How To Be A Poser: 10 Best Ways!

Human desires are vast and diverse. In a world and at a time where much is required for one to be seen, noticed, and valued, the desire to meet these standards becomes high and inevitable, which is quite valid.

It doesn’t make you a petty person; it means that you seek to be noticed and valued just like every other human on earth.

There are ways to actually steal the show and worm your way into social circles, but the trick to this is that over-pleasing can go terribly wrong.

However, there are very sleek ways that you can pull this off without coming off strong and being straight-out repulsive.

Too much effort and desperation can give you away and cause the people around you to become irritated. Here are a few smooth, natural ways to be a poser.

Below are 10 effective ways to attract attention and gain social value:

  1. Avoid talking too much about irrelevant things.
  2. Always look good and comfortable.
  3. Pose confidence
  4. Get ahead of the trend.
  5. Have an attractive social media platform and maintain consistency.
  6. Fake interest in things that others like and get involved
  7. Do not try to be funny; rather, laugh at other people’s jokes.
  8. Smile a lot.
  9. Give compliments
  10. Avoid revealing too much about yourself.

Avoid Talking Too Much About Irrelevant Things

It is quite observable that the desire to be noticed, accepted, and loved comes with the urge to talk too much, usually with the intention to impress your target. But the truth is that excessive talking is highly unattractive.

There is a general tendency to begin to say more than necessary, derailing from the topic and potentially making no sense at all. This puts you off completely and can even give off the vibe that you’re posing.

People are keen and quick to notice when you’re trying too hard, and that becomes a total spoiler for your desired plan.

In some cases, you have to master the act of being silent and listening to others. There is respect in silence, and quiet people have the natural ability to awaken curiosity in the people around them.

Quiet people are assumed to be calm, mature, and sensible, which are very alluring traits.

Resist the urge to say too much about everything. You’re allowed to speak, but keep it simple and straightforward.

You’ll have more admirers around you who are eager to really find out about what lies beneath your demeanor. On a similar note, it is very easy to become carried away while trying to impress people.

Being eager to feel a sense of belonging or to stand out can lead to overexpression or exaggeration, sometimes resulting in saying things you’re not quite sure about.

Not everyone likes to spill everything they know and be certain that people are knowledgeable about a lot of things you might not necessarily be aware of.

You earn more respect when you keep your narratives authentic when interacting with your circle. No one admires or respects an obvious liar.

Always Look Good And Comfortable

There is absolutely no doubt that your appearance gives the first impression of you. Although what you put on is very vital, this goes way beyond wearing the latest trends and designers.

While luxury can be a bonus, being comfortable in what you wear creates a very calm and natural atmosphere around you that people get drawn to and find fascinating.

Fashion is not just the brand, but how you portray it. Your discomfort and effort will be very noticeable to your circle, which would much rather push them away from you than pull them closer.

People value and are more inclined toward people who carry themselves with care and poise. It automatically makes you a lovable person.

Pose Confidence

How To Be A Poser

The world and everything in it belongs to those who hold their heads high. Confidence is simply attractive.

How respectfully and unashamedly you carry yourself determines how respectfully people treat you. And the secret to being confident is to pretend to be confident.

Everyone admires confidence unless they’re threatened by it, which is also in your favor. Use it. Even when they’re threatened by it, it is still a great tool that you can use to your advantage.

It shows more about the hard core of your personality and right there is what a lot of people want to see.

Get Ahead Of The Trend

How To Be A Poser

Most socialites earn admiration by keeping tabs on recent happenings and following trends. But something that beats that is being ahead of the trend. Instead of going with the trend, set the trend.

The competition to be the center of attraction in social society is quite high, and in order to make an impression, you have to ensure that you stand out in some way.

You’ll hardly be noticed in a crowd of people doing the same things. Being abreast of new developments and introducing them will get you great attention.

Be the first to start something that will attract an audience, and it will always come back to you.

Have An Attractive Social Media Presence And Maintain Consistency

The world depends greatly on the internet in this modern day. People are generally attracted to beauty and aesthetics, as well as graphics that are appealing to the eyes.

Building an attractive social media personality has to do with your ability to make simple things extremely beautiful. In this digital world, there are so many ways to achieve this without stress.

Your consistent online presence, coupled with the creation of aesthetically pleasing content, will attract a good amount of audience, which will greatly increase over time with the right amount of consistency.

This is a really great and effective strategy for stealing media attention and earning a certain level of societal relevance.

Fake Interest in Things That Others Like and Get Involved

How To Be A Poser

Humans are generally attracted to people who they feel can relate to their interests.

