Why Does It Feel Good When Someone Touches Your Hair? (HERE’S WHY)

You cannot deny the pleasurable feeling you get at the barbershop or the saloon as soon as the stylist touches your hair. 

I know I always space out once hands play with my hair. 

It feels so good when you are getting a wash done too. I fall into a trance-like state, all I want to do is allow the water to run through them forever.

Have you wondered why this affects you so much?

 Why when someone touches your hair, even a stranger you met at the saloon, you are ready to sleep off on the spot?

If your home was similar to how I grew up. It was large and full of extended family.

My grandmother made us take turns brushing her hair every other time she wanted to relax. Doing this puts her in a relaxed and peaceful state.

Lots of us know what this feels like but have been wondering why this feels good. 

You should know that the scalp is full of neurons that make them extra sensitive. 

This sensitivity helps transmit data from physical touch to your sensory neurons.

When someone touches your hair, it not only relaxes you, it can lift your mood, put your mind at ease and even allow you to focus your mind on a task.

When someone touches your hair, it feels good because;

Why Does It Feel Good When Someone Touches Your Hair?

1. Nerve Endings

When your hair is being touched, this interacts with your scalp and head which activates all the nerve endings at the base of your hair follicles. 

These nerve endings are sensitive to physical touch; they can tell the difference between human contact and massage tools.

As your hair is being touched the activated sensory neurons get excited, pleasing you. 

What makes this good is that it never gets tiring. Every time you run your hand over your hair you get that pleasurable feeling. 

The neurons’ sensitivity detects the tiniest application of pressure or touch.

When this happens, they send a message to the brain that says pleasure in golden green neon signs. 

The next thing you are flooded with pleasant sensations all over your body. The power of these nerve endings is so great that it affects both your physical body and mind.

It is hard to drive, play, focus on an external task, or be jittery when someone is touching your hair. 

This explains why hair massages are a very pleasurable experience. And therefore you can pay for the service just to have your head rubbed.

There is so much concentration of this nerve ending on your head. That is why you feel good when someone touches your head.

2. Hormones

You have discovered just like many others on the planet that touching your hair gives you a good feeling. 

This feeling comes from your hair getting touched in a soft, tender manner which activates the many nerve endings on your head.

This excitement lets the brain release a feel-good hormone throughout your body. 

This hormone is called oxytocin. As this hormone is released, it creates feelings of relaxation, which impacts your mood and state of mind. 

Oxytocin fosters bonding during physical contact, causing the body to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels

The release of these feel-good chemicals in the body elevates your mood significantly. 

One of its many benefits is the quick reaction of your sensory system in responding to this pleasurable sensation. 

It is responsible for the feeling of sleepiness once someone plays with your hair. 

So, the next time you are considering having a head massage. 

Know that you are getting double your money because of the many benefits studies have shown these chemicals do for us. 

It strengthens the immune system, keeping you healthy too. Anything that keeps you healthy is a good thing in my books.

3. Behavioral Response

When someone touches your hair, it’s a physical action and human contact. 

This is interesting because human contact, done in a loving and caring way can improve bonding and affection between people. 

It’s the way humans have been wired to behave.

Tons of research shows just how significant and powerful human contact can be. 

Humans are social beings; we learn behaviors and respond to intimate touch from another. This kind of touch pleases us as we feel that way.

When someone touches your hair, they are bonding with you and showing you care. 

You feel the warmth and this pleases you. It’s the same reason it affects almost everyone on the planet the same way. 

It’s like getting the tension on your neck massaged. You can always remember how that feels.

Understand that since we are social creatures, we all share common traits that affect us in the same way. 

The chemistry, design, and composition of our human bodies respond to such things on a universal scale.

So, unless someone is touching your hair in a wrong or hurtful manner. You will always feel pleasure when someone touches your hair carefully and softly.

Final verdict

If you keep a full head of hair and you have regular salon visits, hair washes, and massages, then it’s possible that like me you have fallen in love with the feeling and regularly seek ways to have your hair touched or massaged.

Whatever end of the spectrum you are known for, the pleasures resulting from the combination of these factors. 

They work to give you the many benefits of a good head rub. It’s also cool because you don’t even need anyone’s help to brush your hair gently, reaping the same pleasure.

When someone touches your hair, you become alert and aware of the contact. 

This is because the nerve endings there are concentrated. Your brain receives the information from the contact and releases chemicals that flood you with feelings of calmness and peace.

This affects your organs directly, slowing your heart rate, and lowering blood pressure thereby relaxing you. 

It results in benefits that are experienced by you physically and mentally.


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