How to Ask a Guy to Delete Your Photo?

Many of us have that male friend that likes taking a photo of us even when you’re not aware. Occasionally, it might not be a friend. It might be a random guy who takes photos of us.

While this might seem cool, there are times you’ll not be cool with it and you’ll want them to delete your photo. If you need a guy to delete your photo, you would’ve to tell him so.

However, this may seem harder than we think, especially if he’s proving difficult. So, how do you tell a guy to delete your photo?

To help you, I’ll be giving you different ways you can ask a guy to delete your photo.

Different Ways to Ask a Guy to Delete Your Photo

There are different ways to ask a guy to delete your photo. You can either talk to him yourself, tell his friends, or report to the authorities.

Depending on your relationship with him, you can try any of the approaches to get results.

Tell Him Directly

One of the best methods to ask a guy to delete your photo is to tell him directly. This method is direct and shows how serious you’re.

If it’s someone you know well, this approach can work well with them. Moreover, asking him directly can make him take you seriously.

Also, you can use this method on someone you aren’t very close to. They’ll understand you’re very serious with your request.

In addition, this should be the first method of approach as it relates to something that concerns you.

Below are the ways you can ask a guy to delete your photo directly.

Please, I Want You to Delete the Photo You Took of Me

One of the ways to tell a guy directly to delete your photo is to politely request him to do so. 

Requesting in this manner can appeal to his conscience, that if he wants to be difficult, he might change his mind. 

Please, I want you to delete the photo you took of me,” should work. This is a straightforward way of telling him what you want. You can use this on a friend and if he cares for you, he should oblige.

Also, this method can work on someone you aren’t familiar with. If he’s well-behaved, he should listen.

Kindly Delete My Photos 

Another way to phrase your request when you want to ask a guy to delete your photo is, “kindly delete my photos.” This is a straightforward request and he should be able to tell you’re serious.

First, if he’s a friend he might be tempted to not take you seriously, but if you make the request again in this manner, he should understand.

Moreover, this is a polite request that should work on anyone and if they’re well-mannered, they should listen.

I Will Like You to Delete My Photo

I will like you to delete my photos” is another way of requesting a guy to delete your photo. This is another straightforward approach that should work.

This is a very serious statement you can on a friend or random guy. When you tell them this way, it should get them to respond accordingly.

I Thought We Agreed to No Photo

Another way you can ask a guy to delete your photo is to remind him what you both agreed.

If he’s a friend and you both had agreed that you wouldn’t keep photos of each other, you can remind him of that. An expression like, “I thought we agreed to no photos” should work.

This statement is an indirect way of asking him to delete your photo. However, it’s a very clear request that he should understand and respect.

Why Is There a Photo of Me On Your Phone?

Another way you can ask a guy to delete your photo is to ask him why he has a photo of you. Using this question is an indirect way that should work.

You can ask your friend this question if you both had agreed to not keep photos of each other. Asking him so would remind him if he has probably forgotten and this should mean he has to delete them. 

In addition, you can also use this approach on a random guy who has your photos. He should probably reply to you with the reasons. When he does, you can then ask him to delete them.

You Should Have Deleted My Photos

Another way to ask a guy to delete your photos is by telling him he should have deleted them. This method is appropriate to use with your friend that you had an agreement with.

If you had agreed to keep no photos, then tell him he should’ve deleted your photos. This statement should get him to action.

Also, if a random guy took photos of you with his phone with your permission, you can say this to him if you find out he kept them.

Many do this. Sometimes we ask random people to take photos of us with their phones if we like theirs so they can transfer them to our phones. 

Naturally, we would expect them to delete our photos since we’re stranger to them. So, if you found out someone you asked to take your photos didn’t delete them, you can tell him he should’ve deleted them.

You Are Not Supposed to Have My Photo with You

Another way to ask a guy to delete your photo is to tell him he isn’t supposed to have them in the first place.

This statement expresses your anger at him for having something of yours without your permission. So, this is appropriate to use on a random guy you’re not close to.

In this way, he would understand you’re not happy with his actions and this should make him delete your photos.

Tell His Friends

How to Ask a Guy to Delete Your Photo?

