Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

A lot of ladies don’t find the idea of their boyfriend having three phones fascinating. Some may conclude that the guy is trying to cheat on them, while others may feel he is being secretive.  

Having multiple phones has been one of the major reasons for failing relationships. But should it continue to be a source of discord? 

In this article, you will get to know how to deal with the issue and why most guys like having multiple phones. 

8 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Has Three Phones

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

Sometimes we don’t need to understand guys or try to figure out what they are doing. It is best to trust them at first and watch them keep their word. 

However, here are the possible reasons why a guy might want to have three phones. 

For Increased Productivity

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones
Not every guy is comfortable working with just one phone because of the nature of work they are into.

It could be that he has multiple sources of income, in a way to get involved in all of them, he tries to organize himself. And having multiple phones is a great addition to his work life.  

Having a separate phone for work makes it easy to identify and prioritize work-related calls and professional messages.

This way he will know how to deal with personal situations like loved ones being sick or financial-related issues at home. 

The Nature Of Work The He Does

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

This is a common reason for guys to want to own more than one smartphone. Many guys in this century find digital/online businesses very lucrative and more convenient than other physical jobs.

To them, having three phones is equivalent to having three different mobile offices. 

With multiple phones, various digital businesses such as cryptocurrency, forex trading, and investment can be easily carried out.

Such guys don’t want to overpower one phone with multiple tasks, which is why they would prefer a single phone for one business. In this case, it is called division labor. 

As long as the business enables him to settle bills, he takes it wherever he goes and fuels each phone with battery power and data supply. As his girlfriend, you may not have a choice but to accept this fact.

For Multiple Sim Cards 

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

Most guys are known for having multiple sim cards and phone numbers for different purposes.

It could be that he doesn’t want to get tracked because of the nature of his side hustle. For example, a cyber hacker will never have a single phone number for security reasons. 

This same reason can be applied to any guy who has three phones. He may be into an illegal business and for the fear of being caught, he goes around with multiple phones.

Or he is a pervert and uses those multiple numbers to reach his different lovers. 

However, the case is not always as negative as the above examples. As there are guys who just love having more than one sim card.

And they would need multiple phones just for that. But you can ask him why he has different numbers 

For Extra Storage

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

This reason may not be accepted easily because technology has made cloud storage possible.

With it, you can backup, retrieve, and store whatever it is that is of importance to you as long as you subscribe to it. But why is my boyfriend not doing it? 

Maybe he has done it long before but with failed cloud storage, as he lost most of his personal information.

Or he finds it expensive to use along with his phones. Whatever reason you could get for it, he just needs that extra phone to keep his digital stuff, nothing more. 

For example, some guys would prefer using one phone as a music player, the other one for storing important documents or media files, and the last one for regular use. 

More Battery Life

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

Why does my boyfriend have three phones? It may simply be because he needs another phone with a durable battery capacity.

If you happen to live in an area where the power supply is a joke, then this is a strong reason for him having three phones. 

He may find it difficult and uncomfortable to work during the day with no source to charge his phone.

But can’t he just get a power bank? Well, not every guy is an advocate of it as it kills the battery in the long run. 

In other words, having three phones is for increased productivity during the day. He wants to be able to achieve a lot without having to stress himself out of always having to charge. 

So That He Can Cheat On You

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

Another common reason for your boyfriend to have three phones is that he wants to cheat on you or he is already cheating on you. They don’t want you to know who called them or who he is chatting with using the other phones. 

In this case, he is being insincere with you and probably doesn’t want anything to do with you again. If you suspect him this way, then you have nothing to lose. A guy that loves and cherishes you will not involve himself in dubious acts.  

To Ease the Stress Of Traveling With His Laptop/Computer

If your boyfriend travels a lot, this is a strong indication of why he has multiple phones. For most guys, carrying three phones is more portable while traveling than a laptop. 

In terms of data usage outside their country of residence, they find it cheaper to subscribe to their phones.

Some countries require a specific model of a phone if you want to get access to their data source or even make international calls. That’s exactly what most guys think when they get more than one phone. 

For Illegal Business Purpose 

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

We can safely assume that guys who have three phones are directly into one illegal business or the other. This is not something new to people involved in fraudulent acts like drug dealers, human trafficking, and kidnapping. 

