What Do Guys Think When a Girl Follows Them on Instagram?

Social media is a vast interconnection of humans all over the world and it has continued to bring more people together.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is where people live and show the life of the party. There are a lot of buzz and blings going on in this space and it means a lot as a guy if a girl follows you on Instagram.

It could mean a sudden interest in you, or at worst you could be dealing with a case of a stalker. These are my assumptions as a person, and the question remains what do you think when a girl follows you on Instagram?

I know you have a bunch of stuff on your mind, and I’ve got mine, so let’s get into the meat of this post where we’ll explore what a guy could be thinking when a girl follows him on Instagram, including other relative topics.

5 Things They Think

What Do Guys Think When a Girl Follows Them on Instagram?

I bet you know that the human mind can process a lot of information just with a little cognizant push. This push is known as thinking, and it is of importance in this context.

There could be more than just 5 things guys think when a girl follows them on Instagram. But the ones I selected in this post are the most common. The 5 things guys think when a girl follows them on Instagram include.

  • They could think they’re attractive
  • Some of them assume the girl likes them
  • Some of them also take it as a form of familiarization
  • Most of them think they just got another bedmate on their hook
  • They may think their life is being monitored

They Could Think They’re Attractive

I mentioned earlier that Instagram is where most people live the life of the party, whether it’s real or they’re faking it. Because of this, there’s so much influx of attraction and appeal going on, in this social space.

So if you’re a guy and you get a new female follower, the first assumption will be that your pictures caught their attention. The bottom line is that you’re attractive which is why the girl followed you. This right here is a case of first impression and I must say…there’s a lot of truth to it.

Some of Them Assume the Girl Likes Them

You know most people mistake being attractive to a person, for being liked by the person. It is one thing to be attractive and it is another to be liked. I find ladies with sizeable back sides attractive, but I drool more over women with petite hips.

So the first thought was being attractive, and now the second revolves around being liked by the girl. It is a possible thought that some guys probably have when a girl follows them on Instagram, especially if they have any love interest in the girl in question.

PS: I met my Ex on Instagram and that was what I thought at first and we kicked things off from there.

Some of Them Also Take It as a Form of Familiarization

What Do Guys Think When a Girl Follows Them on Instagram?

When a girl follows a guy on Instagram, it could be because she wants to get along with him. It may not be a case of having a love interest or not, as the girl could be just an acquaintance. 

Some guys reason things this way if there’s no sign of a serious relationship or at best a coital meeting between the girl and him. Maybe she just wants to know more about the guy, or he has a persona that is so appealing, not as a bedmate but just as a friend.

Who knows? It could even be a move by the girl to initiate a possible business deal with the guy.

She could be a brand representative and we all know how these brands go the extra mile to ensure whoever they bring onboard is not going to cost their time and commitment.

So she might be checking you out, and trying to build familiarity before coming forward with her proposal.

Most of Them Think They Just Got another Bedmate in Their Hook

As ridiculous as it sounds, this is exactly what most guys think when a girl follows them on Instagram. They reason things from the angles of…” she’s probably flattered by my photos and she can’t wait to have me”. 

Others go deep down into the stream of thought with assumptions such as “she looks so good, and following me on Instagram means I’m appealing so it would be thrilling to add her to the list of girls I’ve bedded via online.” 

So you can see it is more of a reflex action for most guys on Instagram. They assume any girl that follows them is a potential bedmate, and they’ll probably head on to her DM to initiate some kind of meeting.

They May Think Their Life Is Being Monitored

For most of my life, I’ve been a low-key person who does not like the chills accompanied by social media popularity.

I feel like I don’t always have to show my wins to validate what people think about me. And I’m convinced that there are other guys like me, who would prefer to have their presence on social media minimized.

If a girl follows such a guy, there are chances he’ll think he’s being monitored by this girl, especially if she has an awkward profile background and an unfamiliar name. It can get worse if this girl ends up throwing a bunch of likes over the guy’s uploads on Instagram.

In his mind, his life is being monitored by this girl and it may not be for good reasons. 

PS: This thinking style is common in guys with a secretive personality or rather very reserved trait.

What to Do When a Girl Follows You on Instagram?

What Do Guys Think When a Girl Follows Them on Instagram?

Getting followers on a competitive social media space like Instagram is a thrilling feeling, especially if they’re of the other gender. It is a sign that whatever you’ve been posting is starting to pay off by attracting people to you.

As a guy, what’s your reaction when a girl follows you on Instagram? While you think about that, let me walk you through some of the things I believe you should do when a girl follows you on Instagram.

