What Does It Mean When A Guy Adjusts Himself In Front Of You?

Imagine what it would be like if you could tell what a guy is thinking at every point in time if you could read him like a book, and know everything he’s about to say before he even opens his mouth.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Adjusts Himself In Front Of You

Things don’t work like that and all you have to work with are gestures like when a guy adjusts himself in front of you.

Likely the guy in question is a friend, an acquaintance, or someone you admire but here you are watching and talking with him but you don’t know how to respond to this gesture.

I’m here to help you navigate the sometimes confusing mannerisms of the humans called guys. Read 10 things it can mean when a guy adjusts himself in front of you.

1. He Is Nervous

This is the first meaning that likely comes to your mind as he adjusts himself in front of you. You would be correct in your interpretation especially if he’s wearing tight-fitting trousers or a shirt.

Or if it’s a hot day and it’s sweltering outdoors where you both are. There are a number of factors that you can think of to make this meaning valid.

Moreover, if he’s trying to be furtive when making the adjustment, then it may have nothing to do with you or his feelings for you.

He’s only reacting to the hotness he feels under his clothes. And if you really like him then go ahead and ask him if he wanted to get out of the sun.

If you were both out in the park maybe it’s time to find shade. Are there dark blotches of perspiration under his armpit or beads of sweat on his forehead? There, that’s your answer.

2. He’s Got A Skin Itch

Surprised? Don’t be. Skin diseases are more common than most think. Statistics say one in three Americans has a skin problem at any given time.

So, for all you know, this guy in front of you is suffering from one of those skin problems that causes itching.

Some itches are stubborn, they erupt at the most unlikely times. When an itch happens, you have to scratch it. If the guy is wearing tight-fitting clothing and his skin happens to make the call at that moment, he may try to hide the problem by simply adjusting his clothes.

Abruptly taking his leave is considered rude so he is left with the choice of hashing it out right in front of you.

Factors that make this meaning likely is if he more than scratches that adjust.

You can tell if his thumb and forefinger are the ones doing the work more than his whole hand. Also, note his facial expressions.

If he’s coloring then he’s probably embarrassed by what you don’t know – which is that this isn’t some routine adjustments. This is a real emergency.

It’s best to ignore what you think you know in this situation as this may cause more embarrassment for the guy.

As you likely know, skin problems aren’t entirely a result of poor hygiene. They can also be caused by allergies.

3. He’s Attracted To You

What Does It Mean When A Guy Adjusts Himself In Front Of You

You thought about this too, right? A guy would adjust himself in front of you if he is attracted to you and he’s losing his composure – because you are very pretty.

If you are one of those girls who maintain eye contact when you talk, then you’re likely making him nervous. But that’s another meaning entirely that we will get to.

For now, it suffices to say the guy is attracted to you, and his emotions are his to deal with, it’s not you but him who’s having problems getting a grip.

One question you’d likely ponder amusingly on is, are you that attractive? I’d say you probably are.

4. He Wants You To Look His Way

If the guy is standing in your line of sight and he has been trying to get your attention, he may adjust himself in a way that helps achieve this aim.

The situation or what he does will also determine if this is true. If he’s wearing clothes that look comfortable on him then it may be true that he wants to get your attention.

If he looks at you right after the action, you both lock eyes and he smiles, winks or shows any other signs of interest, then you have it must be he wants you to look at him.

5. His Clothes Are Stiff Around His Body

One meaning that you can also have here is that he adjusts himself in front of you, seemingly, because his clothes are uncomfortable, they are stiff around his body.

If he’s your friend, he may not feel any embarrassment adjusting his fly, his waist, or the shirt around the armpit while you watch.

To be sure though, you’ll have to take the circumstances and who the guy is to you, into consideration.

If you are in a public place and he is your friend, your presence may encourage him to not care what others think.

If he cares so much about how you or others perceive him, he may still do so while in front of you or beside you.

One thing is for sure, clothes for men aren’t the same as clothes for women.

Ladies can wear snug-fitting clothing and be comfortable all day. But a guy would feel chafing in certain places that would require him to adjust himself.

Usually, guys would rather not wear uncomfortable or tight-fitting clothes on a date or anywhere else.

So you have to see if the guy in question is wearing tight-fitting pants, and body-hugging shirts, or if his tie is too stiff.

