Being Invited As An Afterthought, Should You Still Go?( ANSWERED)

To someone, being invited as an afterthought feels like they were not regarded in the first place, so there is no need for them to function as a backup plan.

For some others, they do not see the need to accept an invitation for which they were not notified way before the date of the event, so they will not go.

Another group of people may seize the same opportunity as a time to network, get to meet with people in the industry, and enjoy certain benefits they would not have thought of having before the invitation.

Just as people’s opinions differ, there will be different responses to whether to go to an event you were invited to as an afterthought.

In the end, it is all up to you to put certain things into consideration and go with your principles; do not let anyone coerce you, but ensure that you consider where you are going to spend your time and efforts.

In this article we are going to address the question, “Being invited as an afterthought, should you still go?” Here’s what we know.

What To Consider Before Going

You may consider going to an invitation to which you were invited as an afterthought, depending on the situation that surrounds the invitation or if you do not have an issue with it.

Some things to consider is how important the event is, your personal feelings and the benefits you will get. Underneath are more things to consider:

  • How important the event is
  • Your relationship with the person who invited you
  • Time and resources
  • Personal feelings
  • The motivation behind the invitation
  • Other people attending the event
  • Benefits you will get
  • Personal philosophies

1. How Important The Event Is

Being Invited As An Afterthought Should You Still Go

If the event you are invited to will add more value to your personal life or make you more professional in your enterprise, then you may consider going to an event you were invited to as an afterthought.

You can also consider accepting it if it is valuable and you will not simply spend your time without getting any value at all.

2. Your Relationship With The Person Who Invited You

Looking closely, your relationship with the person who invited you is detrimental to deciding whether you should go to the event or not. If you decide to honour him or her by accepting the invitation, then it’s a great thing for you.

As a result of your relationship with someone, you may as well decide to support their event or tell them thank you for something they have done for you in the past. Also, you can accept the invitation to build a relationship with someone.

On the other hand, it is normal to feel uncomfortable about attending an invitation as an afterthought if you do not know the person who invited you or do not have a flowing relationship with them. 

3. Time And Resources

Since you were invited as an afterthought, it is possible that the invitation got to you in a hurry, and you may not have been financially buoyant at that time or had what it takes to accept the invitation.

So, you ought to consider the time and resources it will take to attend the event. If it requires that you travel, you should make sure that you have all it takes to foot your expenses, or the hosts should make proper arrangements before you accept it so you won’t be stranded along the way.

Also ensure that you have some pocket money in case of an emergency, so you can get out and not get stuck in such situations. You should take that into consideration before you accept or reject the invitation.

4. Personal feelings

If you do not feel comfortable accepting the invitation due to your personal opinion, then you should not accept the offer. If you feel it is awkward, then you shouldn’t go against your personal opinion, and in that case, it is fine if you decline the invitation.

Do not mute your personal feelings when you are to make a decision to attend the event or not. You should consider your feelings in order to avoid any form of regret. 

5. The Motivation Behind The Invitation

It is crucial to know why a person will invite you as an afterthought. You should examine the intent behind the invitation. Seek to know why they want you to be there and why they feel you are supposed to be at the event.

Did they invite you out of obligation, out of a desire to do you a favour, or because they needed your help raising funds and wanted you to come around? Knowing their intent, you can take a stand on what to do best regarding the invitation.

6. Other People Attending The Event

Being Invited As An Afterthought Should You Still Go

In deciding whether to attend the event or not, you may want to consider the other attendees. If the attendees are people in your spheres, it will be a great way to connect with them, and attending the event will be a great opportunity.

Also, you can seek to know if you will get to network with people who will aid your endeavour or with whom you can build quality relationships.

Getting to know the attendees at the event may add to your wealth of relationships or take them away. This could be something to consider when you are invited as an afterthought. 

7. Benefits You Will Get

Analysing the potential benefits of attending an invitation as an afterthought could be a good thing to consider. It may be a motivating factor to accept or decline the invitation.

If the potential benefits are appealing, you may consider it, but if not, you shouldn’t give it much thought. If it will grant you valuable relationships, that’s great.

You can reach out to people who have attended before to learn what they gained and how they benefited from attending. If you are not satisfied, then you shouldn’t attend. 

8. Personal Philosophies

Your personal values count in situations like this. Align your values with what the event sounds like. Attending events that uphold your values when you are invited is of great benefit. If the event conflicts with or contradicts your values, you may choose not to attend.

Check out your commitments and what you stand for; if it encroaches on your beliefs, you shouldn’t go ahead and accept the invite. 

Why You Should Not

It is at your disposal, whether you accept it or not. If you are not so close to them, you do not like the manner in which the event is planned, or you dislike the fact that you are a backup plan, you can consider not going. Here are 5 reasons why you should not go:

  • The event may not be one you will love to attend
  • You may not feel comfortable
  • Your presence may not be acknowledged
  • You may be taking the place of someone else
  • You may not get value for your time

1. The Event May Not Be One You Will Love To Attend

Being Invited As An Afterthought Should You Still Go

If you were given an invitation to an event as an afterthought, there is a high chance that you did not see it coming. This may cause your planning to be unorganised, and the aftermath could be that you may not enjoy the event in the end.

It is possible that you always need some time to plan before going to an event, and because you didn’t have enough time to plan, you may not enjoy the event.

So, there is no need for you to accept the afterthought invitation. The bottom line is that you may not love the industry, topic, or situation surrounding the event. 

2. You may not feel comfortable

It is possible that you will feel uncomfortable when you are invited to an event as an afterthought. If other guest speakers were invited and given proper acknowledgement and time to prepare, unlike you, this can make you unprepared in terms of delivery or further preparation.

You may be the one with the least level of impact on others. Also, you may never feel like you belong because you have not taken the time to decide what to do and how to do it.

You may have knowledge or experience but not be able to channel it appropriately due to the short notice you were given.

3. Your Presence May Not Be Acknowledged

If you are invited as an afterthought, there is a high chance that other guests were given more honour before your thought entered the mind of the organisers. And as a backup plan, your presence may not be properly acknowledged.

4. You May Be Taking The Place Of Someone Else

The truth is, you may have been invited as an afterthought because someone who was invited before couldn’t make it. So, automatically, you will be in the place of someone else.

5. You May Not Get Value For Your Time

Being Invited As An Afterthought Should You Still Go

There is a high chance that you will notice in the end that you have just wasted your time by attending an event you were invited to as an afterthought. However, it is best that you channel your strength into areas where your time will be more appreciated.

Final Thoughts

When you are invited as an afterthought to an event, it is very crucial for you to consider whether to go or not.

You may want to consider the time or resources, and if your relationship with the person who invited you can get him or her to say yes, you will show up.

However, if the event does not go with your personal values or you feel that you will not get value for your time, you should decline the invitation. Got any value from this piece?


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