Is Happy Posthumous Birthday Correct? Here’s What We Know!

Birthdays are celebrations of life and the remembrance of growth. They are usually important days and we treat them as special.

But what if the birthday is for the dead?

Is that right? What’s its purpose?

This article will cover all that.

Is Saying ‘Happy Posthumous Birthday’, Correct?

Is Happy Posthumous Birthday Correct

Yes, wishing members of our family and friends that are dead a happy post-humous birthday is okay and correct.

Even though our loved ones are no longer with us physically, it wouldn’t change the fact that they are our sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, best friends, etc.

If this fact can’t be changed after death, we should all take celebrating their birthday as a responsibility. People usually celebrate death anniversaries which is a good way of remembering the dead, but what about their birthday?

The day this wonderful personality came into the world. Without that day coming into a reality, you won’t meet them and won’t have that beautiful memory you have today.

Why Do People Celebrate A Posthumous Birthday?

The core reason posthumous birthdays are celebrated is to remember our loved ones on the other side

Families and friends who celebrate the birthday of their deceased ones have them deep in their hearts.

Another reason is we celebrate them to honor them. Many of our loved ones died after facing a battle. A significant number of women die when bringing life into the world.

According to UNICEF, the global maternal mortality ratio, which refers to death resulting from pregnancy or childbirth, is 211 per 100,000 live births. 211 lives are a lot.

The question I ask people who know about posthumous birthdays and don’t celebrate them is, “Would you love a birthday celebration in heaven” they always reply, “Yes,” and I respond, “Neither God nor angels will do a birthday for you in heaven, only your loved ones on earth will surprise you in heaven as the celebrate your birthday on earth.”

The heroes who died when giving birth to people who will one day be great activists, religious leaders, surgeons, and loving partners deserve a birthday celebration.

People celebrate posthumous birthdays to mourn their loved ones. After a burial, people mourn their deceased ones to show them how important they are and how much they miss them.

Although our deceased ones want us to move on after their death, wherever they are, they are grateful we set a time for them each year.

Not mourning our loved ones after their death or occasionally would hurt them. It will make them feel that they meant little to you during their days on earth. To make our deceased ones feel loved, we celebrate their birthdays.

People celebrate posthumous birthdays because their loved ones want them to

The question you might be asking now is how do you know what your loved one wants since they are dead and communication has been breached? I am not a psychic, nor do I possess the power to speak to the dead but think of this.

When your loved ones were alive, they were thrilled when they were wished a happy birthday, when you throw a birthday party for them, when you gift them on their birthdays.

This is still the same after they are dead. Death didn’t change the fact that they love birthday celebrations, so keep doing it.

A surprising reason people celebrate posthumous birthdays is to recognize death

When a birthday is held for a deceased person, recognizing death here brings people who have gathered for the celebration into sober reflection. It makes them realize that one day will be their turn.

Some families, in their speeches during the celebration, emphasize the inevitable fate of death that will visit us all someday and make us understand how death can separate us from those we love to urge us to take any measures to avert this irreversible trauma

We celebrate happy posthumous birthdays to ensure our loved ones live on

Are you aware that our deceased ones can live forever? If you don’t know, when we do this in memory of our deceased ones, they will never die.

Polytheists (people who practice polytheism and believe in the five elemental beings fire, water, air, earth, and spirit) believe they can communicate with their deceased ones as long as they have their possession and remember them.

Another good example of this is Jesus Christ, the son of God (Christians) or the great prophet (Judaists), whose birthday is celebrated on the 25th of December every year.

Although he is not physically present, he lives on because people remember him through different ceremonies.

How To Wish A Posthumous Birthday

Here are some ways to wish a posthumous birthday for your loved ones.

  • For your dad
  • For your Mom
  • For your Sister
  • For your Brother
  • For friends
  • For your child

Happy Posthumous Birthday Wishes For Your Dad

« On this great day, I keep looking at the sky because I know the brightest star in the sky, is you. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad.

« Today reminds me of the day a legend is born, a day the world became blessed. You were the blessing. Even though you are not physically here, your legacy lives on. You remain one of a kind. Happy birthday, Daddy.

« I am sure today all the angels are singing to celebrate you, the birds of the air, everything in the ocean are aware of today. I miss you so much, and the memories of you can never die. Happy birthday my wonderful dad.

« I wonder where you are now, but I am sure you are well. I know the people with you now are so happy they came across you. No one won’t notice a rare gem like you. You are forever in my heart.

« Happy birthday to you, dad. I want to appreciate you for creating me into a distinguished, vibrant, and strong lady, but my strength fails whenever I remember you’re not here. I love you so much. Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy Posthumous Birthday Wishes For Your Mom

« For years you left me, I have never seen anyone worthy enough to be called Mom. Your unconditional love for me, your courage to defend me. Even in the worst times, you never gave up on me. Happy birthday, mom.

