My Boyfriend Is a Photographer and I Get Jealous! Why?

Dating a photographer as a girl has its pros and cons. While you’re happy about his success and achievements, you might also have bad feelings. Are you against his success? Certainly, No.

The ill feeling comes with jealousy and that’s one of the cons of this type of relationship. You’re probably jealous of seeing him talk about how beautiful other women look… models or no models.

You can’t even determine the main cause of this feeling, because all reasons which you’ve ever thought about sound intangible.

I guess it’s high time you found out the reason for this jealousy and this article will do justice to this subject matter.

10 Reasons Why You Get Jealous Because Boo Is A Photographer?

Feeling jealous about your boyfriend’s line of work could be just a flying thought and could get serious if not checked. Below are some of the reasons that explain why you’re jealous because your boyfriend is a photographer.

  1. It shows you are insecure
  2. It means you might be obsessive
  3. It shows you are overthinking
  4. It indicates you have low-esteem
  5. It might be because of his line of work
  6. It means that you feel unattended
  7. It means you aren’t getting enough compliment
  8. It shows he might be a flirt
  9. It is simply because you love him
  10. It might be because his clients are mostly women

It Shows You Are Insecure

My Boyfriend Is a Photographer and I Get Jealous

Insecurity and jealousy are like doubt and fear. One is relative to the other and works in connection with each other.

Jealousy is one of the major causes of insecurity in any relationship. Similarly, insecurity spurs more jealousy. Once you start feeling insecure about certain things in your relationship, then being jealous is almost inevitable.

Your insecurity could be something not related to your boyfriend’s work, but since it’s already there, you are likely to feel jealous.

It mainly triggers jealousy when he talks about beautiful models from his work experiences. Your mind sends you a message, which seems as if it proves your insecurity.

Because of this, you get more jealous and find it hard to stop. It is also hard to explain, because you don’t seem to find a standard reason, to pin to the reason for your jealousy, which is only a reflection of your insecurity.

It Means You Might Be Obsessive

My Boyfriend Is a Photographer and I Get Jealous

Obsession might be too much of a word to describe what you might be going through, but it also explains the reason why you could be feeling jealous.

Being obsessive comes with a lot of things, like possessiveness, quick anger, and unhealthy attachment.

While some of these feelings are normal, they’ll be regarded as obsessive. If you exhibit any of these characteristics, then your jealousy has a root and explanation to it.

Being obsessed with your boyfriend breeds contempt for any other woman around him. And given the nature of his work, which gives him access to a good number of them, you feel the more flared up and envious.

You might be envious that another woman might be sharing him with you in your absence. You might be envious that he sees another woman as more beautiful than you, although he doesn’t say it out.

This contempt is what adds up as jealousy and makes you get watchful of his every move, whether texts, calls, or even new projects.

You are looking for the slightest piece of information which points to his dealing with women.

It Shows You Are Overthinking

My Boyfriend Is a Photographer and I Get Jealous

It is no longer a gossip that overthinkers imagine the unimaginable. They are always on the lookout for new ideas and motives.

They create worlds in their mind and act so cold in the waking state. Some of them are more concerned about authenticity and are always right. While this might be a gift for some, it is the undoing of others.

The latter group of people ends up criticizing virtually everything and everyone. If you are jealous that your boyfriend is a photographer and is also happy for him at the same time, it is an indication that you’re an overthinker.

You are overthinking so many things… way too many things. And your biggest tool is the ‘what if question?

What if he is seeing some other woman? What if he doesn’t see me as too good to be his model? What if I’m not too beautiful like the models he sees at work?

What if and what if continues until you can no longer think good about yourself? Some women even get lost in thought, while they are trying to ask and answer the ‘what if’ question on their own. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Well, it does if he’s doing anything wrong. But if on the contrary, then you’re possibly being unrealistic and jealous.

Your jealousy is a result of being too askance about your boyfriend’s work relationship.

It Indicates You Have Low-esteem

A woman with low self-esteem rarely sees herself as good enough for their man. Just like an overthinker, she questions a whole number of things from why her nose is not as straight as the model in her boyfriend’s projects.

If you have low self-esteem, jealousy tends to be your little way of venting. If you’re also a fan of using the ‘what if’ question on yourself… you might be a victim of low self-esteem. What if my mouth is too big?

What if I don’t look like the woman he commended at the mall yesterday? And a lot of other questions.

What this group of ladies forgot to know is that your boyfriend left all those beautiful women to choose you and he did that for a reason.

But they toss this awareness away and rather dwell in their imperfection than appreciate their beauty.