PS: The ideas are placed accordingly, so you can follow them in the same format.

  • Look up her account
  • Determine if she’s worth a follow-back
  • Follow her back if you find her appealing or don’t if you’re not satisfied
  • You can like some of her pictures and contents
  • You can even reach out to her in the DM if there’s a need

Look Up Her Account

When a girl follows you on Instagram, your first action is to find out who she is. To do this, you can head on to her Insta profile account. Here, you’ll find the basic knowledge about her, but remember they’re what she just put up for public show only.

This profile page has information like her name, number of followers, short bio, those she follows, and then her content. To see these contents you have to scroll down a bit and there you have all her activities on Instagram.

Determine if she’s Worth a Follow-back

After seeing this information, the next step lies in deciding on whether to follow her back or not. Some of the reasons which can make you follow her back are if she has appealing content or has a personality that you find interesting. 

On the other hand, it will be a big turn-off for her if she runs a locked Instagram account, which shows little to no information about her personality or the type of content that she puts out in the public.

A lot of guys don’t want to associate with a clickbait of a person, so they run off if the girl’s profile is locked.

Follow Her Back You Find Her Appealing or Don’t if You’re Not Satisfied

After you’re done with your decision, what follows next is taking action. If you find her appealing, you can follow her back, but if you don’t you can simply exit the profile page ad run along with your dealings.

Note: I advise you to follow back after a day or two, to ensure the following from her wasn’t from a bot.

You Can Like Some of Her Pictures and Contents

Once you’re done with the following back, your next step is probably relative to scanning through the bulk of content that she uploads. And you can react to these contents by either liking them or dropping your comments under the comment box.

You Can Even Reach out to Her in the DM if There’s a Need   

This step is a voluntary action, as I don’t want you to come off as desperate while trying to do this. So you can choose to add this to your list of things to do or not.

But what I’m insinuating is that you can try to strike some kind of discussion with the girl that followed you in her DM.

However, you can try this out after a few days or at best a week of following each other on Instagram and also monitoring her lifestyle and persona.

4 Ways to Make Girls Follow You on Instagram

What Do Guys Think When a Girl Follows Them on Instagram?

As a guy, if you want girls to follow you on Instagram then you have to play by the rules.

I don’t have the perfect handbook on what you can do to get girls to follow you on Instagram, but my tips are concise and elaborate. The 4 ways to make girls follow you on Instagram include.

  • You should make use of a catchy handler name
  • You have to up your fashion sense
  • You should take pictures and record videos with quality devices
  • You have to be consistent with your content and engagement rate

You Should Make Use of a Catchy Handler Name

One of the things which catch the attention of women is catchy names and impressive handler names. If you’re looking forward to giving girls the impression that you’re money moving in person, you can use names related to money, such as @bullion_evans or @andrew_x_cash

Names like those I’ve just mentioned have a way of getting to any girl that comes across your account. I’m not saying you should make your handler name about money and wealth, but be creative with it.

You have to up Your Fashion Sense

It is not enough to have an attractive name; you have to live up to your name. To do this, you have to get much more creative with your fashion sense. Instagram is a world built on show-off, and if you want to win then you have to play by the books.

Some of my best takes on upgrading your fashion sense are wearing more designers and customized accessories. I’m sure a lot of girls will drool over your pictures and hit the follow button if you have a wardrobe of appealing apparel.

You Should Take Pictures and Record Videos with Quality Devices

If you don’t know, it is a big turn-off if you take pictures with devices of poor quality, even after wearing designers and the rest. 

So you might want to look into your devices, especially your mobile phone, and the background of the images.

I’d recommend top-notch devices like iPhones and high-quality studio cameras. Also, make sure you maintain the best stances when you take snaps or record videos, it adds more credibility to your content quality.

You Have To Be Consistent With Your Content and Engagement Rate

All of these tips will be futile efforts if you only do them once in a blue moon. Consistency is the key to virtually every endeavor and it does not elude this case. 

So if you want girls to flood your Instagram account with followership, then you should learn how to stay consistent with the strategies which I’ve outlined in this post.


This is the part I draw the curtain on this article, on which I did a lot of elaborate explanations from what guys think when a girl follows them on Instagram, down to how to get girls to follow you on Instagram.

It was an interesting ride for me and I presume it was the same for you. What’s left out now is the drive to implement the tips and ideas outlined in this post.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to hit the share button to make sure this post gets to others who would find it informative just like you did. 

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