20 Things To Say When Someone Tells You About Their Job( FIND OUT)

Some stories about people’s jobs are jawbreaking, some are enjoyable, and for others, you may need to think over and over again after leaving the scene as to why someone would intentionally remain in such a stressful situation with no productive results.

Whatever the story may be, it is an opportunity to learn about the industry, know more, and even get to ask questions if you are given the chance to.

Whatever the story may be, it is an opportunity to learn about the industry, know more, and even ask questions if you are given the chance to. This is where the all-helpful internet comes in handy, mainly social media when gathering or spreading information.

You can now talk to people online, get information and in many instances give a lending ear or helpful hand too. This is why; being connected to the internet in the present times is a must at all times.

When a person tells you about their job, it is expected that as you listen, you should make helpful contributions or seek to know more; this will help you maximize your time.

Another thing is that someone could tell you about their experiences with their job so that you can praise them, encourage them, or share your thoughts with them.

Do not hesitate to sense this and act towards it. This article provides 20 responses to say when someone tells you about their job.

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20 Things To Say

  1. The field you venture into seems quite interesting. Do you see yourself still in this industry in a few years? 
  2. It is obvious that not everyone can take up a job like yours because it requires keen attention.
  3. I love your ability to manage things and stay up-to-date with the trends in your field
  4. I am so interested to know what made you settle on this career choice when you had other opportunities
  5. Your job requires a lot of creativity. Would you call it a task or an opportunity to bring out the best in you?
  6. Your job demands a lot. How do you best manage the remaining chunk of time to rest after a busy day at work?
  7. I’ve always loved that industry. What has been your toughest experience in the industry, and what are your day-to-day activities like?
  8. You already made me fall in love with your job. What is your biggest motivation?
  9. I think you can’t escape certain challenges that come with your job. How are you able to cope, and do you see a possibility of getting over it someday?
  10. So fascinating. What exactly interests you in your line of work?
  11. You are so knowledgeable about your industry; what are the latest developments?
  12. It seems like you have a lot of expertise in your field. Would you like to mentor some young people?
  13. It is obvious that you work with quite a large number of people. How do you deal with tough colleagues or clients?
  14. You’ve got cool opportunities at your workplace. Do you get to travel or work with people from different countries?
  15. I love the definition of your job. How did you get to know about it?
  16. I don’t know so much about your industry. It’s beautiful to hear you explain this to me. Can you give me more details on how you get returns?
  17. That’s really great news. What are the things you intend to change and improve through your work?
  18. It sounds like you are engrossed with your work. What skills have you learned to bring about innovation?
  19. That’s a very significant job. How do you place work and your personal life?
  20. That’s inspiring news. What would your advice be to someone who wants their career choice to be on this path?

1. The Field You Venture Into Seems Quite Interesting. Do You See Yourself Still In This Industry In A Few Years? 

Things To Say When Someone Tells You About Their Job

Someone can tell you the problems they are facing concerning their job. In the same vein, they can tell you interesting stuff about their job.

After listening to their pleasant stories and the tussles they faced at their job, you can tell them how interesting their experiences are. However, let them know that beyond the pleasantness or toughness they experience, they need to be clear on what they want to settle doing.

You can further ask if they see the industry they are in currently as somewhere they want to invest their time and continue for a longer time.

Their answers may be positive; at that point, you should ask them where exactly they picture themselves being in a few years and how they intend to get there.

Beyond their current experience, this will make them remember their goals and begin to work on them.

2. It Is Obvious That Not Everyone Can Take Up A Job Like Yours Because It Requires Keen Attention.

Listening to someone tell you about their job can be a period where you get to know the level of skillfulness needed to attain certain heights career-wise.

On hearing the time they wake up, what they do to get to their place of work in time, how they set up that place for the other worker, or how they carry out their duties skillfully, you can almost conclude that their type is rare.

Because it takes a lot of commitment and passionate dedication to take into cognizance all the details required of them. However, after admiring their courage, you can simply ask what skills they have learned that have helped them get to where they are in their job. 

3. Your Ability To Manage Things And Stay Up-to-date With The Trends In Your Field 

As a norm, not everyone can manage records with apt accuracy. When someone tells you about their job and how they have gotten recognition, awards, or even promotion because of their ability to manage records with accuracy in figures and being timely.

You should praise them and ask them how they are able to do so so that you can learn and apply the same laws to the aspects you feel the same knowledge can be applied to.

So many people have gotten jobs with certain knowledge but never thought it wise to learn more or follow up on trends in the industry.

But, when someone tells you about how far they have come in their jobs due to the knowledge they’ve gained by following trends, then it is a great thing to learn why they do that and how they do it. So, you can simply ask how they keep up with all that they do.

4. I Am So Interested To Know What Made You Settle On This Career Choice When You Had Other Opportunities

When you listen to someone share their story about their job, you can seek to know why they settled for the career they chose when they had other opportunities to go for a job that seems more interesting or lucrative to you.

In the same vein, you may consider the ease they would have enjoyed if they went for another career choice. In any of these instances, you may simply be amazed at how passionate they sound when talking about their job.

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask them why they made their choice over all the other opportunities they had at their disposal.

5. Your Job Requires A Lot Of Creativity. Would You Call It A Task Or An Opportunity To Bring Out The Best In You?

Things To Say When Someone Tells You About Their Job

Certain jobs are so challenging, and if you get to meet with someone whose job sounds so creative, it can sound so interesting.

Their creativity could be so tasking in the sense that their boss can reject their tasks time and time again simply because he demands a certain quality of work from them.

