What Is A Libtard?

The American political scene is characterized by two major socio-economic and political settings which are the Liberals and Conservatives.

While the conservatives are more poised in the development of the ‘individual’ by the individual, the liberal prefers looking up to the government to provide a sustainable environment to the masses.

There are other schools of thought between these two parties regarding subjects of social, economic, and political standings, just like the issue of same-sex marriage which is supported by the liberals but frowned upon by the conservative party.

These disparities have led to some kind of rivalry between the two sides, leading to taunting and name-calling, all in the name of discrediting one side.

The term ‘libtard’ is a product of these taunts. You might’ve been called one, and you wish to know what that means.

In this post, I’ll be discussing in detail what it means to be called a libtard and any other topic related to it. Read on to discover more!

Definition of a Libtard

The word libtard is a derogatory term that is used to insult anybody who believes that a liberal society is the best form of political/ socio-economic setting. It also shows that it seeks to demean anyone who is a liberal.

For the record, an immature person is someone who is seen as being mentally unstable or even worse, a huge fat pack of a dummy.

An immature person has some kind of intellectual impairment, which makes him or her unable to reason on the same level as normal persons.

The term which is used mainly by the conservatives is a verbal weapon fashioned to make any liberal weak on their knees or even foster a lack of personal confidence.

What Is the Difference Between Libtard and Liptard?

What Is A Libtard

There’s a type of similarity that exists between these two words. Well, that is not what this phase of the article is all about which brings us to the topic of the differences between a libtard and a liptard.

The table below shades more light on the disparity between these two heavily condescending terms.

The Major Differences between Libtard and Liptard

Libtard is a term used to derogate a liberal. It means that the person in question is mentally impaired just because of their affiliation with the Liberal school of thought. Liptard is just a term that is used to describe an immature person. It can be used as a synonym for words like moron and coward.
There’s a form of political muse behind the bond of the word libtard. There’s no iota of the political intention behind the use the creation of this word. It is more of a slangy or downtown way of saying somebody is immature.
The word is an autonomous conglomerate. Liptard is not an autonomous word, instead, it was formed as a result of playing on the word ‘libtard’. The only missing detail is the removal of the (lib)eral factor and replacement with lips(mouth).
Libtard is only meant to be used on liberals. Therefore, you can’t use it on any other person who is not left-leaning. This makes it a specific condescending term fashioned for liberals, and wielded by conservatives. You can make use of liptard on anyone, irrespective of his or her political views or opinions. This makes it not a customized sub for any particular group of persons, but for anyone and everyone who has been deemed a moron.
It doesn’t have to be a speech or action-related mistake for one to be tagged a libtard. A liberal is considered a libtard by default. You don’t have to do anything offensive to the conservatives because just sharing in the opinion of liberals automatically qualifies you to be a libtard. In some cases, liptard is also used to depict someone who was too excited that they made an unreasonable statement. This is particularly exclusive to any form of immaturity portrayed through speech.

How Offensive Is the Word Libtard?

For starters, the word libtard is as offensive as its cohorts like words such as racist, Negro, gay, and all those sentimental/stereotypical words.

Plus, libtard is a politically motivated dehumanizing term. What more can I say, than to add that is toxic as well?

There have been reports of people suffering from low self-esteem and inferiority complex, just because they were called libtard.

It is so much of a bad word that it is banned from being uttered in a lot of firms and offices across the nation. This same view extends to its offspring, Libtard.

To further elaborate on how insulting this word is, there’s a story featured in the Chicago Times that speaks lengthily on it. You might want to read that article to get a closer feel of how derogatory it is to call someone a libtard.

Due to this, I’d suggest you steer clear of any form of dialogue that’ll prompt you to use this word on somebody. This is because of how grave it is to utter this word to someone.

Who Coined the Word ‘Libtard’?

John ‘Dusty’ McPhillips takes credit for being the originator of the word libtard and other derogatory words such as Killary.

Libtard as an offensive word did not sprout by accident. If that’s the case, then there must be some kind of creative process leading to its existence. That brings us to who coined the word ‘libtard’.

Dusty Philips was born in Arkansas in 1969 and passed away in 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic. However, he died from covid-19 complications and left his work.

Just like you would have thought, Dusty was a conservative and he wasn’t found wanting in the league of creatives who look for new ways to put their oppositions to ruin.

He revealed this in a Prime-time TV interview in 2015. His narration showed that he got the term while steering at the two words on either side of his screen.

He initially came about ‘tardlib’ but later arrived at ‘libtard’ after a series of edits and thinking through. Unfortunately, Dusty didn’t realize the monster they had built by inventing the term libtard.

Why You Should Ignore Anyone Who Calls You a Libtard?

Do you think you should pay heed when someone calls you a libtard? I certainly don’t think you should grant any form of attention to anyone who thought from all their bank of words that only the word ‘libtard’ fits in to be used on you.

You might as well ask me why you should listen to me. Well, you should because I’m much more out to give you comprehensive reasons why you should ignore anyone who calls you a libtard.

Below are some of the reasons why you should play the game of ignorance when someone addresses you as a libtard.

  • You should do that because you’re more mature enough than them
  • You have to do that to show the person is as insensitive as their words
  • You might as well ignore the person to prove their mindset is too low to fathom your words
  • You have to prove you owe no one any explanation for choosing the liberal struggle

You should do that because you’re more mature enough than them

What Is A Libtard

I guess you’re mature enough not to engage in any battle of words with someone who calls you a libtard. Even if you don’t think you are, consider yourself as one.

You Have To Do That to Show the Person Is as Insensitive as Their Words

It’s very insensitive for someone to call you something as demeaning as a libtard. Therefore, you’ll only add to the circle of insensitivity by exchanging words with the person hence silence is the best.

You Might as Well Ignore the Person to Prove Their Mindset Is Too Low To Fathom Your Words

You should pay no attention to the person because he or she is dehumanizing to start with. Ignorance is your best pick of response.

You Have To Prove You Owe No One Any Explanation for Choosing the Liberal Struggle

If you think you owe anyone an explanation for being a liberal, you have to think again. This is another reason you should ignore the person who calls you a libtard.

Synonyms of the Word ‘Libtard’

Libtard is a demeaning word that’s used by main conservatives to chide liberals by calling them insensitive. These are the following synonyms or words that are close to the word libtard.

  • Foolhardy
  • Ridiculous
  • Ill-advised
  • Ill-conceived
  • Immature


This is the end of the road in this post, which does a deep dive into the details surrounding the word libtard. From this article, you’ve come to learn more about the meaning of the word, the background story around it, and also the difference between the words Libtard and Liptard.

I also exposited on why you should ignore anyone who calls you a libtard, because the person is as mentally deranged as what they claim to call you.

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