards and pin them to his pantry.

This would make him realize how harmful they may be if he consumes them. With this in place, you can check him out of fatty food and also monitor his comeback from farting so much to being the lovely partner you’ve always known.

5. You Might as Well Check In With a Medical Professional

You might wonder why I had to leave this tip as the last on the list. If you thought about severe cases, then you guessed right.

While you try out all of these initial tips on how to contain your boyfriend’s excessive farting habit, there is a chance things will not go as planned. It could get worse or seem irredeemable.

That’s where you have to implement this last tip which is to visit a medical professional to seek help. The severe case which I talked about is farting so much accompanied by weight loss and decreased appetite.

How Many Times Should You Fart in a Day?

On average, you should fart between 10 – 25 times a day.

While we’ll get to how healthy it is to fart, let’s talk about the normality of farting.

Hence the question, ‘how many times should you fart in a day?’ The act of farting is also called ‘flatulency’, and there are various opinions on how many times you should fart in a day.

The conclusion that I arrived at in this post comes regarding the comparison between the data given by Healthline and Nhsinform.

Is It Healthy if You Fart a Lot?

No, it is not healthy to fart all the time. However, farting is a healthy phenomenon but it becomes odd if you do this way beyond average. A change in diet and eating habits can trigger it which makes it worse.

So, if you notice that you fart more than usual you might want to adhere to the solutions earlier mentioned in this post.

Do Couples Who Fart Together, Stay Together?

Why Does My Boyfriend Fart So Much

Yes, couples who fart together tend to stay together. While this might seem like one of those comic phenomenons seen on Comedy Central, there’s a substantial meaning behind it.

I arrived at this conclusion courtesy of the survey conducted by eHarmony, one of the biggest dating platforms across the globe.

If you’re why this is true, that’s where I come in to give you reasons and proof. These reasons include:

  • Transparency
  • Absence of conversation bridge
  • Presence of personalized bonding

1. Transparency

Farting is considered a shameless act, but how about you do that with your partner? The shamelessness is removed and you see your partner in their raw form… that which they don’t show to others.

2. Absence of Conversation Bridge

The conversation bridge between the two couples involved is seemingly scraped off when they fart together. Just like it improves transparency, it also fosters healthy relativity.

3. Presence of Personalized Bonding

A better way to bond with your partner, aside from going to the movies and the entire groove is farting together. This is bonding at its peak.

Can Your Boyfriend Hide His Fart?

Yes, your boyfriend can keep his fart out of sight and smell if he likes. All he has to do is to clench his butt muscles tightly while sitting comfortably.

By letting it out gradually, he can hide his fart and even the smell.


If your boyfriend farts so much, I understand that it is not a pleasant situation for you.

However, I’ve done an in-depth analysis in this post which discusses why he does that, what you should do, and other relative issues that bother around the subject of farting.

I’m convinced you got value in the course of going through this comprehensive article.

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