Why Do I Want a Boyfriend All of a Sudden?: 7 Possible Reasons!

As against what you might’ve thought; you’re not under some type of spell if you suddenly feel the need to have a boyfriend. Wanting a boyfriend out of the blue, especially after a long ride at being a single pringle is normal.

Although, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself in this regard. Have you been feeling left out lately?

Do you feel uneasy when you see couples together? Or do you just feel a sudden rush of feeling when you’re around a guy?

Having the answers to any of these questions puts you one step ahead in discovering the root of your sudden cravings.

In this article, I will be discussing the cause and what you might want to do whenever you feel this particular way.

7 Possible Reasons Why?

There’s a great chance that your sudden craving to have a boyfriend is normal. Because of this, there’s no need to panic only if you think there are no diabolical forces at work which I greatly doubt.

It is only abnormal if you let secondary or external factors play out in the case of your sudden need to have a boyfriend.

To provide clarity of purpose and also relieve you of any emotional backlog, I have put together a detailed explanation of 7 possible reasons why you suddenly feel the need to have a boyfriend.

These include the following.

  1. It indicates that you’re lonely
  2. It shows you’re under peer pressure
  3. It could mean you’re jealous
  4. It could also posit that you’re being influenced by the media
  5. It depicts a case of hormonal imbalance
  6. It might be you need a connection or fitting in
  7. It could be that you’re ripe for a relationship

It Indicates That You’re Lonely

Loneliness can do a lot of things to you. It can drive you into being a better person, with enough self-confidence to face anyone or any situation.

On the flip side, it can also bring you down and make you extremely weak on your knees. It can make you a shadow of yourself if you don’t control the elements surrounding it.

All of these and many more are what loneliness is capable of doing.

In the same vein, loneliness can make you desperate to have a boyfriend even when all indicators prove the move to be abortive.

To tell you a bit of what loneliness can do; I once placed an unrequited call to my ex out of loneliness and the talk wasn’t what I expected.

Out of loneliness, you might want someone to call a soulmate even when a single lifestyle is going on well and fine.

So if you’ve been stuck in your house for a long time, or you relocated to a new place without any knowledge of friends or family, there’s a chance you’ll get lonely.

It doesn’t mean you’re wretched or a self-imposed outcast or whatever. You’re just lonely, and that could drive you into thinking you need someone to wake up to in the morning, someone to cuddle and tell you how beautiful you look and all those other kinds of stuff couples do.

It shows you’re under Peer Pressure

I wished adults had control over how their circle of friends influences them.

Pejoratively, that would be a talk for another time, because peer pressure is another possible reason or cause as to why you suddenly want to have a guy you can call your boyfriend.

This could even drive you into making the wrong choice of partner because you’re too anxious to fit into a particular narrative of an ideal “hot girl” projected by your friends.

Look at it from this angle; are you easily influenced by your friends? Are they all in a relationship at the moment and you’re not?

Does the conversation with them revolve around their love life and how perfect it seems? If you have a positive answer to all of these questions, then we’re dealing with a case of peer pressure.

That would explain why you suddenly want a boyfriend, and that is because you’re trying to project the same supposed perfect love life which your friends talk about on yourself.

Just so you know; it could get worse if you continue to drool over the sweet remarks your friends make about their friends, as that will lead us to the next possible reason why you want a boyfriend all of a sudden.

It could mean you’re Jealous

As I mentioned in the epilogue of the last point, your inability to take your mind off whatever “picture perfect” stories and remarks made by your friends regarding their relationship will give rise to the case of jealousy.

And if you must know; jealousy is even worse and extreme than the mere craving to have a boyfriend. It can turn you into a real-time hater and spoiler.

If you’re jealous of other people’s relationships, especially those of your friends or close coworkers, there’s a chance you’ll start feeling the abrupt need to also have a boyfriend.

It gets a lot more complicated if a lady or girl you feel better than finally hooks up with a guy. There’s this sort of “I feel cursed” feeling that you’ll start projecting to yourself. It’s all works of jealousy.

An offshoot of jealousy that adds to the whole problematic setup is envy. Once you start to entertain any of these thoughts, you’ll tend to want your boyfriend which can lead you to be desperate.

You might even end up with an undeserving partner since you do not have a clear judgment on why you want a boyfriend.

It could also posit that you’re being influenced by the Media

We’re now in a computerized era and different social media platforms are thriving greatly. Aside from the good impacts of electronic and social media, it also has the power to transfer oppression to you.

If you spend most of your time seeing romance movies as a single person, you can develop the sudden urge to get yourself a boyfriend.

The idea is that you can recreate some of the loved-up actions that were played out in the movie. You’re being influenced by the media.