6. It Is A Mannerism With Him

Another meaning when a guy adjusts himself in front of you is, he’s expressing his mannerisms. It is just a thing he does.

For this meaning, watch out for snatches of adjustments, small picks at the skin of his cheeks, a brush of the hair, a rolling of the shoulder as if to get the sleeves to seat well, and many more.

He may lean from one foot to the other.

He may do all this while talking to you or not. He may make reference to his actions as well if it relates to what the conversation is about.

For a guy like this, the adjustment can be endless. And it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s nervous, nor does it mean he loves order in his dressing.

7. He Is Finicky

Another likely meaning is the guy is a fastidious dresser, a meticulous outdoor person who cares so much about his public appearance.

Once again this has nothing to do with what he feels about you, only what he thinks of himself.

In this situation also, you have to compare how he does this adjustment and what he does after.

If he’s self-absorbed while he adjusts himself, paying no particular attention to your presence or your opinion of it, then he’s simply a meticulous guy.

Or if he adjusts himself and then makes reference to how rumpled his clothes were and how he didn’t like it so, it also means he likes being properly put together at all times.

8. You Are Comfortable To Be Around

If a guy adjusts himself in front of you, it also means he is comfortable being around you. He is not afraid that you would judge him.

The circumstances can be that where you are familiar with each other. This meaning can be applicable in varying circumstances.

For example, if it’s a guy whom you are familiar with, he may adjust himself in front of you in the most awkward manner you can imagine.

It could be a bad zipper in his pants, a skewed arrangement in his buttons, an improperly tucked shirt, or even exposed underwear.

It can also be with a guy with whom you aren’t familiar. It can be an acquaintance, a colleague at work, or a classmate in school.

If you happen to have a relaxing aura around you or people are easily drawn to you, then the guy doesn’t have to be your close friend to adjust himself in front of you.

You will need to establish what your relationship with the guy is before these actions occurred, and also the frequency and place.

If it is a regular thing with him then you may consider asking why he does it. Also, his facial expression can provide a clue as to the veracity of this meaning.

If he concentrates on the adjustment while smiling and holding an ongoing conversation, then it means he’s probably not trying to get your attention.

It’s only a guy who’s comfortable around you.

9. He Is A Proud One

This is one meaning you may never have thought of but it can be as true as the others on this list. For this meaning, it is not just one act. It is a combination of body language.

Have you ever seen a person who’s full of themselves show it? Take a guy who’s full of himself, for example, it’s in the way he stares down at you, pulls up his pants around the waistline, raises himself on the balls of his feet, drops again, and clears his throat before speaking.

We see bosses do this all the time. This is a mannerism you notice with folks in authority. If a guy adjusts himself in front of you in this manner, it means he’s full of himself.

For this to be true though, he has to be someone in authority. Maybe a superior at work, a young professor at school, or a football jock who thinks he can have any girl he wants.

If he likes you, he may think you should be thankful that he does. He has a high opinion of himself and it comes off not only in the way he speaks but also in little things such as in his clothes.

10. He Thinks You Like Him

If the guy is the proud one above, he may adjust himself in front of you if he thinks you like him. In this case, it is not clear if he likes you. He is probably a likable person who knows it.

He may be a coworker or a classmate. If he gets girls flocking around him all the time, this may have inflated his ego over time.

Most of us know a guy like this in college. He is the best on the football team, or he is a rich kid who drives his own Porsche.

He brags about his success with girls and he thinks you should stop pretending and get on with him.

If he’s standing in front of you and adjusting himself, he will usually do it in a manner that shows disdain.

He may post a condescending smile on his face as he casually adjusts his collar. He may roll his sleeve as though he’s ready to go to work on you, so to speak.

For this meaning too, you have to watch out for a number of other actions. You are not considering the adjustment in isolation.

His facial expressions: is he smiling, is he giving you salty looks as he adjusts himself? Girls can usually tell when a guy is only in it for attention.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons why a guy would adjust himself in front of you. It would take some imagination to tell the difference between one meaning to the other.

Another factor that usually determines when these meanings are true is your relationship with the guy.

The more familiar you are with the guy, the better you are able to tell his intentions. It is important not to jump to a conclusion.

Take your time to observe what the guy does before and after the act. Also what he says to you, and how he looks at you matters.

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