This is where jealousy steps in, majorly because you ‘think’ all the other women in his photos are more beautiful than you.

You think that is the reason why he spends more time at work than with you… because he enjoys looking at those women more than you.

It Might Be Because of His Line of Work

Another reason which could be the reason why you’re jealous is due to your boyfriend’s line of work. Photography is a vast line of work. It is a broad art that has a lot of branches and components.

If, for whatever reason that your boyfriend is a specialist in nude photography, then there is a big factor that can make you jealous. The world out there is also vast. So many people want to have their nude pictures taken.

And if your boyfriend is a specialist in the work, he’s liable to be taking pictures of more naked people; both male and female.

This is something to get jealous about as he can also get carried away by work and the sight of so many stunning naked bodies. He might even stop looking at you because he has seen enough already.

You can get jealous with all of these in mind and I must tell you; your jealousy is justified. But since you know what you signed up for, you either choose to stay or call it quits if you can no longer take it.

It Means That You Feel Unattended

Your boyfriend’s lack of adequate quality time because his work takes him away can be a factor of jealousy for you if he does not give you much attention. He’s always about work, work and work.

He is usually late from work. Even during the small time you have to spend with him, he brings up topics about work and probably the new models he met today.

It now feels as though you’re dating yourself because he doesn’t spend ample time with you.

The whole happening seems like you’re sharing your man with his work, and that’s where the jealousy comes in.

A lot of women try to resolve this by talking to their partner about it, but if he’s not giving you the time to air your view about how busy he is with work, then you should probably start a process of detachment because he’s not going to stop.

It Means You Aren’t Getting Enough Compliments

My Boyfriend Is a Photographer and I Get Jealous

Women love compliments and if you are getting less or none at all, it can push you to feel bad. In this context, your boyfriend has a career that sees him compliment a lot of people daily.

And if he mainly does this for women, you’re liable to feel bad about it. Your main concern will be why he compliments other women on how beautiful they are but fails to tell you the same thing or sweeter ones whenever he’s around.

Things often get worse if he does this while in your presence. He will be like ‘Babe, did you see my new post on Instagram?

That girl is a goddess of beauty. Hearing this makes you feel disgusted and jealous of how he showers other women with praises and does not give you equal treatment.

It Shows He Might Be a Flirt

My Boyfriend Is a Photographer and I Get Jealous

Flirty flirty! Having a man who loves to flirt can become a drug that can kill. But before it does, it infests your mind with a lot of ill thoughts such as jealousy, hatred, and even the thoughts of cheating.

This is because your mind is not at rest, as your man could be wooing his next victim at the moment.

Though he comes home to you, you know he’s probably set up appointments with other women.

And given his work as a photographer, you might channel these ill feelings to either his female colleagues or models.

Your instinct tells you that he might’ve flirted with them and you now see them as competitors, hence the hatred.

It Is Simply Because You Love Him

Aside from him being a flirt or being too attractive, love is another reason why you might be jealous.

You love him and you are jealous because his work is too demanding. Your jealousy is because you love him too much to let his eyes be on another woman.

You want to make this known to other women, but you end up seeing yourself as being jealous.

There is this relationship phenomenon where partners mark their territory and shun any other intruder from taking over.

Most women act by this rule and they do everything within their power to achieve it.

If you are experiencing this type of jealousy engineered by love, you don’t have to panic. It is natural and is not entirely wrong for you to feel the way you do because you care so much for him.

To hear him talk so much about work and not your relationship with him leaves you thinking that he doesn’t appreciate your love. But with the right approach to things, you can make things right by talking it over with him.

It Might Be Because His Clients Are Mostly Women

The last reason on my list which explains your jealousy is the working relationship with your boyfriend.

It would’ve been a different case if he handles mostly jobs with males, but this is not possible as the greater number of people who want to pose for a photo is mostly women.

Due to this, you might feel jealous because these women can tempt him into doing something he doesn’t want to do.

They can make him cheat on you or do any other hurtful thing to you.

Sometimes, these women can even request he come for business meetings in hotels and he goes there alone.

He spends most of his time around women and you can’t help but think something is going on, hence the jealousy in your mind.


Here we are, at the very of this article, which has provided explanations to the question of why you get jealous because your boyfriend is a photographer.

While some of the reasons stated here are relative to each other, they are unique and should be treated as such. You should consider where to channel your anger and try to detect the actual reason why you are angry.

I believe a proper self-evaluation will help you to get past this insecurity of jealousy orchestrated by your boyfriend’s line of work.

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