When you express interest in other people’s interests, you begin to gain their attention and love because you automatically give them a certain feeling of validation that every human seeks.

Nobody likes to be around someone who can’t relate to them or understand the things that they care about, let alone look up to them.

You have to give people a reason to look at you and desire you, and cultivating certain characteristics like being approving of a person’s interests can achieve that.

They’ll really always want to be around you because of the amount of safety they feel around you, which increases your esteem in their eyes and even attracts more people to you.

Everyone loves an understanding person. In addition to that, you should make an extra effort to get involved in activities that your targets enjoy.

Bonding with people and building relationships, especially ones that will get you in people’s eyes, will take some extra effort to achieve. People have to see you and notice you.

And I think we can agree to some extent that the social world favors outgoing people more than people who are active and engaged.

Even if you don’t really enjoy them, you will have to make them believe that you do by providing your presence and some hype.

It builds a sense of belonging around your circle of interaction and increases the level of admiration they have for you.

Most people love fun people, people who create and encourage liveliness. A great way to step up your game is to get involved in activities that make people happy and lift their spirits.

People love to feel accompanied, and they will definitely love you for it.

Do Not Try To Be Funny; Rather, Laugh At Others’ Jokes

One of the common ways in which people struggle to be the center of attention is by cracking jokes. Comedy is a very delicate thing.

It requires a certain type of skill or talent and an understanding of people and the environment to successfully tell a joke that carries everyone along.

Remember, you’re trying to impress, and awkwardness doesn’t mix well with the plan.

As a person desiring respect, you save yourself from awkward situations and maintain your chances of earning some good attention.

It is better to laugh at the jokes others make than to try too hard to make one that might end up not making any sense.

It is even a bonus if you laugh at the unfunny jokes others make. Again, that simple gesture will prove that you’re a nice person who is sensitive to people’s emotions, and that, again, will work in your favor.

Who doesn’t like a nice, easygoing person?

Smile A Lot

There’s nothing as attractive as always wearing a friendly and welcoming smile. A smile is a sign of a nice, happy person.

People are naturally attracted to nice and happy people; it shows that you’re warm and kind, and people love people like that.

This doesn’t state that you should walk around straining your cheeks every minute of each day; this might come off as a disorder or, even worse, creepy.

A good smile is contagious; it’s an automatic gateway to people’s hearts. You become known for a really nice gesture, and that’s a good way to successfully and innocently steal the show.

Give Compliments

How To Be A Poser

One very sure way to earn people’s love and admiration is by throwing compliments at them. Tiny compliments like, “you look good today,” “nice haircut,” and “I love your style.”

Ranging from people you know personally to strangers to your internet audience Find out what people are most sensitive about and compliment those things.

Aside from how flattered they would feel, you gently worm your way into their hearts as a sensitive and very thoughtful person.

All these things put together make up for the respect and love you’ll earn amongst people. Again, you’re gently and slowly stealing the show and winning the hearts of people.

Avoid Revealing Too Much About Yourself

How To Be A Poser

Familiarity breeds contempt, and the world loves a mystery. To impress people and get or retain their attention, you must be doing something catchy, and mystery is catchy.

People stop having eyes for someone they’ve gotten to know almost everything about; you instantly become bland and boring when you give everything about yourself away.

Withholding certain information about yourself will keep people in awe of you. It’ll earn you more respect.

In the social world, no one really finds someone who is predictable and completely known and appealing enough to waste their attention on.

When you give people something to look forward to, they remain fixated on you, and you remain interesting and admirable in their eyes.

Keeping people guessing makes them stay glued to you; they’re curious to find out what’s next, and it gets fun when you gradually unleash new, little surprises.

You create in them a sense of excitement; you’re exciting! And humans love excitement. They grow more in awe of you.

Basically, you become this mysterious magical being they practically worship. And there, you steal the show yet again!


Being a poser can be more subtle and yet effective than you think. You don’t really need to do too much to an annoying extent to risk receiving hatred instead of admiration or, worse, being tagged as “fake.”

Although it is much easier to be your authentic self, that doesn’t always get us what we want. And it is very possible that as you gradually practice these things, they may somehow become a part of you.

It is essential to know what you want and why you are interested in seeking attention. Sometimes, the outcome might be negative if your intentions are not really tangible.

Your career may require you to touch up a few things about yourself, and that’s understandable.

However, there’s no need to feel bad about your decision; every human craves some sense of belonging and social status, and seeking the right approach to attain this isn’t a crime at all.

With that being said, I hope this article has given you enough insight into how you can successfully command attention and admiration. Make the show yours!

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