The same thing plays out when all you do on social media is scroll through endless feeds of other people’s love affairs.

Since people barely post their “behind the scene” photos, you end up seeing only the flashy lifestyle of couples. It gets messy if you see your peers flaunting their partners on social media and it seems like you’re the only one left out.

All of this visual consumption builds up tension in your mind and you start to find a reason to have a boyfriend instantaneously.

It Depicts a Case of Hormonal Imbalance

Trying to tie your sudden need for a boyfriend to a case of hormonal imbalance might be a long stride.

However, your hormones as a lady can push towards a heightened libido due to certain conditions like stress and even an unevenly formed puberty stage.

According to the report from Cleveland Clinic, this imbalance can result in either a higher or lower hormonal surge.

Based on the former, you can start seeing the sudden need for a partner if you are high on your hormones, especially on sexual hormones like estrogens.

The suddenness also suggests that it doesn’t happen too often and could even be short-lived.

So, if you notice that this suddenness to hook up with a guy usually comes after a week full of stress at work, it could be a hint that hormonal imbalance is at play.

It depicts that your body and mind are reacting to the energy transmitted by the body’s messengers (hormones).

It Might be you Need a Connection or Fitting In

The need to connect with people and fit into a particular grouping could also be the reason why you suddenly want a boyfriend so badly.

There are times when a woman will want to feel included in society, not just as a person; but this time, as someone who has a partner and has plans for the future.

In the absence of any of these happening, the next thing that sets in is the obsession to have a boyfriend.

I understand this is not common for most women, but a handful of them react to this greatly. Perhaps, it could be in their quest to run up the corporate ladder and they want a partner to hang on.

They want someone who will be supportive and equally extend a hand of goodwill to them. If you feel this way, then you just discovered why you want a boyfriend all of a sudden.

It could be that you’re Ripe for a Relationship

As a developing woman, there’s a stage you will get to, and being in a relationship or better still, having a sexual partner becomes imperative. Once your biological clock starts ticking, it can’t go back.

So, when you start having the impulse to have a partner, bear in mind that you’re ripe for it.

In fairly older women who are single, hitting the 40 years milestone might be a challenge for them because women are known to have an increment in their libido by this age.

A storyline from Memorial Care throws more light on this. If you’re anywhere close to this age concept, then you have yourself the cause of your impulsiveness.

What to Do When You Feel Like You Want a Boyfriend?

Having known some of the possible reasons why you now want a boyfriend all of a sudden, let’s look at the things you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

  • You should evaluate what you want
  • You have to get rid of envy
  • You should start going out more and enjoying the company of people
  • You should channel your energy to your career/ education
  • You should prioritize family over other things
  • You have to learn to live with fewer expectations

You Should Evaluate What You Want

Do you really want a boyfriend because you want to or because you want to please your circle of friends?

Defining what you want is the foremost step if you feel the sudden need to have a boyfriend. And while doing this, make sure your choices are not influenced by anything, friends and media alike.

You Have to Get Rid of Envy

In conjunction with defining what you want for yourself, you should also make an effort to bury any feelings of envy. This is applicable if you figure jealousy is a cause for your impulsiveness.

Getting done with envy will save you from having heartaches when you see others doing well with their relationship. Portraying positivity has a way of making the stars smile at you.

You can become lucky to land yourself a befitting partner when you eradicate envy and radiate love to anyone and everyone.

It will also make you feel less in competition with anyone because the competition often leads to unwholesome thoughts.

You Should Start Going out More and Enjoying the Company of People

In the case of loneliness being a cause, you should take on this tip. Acting towards this will serenade your mind into accepting random people into your life.

If you still want to lead a single lifestyle, it can help you take your mind off the issue of relationships.

You should visit cafés more or even make out time for a bit of clubbing or nightlife so to say.

You Should Channel Your Energy to Your Career/ Education

Why Do I Want a Boyfriend All of a Sudden

Diverting the energy spent on wanting a boyfriend into other things like your career or education is also a good action to take.

At least, you can use it as a distraction to set your mind away from the thought.

You Have to Learn to Live With Fewer Expectations

Life is full of surprises; so instead of wondering why you don’t have a boyfriend yet or even fighting to have one, you can live your life without expectations and watch things unfold on their own.


No one wants to be left behind, so I get it when you suddenly want to have a boyfriend. However, some people find it hard to figure out why they’re experiencing this impulse to have a partner.

To answer all the questions and clear doubts, I’ve done my due diligence in this post.

This article features comprehensive plausible reasons why you want a boyfriend all of a sudden and also provides you with diligent actions and tips you should take to salvage the situation.

I’m convinced your quest has been solved, and the confusion cleared. Kindly hit the share icon and drop your comments below.

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