One of the ways to ask a guy to delete your photos is to ask his friends or someone he’s close to, telling them so. 

This method is appropriate to use if talking to him directly failed to get the action done.

If you’ve talked to him unsuccessfully and he remains difficult, talking to his friends should make him understand you’re serious.

Also, if you aren’t very close to him and don’t want to speak with him, you can talk to a mutual friend. In this way, you can also get him to do as you say.

In addition, you don’t have to restrict it to his friends only. You can tell his siblings you know to pass your message. 

When you’re going through someone close to him, there are several ways to make your request. You can send your request politely or send it as a warning. Below are the ways to phrase your request:

Send the Request Politely

One of the ways to ask a guy to delete your photo is to politely make the request known to his friend. You can either send the message in a text or tell him face to face.

Telling him something like this, “please, tell your friend to delete my photo” is a straightforward way that should yield results. 

You can try this method if you feel you won’t be comfortable talking to the guy directly or if you feel he won’t listen to you.

Moreover, hearing from his friend should make him understand your seriousness. 

Send a Polite Warning

Another way to send your request to a guy asking him to delete your photo is to send warnings through his friend or someone he talks to and respects.

This course of action is appropriate if you’ve tried talking with him and he proved difficult. Then, you can send warnings through his close relations; something like, “kindly warn your friend to delete my photo.”

A warning through his friend is something that should make him take you more seriously except he’s asking for trouble.

Tell the Friend that You Will Take Action

How to Ask a Guy to Delete Your Photo?

Another appropriate way you can send a warning to a guy through his friend asking him to delete your photo is to let him know you’re ready to take action. 

In this way, getting this kind of warning from his friend should bother him. First, he wouldn’t know the kind of action you would be taking. He wouldn’t know if it would be legal or illegal.

Whatever the case, someone who cares about his life and reputation should take this warning very seriously.

So, even if you don’t have any plans to take action, you can send this threat through his friend to shake him up a bit. This method should yield results.

Let Him Know He Is Disrespecting You By Keeping Your Photo

Another way to tell a guy to delete your photos is to send a message through his friend that he’s disrespecting you by keeping your photo.

This course of action will become necessary if he doesn’t bulge after talking to him yourself. So, getting to him through his close relations should be the next course of action.

In addition, a warning like this should shake him up a bit. First, he wouldn’t have any idea what you are up to or what you would do to him.

It’s a subtle threat that expresses your anger at him. So, sending it through his friend should get to him. Someone wise will act accordingly.

Tell the Authorities

How to Ask a Guy to Delete Your Photo?

One of the proper methods to ask a guy to delete your photo is to talk to the authorities. Telling the authorities is a wise approach that would yield 100% results.

This method should become your last resort if telling him yourself or going through his relations failed to yield a positive result.

However, If the person is a friend, you should try harder to convince him or yourself or a mutual friend until there’s no other way than the authorities.

In this way, you wouldn’t be actively involved and the authorities would compel him to delete your photos.

In addition, you should fall back on the authorities when he becomes a threat to you. For instance, if it involves revenge porn you can visit to find the right way to take legal action against him.

Dealing with cases as sensitive as this yourself may escalate things as he may try to extort you or become violent. So, it’s best to leave cases like this to the authorities.

Furthermore, you should report to the authorities when you’re tempted to take illegal actions against him; like finding someone to beat him up and the like.

Additionally, reporting to the authorities especially when it’s a very sensitive case is very important because the authorities have a better way of handling such cases.

For instance, they’ve got a way of making sure all photos including the ones he has sent to friends or taken to the internet are removed. So, be quick to go to the authorities if you fall victim to such before it gets out of hand.


If a guy has an unwanted photo of you, there are different ways you can ask him to delete such photos. First, you should tell him yourself whether he’s a friend or not.

But, if he isn’t taking you seriously, you should then go through his friend or anyone close to him. Also, you should be firm in your request and send warnings and threats if need be.

However, if he remains difficult or becomes violent, you should then take it to the authorities.

In addition, if it’s a very sensitive case, you shouldn’t waste time reporting to authorities to prevent the photos from circulating.

You can visit the right websites online to find the right people to handle your case or you can go to the police directly.

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