« Happy birthday, the apple of my eyes, my pride, my joy, my world, my all. The heavens are bright because of you. Happy birthday in heaven, mom.

« Every day, I come across beautiful ladies, but none of them are as gorgeous as you. Your beauty melts the toughest hearts. Happy birthday to you, pretty.

« Mom, everything I am today and everything I will ever be is because of you. You taught me to be confident, hardworking, caring, and humble, and today, I am on the top because of these virtues. I am sure heaven is rejoicing because of you. Happy birthday in heaven, mom.

« I wish you, my beautiful mom, a happy birthday. This day is so precious to me. This is the day that made my existence possible. The day the most wonderful person in my life was born. I celebrate you. Enjoy in heaven.

« It has been hard for me without you, no one to confide in, no shoulder to cry on, no one to be there for me when I need it the most. But I am glad I had the opportunity to meet someone like you, and that alone keeps me happy. Happy birthday, my loving mother.

Happy Posthumous Birthday Wishes For Your Sister

« I wish I could reverse time back to when I had the chance to kiss you, dance with you, and hold you. Although I am not God and can’t reverse time, those times will continue to live in me. It is well with your soul. Happy birthday, sis.

« Death didn’t seem so real to me until you, the one person who brought the realist smile to my face, was taken by it. I want you to know that I love you, and you will forever be remembered. I know the angels are celebrating you today, so happy birthday in heaven.

« Happy birthday, sis, I threw a surprise birthday party for you, and I hope you like it. I know it is not better than the one done for you by the angels. Just wanted to show you how much I appreciate God for giving me someone like you even though it didn’t last forever. Enjoy your day, sis.

« Happy birthday to my second mother, my friend, and advocate. Wow! a remarkable day is here again. I do wonder what I would have become without you. Happy birthday, big sis. Cheers!

«It’s so hard each day waking up knowing you are not beside me. It sends chills down my spine, but I am happy you are in a better place. A place that suits a wonder like you. Happy birthday, my lovely sis.

Happy Posthumous Birthday Wishes For Your Brother

« My heart was shattered into pieces the day I was told you were no more. My heart bleeds profusely when I realize I can’t sing happy birthday face to face to you. I pray my wishes to reach you in heaven. Happy birthday, bro. I wish you a prosperous, joyous, and beautiful birthday in heaven. Remain blessed.

« Night outs don’t feel the same without you. You light up the atmosphere. Infect, I have stopped attending night outs because they are now a waste of time to me. I promise you that your birthday will never be forgotten. Happy birthday to you.

« Today reminds me of what life is. It reminds me to impact lives now that I am alive. People miss your good work and impact on their lives. They join me today to wish you a happy, prosperous birthday.

« Moving on is what everyone says when one dies, and it sounds so simple but tough. How can I move on when for years, you have passed, I can’t find a mentor, teacher, friend, and brother like you? So sad death took a treasure like you from me. Happy birthday (name); rest on.

Happy Posthumous Birthday Wishes For Friends

« I woke up this morning to realize that it’s your birthday. I couldn’t hold the tears and joy in me. So I decided to throw a birthday for you, and you know what, I know your age today. It is your 50th birthday. Imagine how meaningless my life would be if I didn’t meet me. Thanks for all you did for me. Happy birthday in heaven.

« My love for you is greater than anything I would say right now. Still, I want you to know that forever, as long as I am alive I will always celebrate this day. I will continue to sing happy birthday to you each year even though I can’t sing better than the angels with you. Happy birthday (name). Happier days in heaven.

For your child

« I bless today because it brought joy and gladness to me. The day I set my eyes on you, my love. The day I saw your pretty face. The day my whole life became brand new. I love you so much. Rest on with the host of angels—happy birthday (name).

« Happy birthday, sweetheart, I miss you calling me mom/dad. So hard to wake up each day without you in my arms. I know you are happy where you are, and for this, I am happy too.

« I know you are an angel,  God borrowed me, and to God, I am so grateful. So sad it couldn’t last forever, but my heart is grateful I saw you. I celebrate you, my sweet angel. Happy birthday. I wish you happy days in heaven.


Is Happy Posthumous Birthday Correct

Death is irreversible. It is beyond our human control so bear it in mind that one day the people you love dearly, including yourself will be no more.

It is so important that when we are living, we make each day count and impact the lives of others so we won’t be forgotten. We don’t need to be scared of death. It is the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

Although death can leave us with pain and regret if we don’t finish a business here on earth, it isn’t a reason to be so afraid of it. Embrace it as nature, and may God bless us all with longevity.

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