What Does It Mean When A Girl Laughs When You Talk To Her?

I must confess, talking to a girl is quite a skill, because as a guy you don’t want to be noted as being boring or unserious.

And for a girl to giggle, laugh, or smile at you occasionally while having a conversation with her, is not an unusual gesture. 

Rather it is the feedback that most of the time reflects how sociable you are, and how comfortable she is around you.

Laughing could be a sign that she likes being around you, she is shy, or she’s flirting with you.

Nevertheless, Here You will get to understand what it means when a girl laughs when you talk to her, Things to consider before dealing with this issue, And how you can deal with this issue. 

8 Reasons Why A Girl Laughs When you Talk

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

Before you judge yourself or come to a conclusion it will interest you to know that there are several meanings to why a girl laughs when you talk to her, Let’s consider these eight meanings below. 

You Have A Sense Of Humor 

It is undeniable that if you have a nudge for cracking up hilarious jokes, you will find it a lot easier to make the people around you laugh, or merry and this is no different with girls. 

Humor is a good way to impress a girl or make her like you at first. If you are the type that loves being silly, and confident at the same time while having funny conversations then it is enough reason to make a girl laugh while you talk.

That’s Her Way Of Flirting With You

If she’s maintaining eye contact with you while laughing or giggling, even without you saying anything funny, it’s a definite sign that she’s flirting with you.

She could also flirt with you over social media, through her emojis and if you’re into her, make it obvious that you like her too, maybe this flirting will lead you to a lasting relationship.

If not, let her know her place in your heart so that nobody gets hurt in the long run.

She Is Trying To Get Along With You

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

Don’t be surprised that a girl sometimes laughs while you talk because she seems lost, surprised, or she’s not familiar with your accent or slang.

As social beings, we tend to rely on laughter to get along with others, especially when we’re with our boss, superiors, or friends. 

You must have found yourself laughing at things that just aren’t funny. For example, simple comments like “Have we met somewhere?” or “Are you coming around soon” could make a girl or your crush burst into laughter.

Sometimes she’s taken aback by such a question or she’s happy you asked her out again.

You Mean Nothing To Her

Although, laughing at a person while he or she is trying to communicate his or her feelings is impolite. But it is a very common form of insult amongst kids and adults alike. If she laughs while you talk and she does it in a demeaning manner, then she’s trying to put you off. 

If you like her and you had the intention of telling her but she just laughs rudely or walks out, then she feels you are not her type of guy. In this case, you may need to stop relating with her in that manner and guard your self-respect as a man.

Your Body Language Towards Her

While spending some time together, you not only communicate with your words but also through your body gestures.

If she observes that you are relaxed and laid-back she will too even if she is nervous. At this point, she laughs as you talk because she is comfortable around you

However, if you are tense and serious looking, you may get uncomfortable and stressed. And this could also make her laugh to stay calm. 

Also, it could be that you make funny impressions with your face while talking without you realizing it. And she just can’t help but laugh now and then she notices it.

She Might Be Nervous

If you guys are trying to get to know each other and grow a new relationship, it could be that she’s anxious about her first date with you. She may not open up but you can make things go smoothly by observing her countenance.  

In order not to act weird, make things look awkward, or say anything offensive to you, she may laugh occasionally to quickly ease the tension.

You can loosen up by making eye contact, and smiling while spicing up your conversation.

She Finds You Attractive

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

What does it mean when a girl laughs as you talk to her? It may simply mean that she thinks that you’re good-looking, and she needs to tell you.

Maybe she was enchanted by your stories, jokes, and personality and thinks you’re the most handsome man she ever saw.

She’s honest and blunt, and she simply felt the need to compliment you later after getting your attention first by laughing.

You Are Dealing With A Shy Girl  

When a girl giggles at you or laughs whenever you talk to her, she may be shy. It could be that she’s has feelings for you and doesn’t know how to tell you. 

That could be her way of showing those feelings simply because she may be a woman of action, not words. To her, you have all the qualities that would make you boyfriend material. Now, it’s all up to you.

Things To Consider Before Dealing With This Issue 

Now you know the possible meanings of why a girl laughs when you talk to her. Here are some important things to consider before dealing with this issue. 

First you have to consider, Her personality type, Your relationship with her, Your personality, Your appearance and Your accent 

Her Personality Type

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

A common priority for guys looking for a life partner is the personality of a  woman. When considering the possible reasons why she laughs while you talk to her, it’s essential to look not only at her physical appearance but also at her hobbies and way of life. 