In such a situation, you should first acknowledge how challenging the job is, even though the creative aspect of it is great. In the end, such jobs can be frustrating or bring out the best in someone, depending on their perspective on them. You can ask them what effect the job has had on them.

6. Your Job Demands A Lot. How Do You Best Manage The Remaining Chunk Of Time To Rest After A Busy Day At Work?

You shouldn’t fail to ask after someone’s well-being when you hear how busy their schedule is due to work. Someone may tell you about their job to make you feel much better or express their pain about how demanding their job has been.

In that situation, your first point of view must not be that their boss is cruel; you should simply seek to know their welfare. Ask if they usually have time to rest after work and what they do to reduce the stress.

7. I’ve Always Loved That Industry. What Has Been Your Toughest Experience In The Industry, And What Are Your Day-to-day Activities Like?

It is possible that you have always had an interest in a certain industry, and you have an opportunity to converse with someone about their job who has experience in that field.

That could be an opportunity to learn more, to get to know the requirements and the workings of the job, and if possible, to know the challenges they have personally faced and analyse how you would have faced similar situations if you were working in the industry. Or, if the glamour you had for the job is still alive.

8. You Already Made Me Fall In Love With Your Job. What Is Your Biggest Motivation?

When someone tells you about their job, beyond the challenges they face, you may sense the intense passion they have for what they do. In that situation, you may try to lay your hand on that same feeling.

Instead of guessing or assuming, you can simply ask what has made them fall in love with their job and what motivates them to continue doing what they do, no matter the challenge they face or are faced with. 

9. I Think You Can’t Escape Certain Challenges That Come With Your Job. How Are You Able To Cope, And Do You See A Possibility Of Getting Over It Someday?

Certain stories about a job can be full of sad moments where the person sharing the story was a victim of unfortunate happenings.

On the other hand, it is possible that they have a difficult boss or that the system is set up in such a way that that challenge is insurmountable.

In that situation, you can ask them how they have been coping all this time and what they intend to do if there is no possible situation so close.

10. So Fascinating. What Exactly Interests You In Your Line Of Work?

Things To Say When Someone Tells You About Their Job

Apart from seeing the challenges in a particular industry, you may check through the whole storyline and find nothing that will appease a normal person. This shows that you need to know what truly makes them interested in the work they are doing.

11. You Are So Knowledgeable About Your Industry; What Are The Latest Developments?

You can seek to know the latest research someone has made concerning their job when they give you updates on the progress they have made in their industry recently.

By discussing the basic developments and expressing your views, you can share ideas with them as to how they could position themselves to gain a stance in their industry.

12. It Seems Like You Have A Lot Of Expertise In Your Field. Would You Like To Mentor Some Young People?

The transfer of knowledge is common in a society like ours. So, when someone tells you about his work and displays his expertise in a field, you ought to ask if he would be willing to mentor some young person.

Transferring knowledge to them so that they can be skilled is very important. You can organise youth to gain knowledge from their expertise.

13. It Is Obvious That You Work With Quite A Large Number Of People. How Do You Deal With Tough Colleagues Or Clients?

From all angles, it is obvious that anyone who works with a lot of clients or colleagues has developed interpersonal skills to help them thrive in their job.

When someone tells you about their job and how vast the number of people they work with is, it is possible that they have a lot of stories to tell about how they have reacted to people. So, you can ask them to share some with you.

14. You’ve Got Cool Opportunities At Your Workplace. Do You Get To Travel Or Work With People From Different Countries?

If someone tells you about their job, which gives them international opportunities, you can simply ask if their job grants them the opportunity to work in or travel to other foreign countries and interact with people all over the world.

15. I Love The Definition Of Your Job. How Did You Get To Know About It?

Things To Say When Someone Tells You About Their Job

When you listen to someone explain what is expected of them at their job, it is possible that you are thrilled at how apt and coordinated their work is. It may push you further to ask how they came to know about the job.

16. I Don’t Know So Much About Your Industry. It’s Beautiful To Hear You Explain This To Me. Can You Give Me More Details On How You Get Returns?

It’s beautiful to know that one can learn every passing day. So, when someone tells you about their industry, which you had no knowledge of, you get to know how it works, and you should acknowledge them. If the subject matter is interesting, you can ask them to give you more details. 

17. That’s Really Great News. What Are The Things You Intend To Change And Improve Through Your Work?

After hearing the long episode of beautiful and tough moments, you can ask them how they intend to bring a positive change to the industry.

18. It Sounds Like You Are Engrossed With Your Work. What Skills Have You Learned To Bring About Innovation?

Finding someone who is completely engrossed in their job is quite rare. However, when someone tells you about their job and you sense this, you can ask to know what skills they are acquiring or what they intend to acquire to upskill in their job.

19. That’s A Very Significant Job. How Do You Place Work And Your Personal Life?

Your remark to someone who tells you about their job could be that it is a significant one. In the end, it is important for you to know how they balance work and their personal lives, especially if they are thriving.

20. That’s Inspiring News. What Would Your Advice Be To Someone Who Wants Their Career Choice To Be On This Path?

Things To Say When Someone Tells You About Their Job

It is possible that someone’s news tells you about their work, and their story gives hope. You can muster up the courage to ask what their advice will be to someone who wants to choose the same career path.

Wrapping up

When someone tells you about their job, you should be keen to listen to details and ask them questions if possible.

Ensure that you draw lessons, and if they have an inspiring story, you can make a way for them to get opportunities to touch the lives of others who want to follow the same career paths.

Also, you can invite them to speak at events in the niche they are employed in if they are knowledgeable about the trends in their industry.

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