To them, multiple phone is a way to maneuver their way without being traced and caught by the police. If your boyfriend is into such illegal businesses, this is a strong reason why he has multiple phones. 

How Do Multiple Phones Affect Relationships?   

Although your boyfriend would consider it petty and inconsiderate if you don’t want to get along with him having multiple phones. If he is being legitimate about using more than one phone, you will probably have no issue with him. 

But if he has several phones for reasons best known to him alone, your relationship with him is likely to suffer from these two problems:

It can lead to separation  

When guys don’t give good explanations to their girlfriends for having multiple phones.

They are likely to end their relationships no sooner than they started. What would have been a reasonable talk in the past will now become a dividing rule between you two. 

It is very common for couples to disagree on issues but what matters is how you guys handle it. If nothing it been said about it or your boyfriend seems not to take you seriously, don’t be surprised when you guys stop talking to each other. 

Lack Of Trust

Why Does My Boyfriend Have Three Phones

Another controversy about guys having multiple phones is the feelings of insecurity and the consequent break-up from their lovers. When there is no trust, the relationship is likely to end. 

Distrust occurs when your boyfriend is not being honest about why he has such a large number of phones. And it can affect the way you relate with each other. What started as a fairytale of love will now become an apocalypse of two strangers.   

What Can You Do If You Are Not Comfortable With This?

If you are not comfortable with your boyfriend having multiple phones, it could make you suspicious of him. Although this is not bad, who is ready to invest in a relationship where there is no trust or love? 

In order not to let issues like these ruin your relationship, you may need to take note of the following things. They will help you deal with this issue without making it look big. 

Talk About It Calmly 

The best approach to this issue is to talk about it with your boyfriend. You should let him know how you feel anytime you see him with the three phones. If he is being insincere or not giving you a clear explanation as to why he has three phones, it may become a source of discord between you both.

Your mode of approach will determine how he will respond to you, especially when you make him see that it bothers your heart. If he truly loves you, he won’t be comfortable seeing you worried or disturbed about him having three phones. 

If you fail in talking about how you feel uncomfortable about the matter in a polite manner, you may end up hurting yourself. Just be calm and observe your body language while trying to figure out the best solution to this issue.   

Learn To Trust Him 

Trust from both partners is the key pillar that holds a strong relationship. Whenever trust is knocked off in any relationship, separation will be the result. When you can no longer be vulnerable with your boyfriend, you begin to find it hard to relate with him.  

Whether he has three phones or one, still learn to trust him, especially when he has told you the purpose for it.

Truth is that having multiple mobile phones is not a strong indication of cheating as there are guys that will still cheat on you even when they have just one phone. 

The hardest thing about trusting someone you love is learning to first have confidence in your judgment before getting to any reasonable conclusion. 

Ask Him Questions When You Are Confused 

Always try to clear up your doubts and confusion with your boyfriend before getting to any conclusion. This way you don’t need to overthink or read the wrong meaning on the issue of him having three phones. 

You are not being petty or childish when you question his acts from time to time. Otherwise, how can you be able to stand up for him in a case of false accusation? Get him to explain having multiple phones, this way you can trust him for his words. 

If he doesn’t like being questioned, you can simply talk to him about it. But be polite, in your words and actions then.

Don’t make him feel you have already judged him in your heart, instead let it be obvious to him that you trust him and he should not take it for granted.

Assume He Has Good Intentions

Sometimes you could misinterpret your boyfriend’s good intentions for bad just because you couldn’t understand his actions. An example would be when he keeps all his phones on flight mode when you are with him. 

You can quickly assume that he is avoiding calls from other girls because you are around. But his intentions may be to avoid calls and texts from his business clients, only to spend quality time with you without any interruption. 

Don’t immediately assume that he is trying to trick and cheat on you, when he doesn’t pick up calls in your presence,  or when he doesn’t pick up your calls.

It is very okay to question his intentions but also be open to making excuses for him.  It could be that he was in a noisy place or maybe his phone was on silent mode at that moment.


Most guys with multiple phones are not always associated with drugs and other fraudulent acts. That is why being open about this issue is a practical way to handle it, so that it does not affect your relationship negatively.

Travel purposes, being organized, nature of side hustle amongst others, remain some of the genuine reasons why your boyfriend might have three phones. 

Whatever the reason may be, you can now decide on what to do based on what you feel is right at that moment for both of you.

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