You’ll also want to observe her inner circle, including family, colleagues, peers, and best friends. Get to know how she interacts with other people. Is she always like that with other guys? Or is she always like that with you?

Your Relationship With Her 

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

It may be that she laughs because she likes having you around and you don’t know it. But the way you relate with a girl you love will be very different from that of your casual female friends. 

Consider which category best suits you both: strangers, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, ex-girlfriends, or lovers. If you are not sure of where she is in your heart, a practical way to get to know a girl’s intention or feeling about you is to hang out with her.

Your Personality 

For many women, humor is a crucial factor in deciding whether or not to like or date a guy. If you are an outgoing and lively guy, she is going to find you attractive and would do anything to get your attention. 

So, first, consider your personality, does it appeal mostly to women? Are hilarious one-liners your thing?

Do you have a sharp wit? What are those things you do that crack up your friends, especially your female friends? Or you can ask them yourself to find out.

Your Appearance 

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

It’s not uncommon to fantasize about how well-dressed or good-looking you are as a guy. If your idea of style is a bit different from what she perceives, she may laugh at your odd style of dressing while conversing with her. 


Make sure to scope out a unique style from casual outfits like jeans, shirts, and sneakers. At the very least, choose formal dresses but note that it is different for every situation.

For example, a date night could require formal attire and a visit to the local restaurant would require casuals. 

Also, take care of your facial hair, as this is crucial in leaving a good first impression. 

Your Accent 

Though it may be easy to claim fluency while speaking, how you sound while you talk is another story. As you are wondering why a girl laughs when you talk, take a moment to contemplate your accent. 

Are you a native of that country? Does it take you forever to pronounce some words? Is that your second language? All these reasons are not far-fetched as to why she laughs while you talk. 

How Can You Deal With This? 

It’s high time you speak up and clear the doubts about whether she’s into you or not. The following ways will help you deal with the issue of a girl laughing when you talk:

  • Act more confidently
  • Ask her why she does so
  • Speak calmly     

Act More Confidently 

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

When you act a bit differently from the usual way you relate with her, you can deal with this issue appropriately.

Most times, a girl laughs at a guy who is not acting the way he talks. She feels you have nothing to say or you think because she’s pretty you have come to get her number. 

It’s good to have a pure motive while approaching a lady because, for the first sixty seconds, she already knows what you are after.

Don’t appear needy or like a pervert, instead, be yourself even if you are damn shy and play into your strengths by acting confident. 

Remember to make calm gestures as you talk, like moving your hands to emphasize a subject, and also. maintain good eye contact with her, this will help you deal appropriately with this issue. 

Ask Her Why She Does So

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?

A better way to diagnose someone’s behavior is by asking them about it. Chances are that she’s waiting for the day you will ask her why laughs when you talk.

And you will be surprised by her answer, charmed or broken by it, so this is just a friendly reminder. 

Most girls, especially the extroverted types don’t think much about their attitudes towards guys, except they are really into you.

And they will always approach you to tell you about their feelings, whether you find them attractive or not. In this case, you won’t find it difficult to talk to them. 

On the other hand, introverts seem to internalize every moment, from the first time you approach them to when you finally text or take them out.

They seem to do this with guys they have a crush on, however, you need to approach them if you feel she is always like that with you.

Speak Calmly

What Does It Mean When A Laughs When You Talk To Her?   

Do you know you draw more attention when you talk calmly than fast? And you tend to sound funny like a parrot when you talk very fast.

People who talk this way portray a sense of low self-esteem, they always want to be heard at all costs but end up being mocked or laughed at due to how they sound when talking very fast. 

It becomes very annoying when people and not just girls laugh after you think you have engaged in a very sensitive conversation. As everyone wants to be listened to and not just to be heard like noisy birds. 


Without leaving any pedals unturned, we have reviewed all the possible reasons why a girl laughs when you talk to her. Whether she’s being shy, naughty, or you seem not to get along with her, the truth is there’s a way to go about it. 

Also, we have mentioned the five important things to consider before dealing with a girl that laughs at you. And realized that sometimes the fault is from us guys.

If you don’t take care of little things like your appearance, or accent you could eventually get mocked or laughed at by her. 

Finally, you know how to deal with this issue appropriately without hurting her feelings. And if you feel there’s more reason why she laughs, do leave a comment below for us to include in the article. 

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