He Seemed Interested but Rejected Me! Why/ What You Should Do!

So you met this guy, you got talking, and he seemed perfect. He was loving and romantic, and you thought this would be a long-term relationship. Then suddenly, he rejected you and didn’t communicate anymore.

There are a few reasons why this occurs, and it could be due to commitment or unresolved issues from his past.

In this article, we will be exploring the reason that could lead to this and what to do in such situations.

Love and relationships are complicated situations that are established on the basis of trust and communication.

Hence, situations that seem like confusing signals are being given can be nerve-wracking.

When it comes to men, there are a lot of reasons why they can reject you after seeming interested in you.

Some of these reasons are based on character uniqueness, and some are based on issues that may have troubled him in the past.

9 reasons he rejected you even though he seemed interested

There are many reasons why men may reject you even though they seem interested; listed below are 9 reasons why.

  1. He doesn’t actually like you
  2. He is afraid of commitment
  3. He has unresolved feelings for someone else
  4. He isn’t yet ready for a relationship
  5. He thinks you love someone else
  6. He only wants intimacy
  7. He has low self-esteem
  8. You are too clingy or too distant
  9. You are too arrogant and prideful

He doesn’t actually like you

Yes, as painful as it might sound, one of the major reasons why men may reject you is because they were never really in love with you in the first place.

A lot of men are too nice to tell you outright that they are not interested in you anymore, so they try to keep the interaction alive till it dies out.

Some toxic men will signal that they might be interested in you when they had no desire for you in the first place.

You need to understand early on if he actually wished to take it further with you to prevent yourself from getting hurt or getting too attached.

He is afraid of commitment

He Seemed Interested but Rejected Me

A lot of guys with commitment issues have feelings for you but are scared of going into a serious relationship.

This could be due to a few issues ranging from fear of breakup to fear of betrayal.

They will continue to give you attention but will shy away or avoid you once you make advances to take the relationship to a more official state.

Depending on your character, commitment issues could be a red flag in a man as it signifies a man who may shy away from certain bittersweet factors in a relationship.

If it’s commitment issues, then you may have a chance with him in the future as he might return back to you when he is ready.

He has unresolved feelings for someone else

This is a major reason why a lot of men who seem very interested will reject you eventually. They may still have emotions for their ex or another woman in their lives.

These rather conflicting emotions cause him to fear moving forward with the relationship and influence him to reject your advances.

Men typically do this with the hope that they could eventually be together with the target of these feelings or return to them in the case of an ex.

This is actually a sign to be wary of early on in your talks because, in a relationship, these unresolved feelings could lead to a breakup.

He isn’t yet ready for a relationship

Relationships take a lot of time and attention, and he might not be ready for it now due to a lot of personal reasons.

It doesn’t mean you are not good enough, or you are doing anything wrong; perhaps he just loves your company and will come for you when he is emotionally ready for a relationship.

Stress and many other issues can affect his thinking along this path, and it’s best to allow him to decide when he is ready.

Respect his choice, and don’t force him into the relationship.

He thinks you love someone else

Do you talk a lot about another guy in his presence? Does he know you are fully single? Sometimes men get the feeling that the girl isn’t really interested in them or that there is another man in the picture.

Most men prefer to have their lovers to themselves, so the thought of someone being in the picture can make him outrightly reject the relationship.

Men also want to be reassured that the girl they like reciprocates their feelings. So it’s best to act in a way that gives him a clue that you are completely single and that you like him too.

Also, make it very clear to him that you aren’t romantically involved with any of your friends; this clears up things in his eyes.

He only wants intimacy

As vulgar as it might sound, some men are not interested in relationships but only in your body. They are repulsed by the idea of a long-term relationship of affection.

It’s best to accept that there are indeed people like this and also resist the urge to give in to his desires with the hope of changing him.

While people are indeed capable of changing, you should not let yourself be used that way.

You deserve to be with someone who you don’t have to appease constantly with your body.

He has low self-esteem

This is a huge issue with a lot of men, and it’s a major Eason why they don’t end up with the women they like.

They can’t bring themselves to accept that they are up to your standard or that they are capable of making you love them.

This self-esteem issue can stem from looks, financial capability, and charisma insecurities. He might think you find him amusing and of low class.

The danger in this is the fact that you will never know how deep this insecurity has eaten into him.

If you truly like him, show him a few signs that could help him recover his confidence, and you could compliment him genuinely.

Compliment and not flatter as flatter is often misunderstood as subtle mockery.

You are too clingy or too distant

He Seemed Interested but Rejected Me

Are you the type that calls him 100 times a day? You are constantly checking up on him, you get annoyed when he pays attention to something else, and you are with him 24/7.

Well, no one likes to be suffocated. It’s not bad to be vested in him but give him some breathing space once in a while.

Allow him to his to do his own thing, allow him to make friends and hang out alone too.

He might also reject you for not being around at all. A relationship is heavily dependent on attention and communication; if he has to beg you to show him some attention or even hang out with him, he might not want to move forward with the relationship

I understand that you might be a private person, but love requires some sacrifice; you should make out some time to spend with him.

You are too arrogant or unapproachable

Respect is important in a relationship, and it’s a game changer for men. If you constantly ooze out an aura of arrogance and pride, he might be turned off by this display.

Perhaps you constantly look down on him and act without considering his feelings.

You can try to be more accommodating to his views and consider his opinion before making decisions; even if the opinion is the same as yours, he will appreciate you asking.

What do I do when he rejects me after being interested?

Dealing with rejection can be hard, especially for someone you loved and hoped to have a long-term relationship with.

Here are 8 ways to deal with rejection from someone who seemed interested.

  1. Allow yourself to experience the feelings
  2. Give yourself time to heal
  3. Understand that you will go through grief
  4. Stop the Self Blame
  5. Practice Self Care
  6. Get a Therapist
  7. Try again
  8. Confide in Someone

Allow yourself to Experience the Feelings

Allow yourself to experience the emotions that come with rejection. It will be painful, but it’s better to let them out.

You might think they will never stop but be reassured that it will get better eventually.

So, allow yourself to cry that pain out. Bottling up the emotions will only lead to further self-blame and harm.

Give yourself time to heal

Taking time to deal with your emotions and feelings is recommended. Maybe a vacation or a weekend of binge movie watching.

Just find something to distract you from the event that has happened. By doing this, you distance yourself from the rejection and prevent yourself from getting tangled up in it.

Understand that you will go through grief

Yes, you will go through the five stages of grief. It is best to be prepared for when they start hitting.

Accept the hurt that has come upon you and find a way to channel the emotions out positively.

You can let your emotions out creatively and work on an art project or a book project. Just something to help you deal with the event that has happened.

Stop The Self-Blame

When rejected, you might get the overwhelming urge to blame yourself, believing it’s your fault for not being more loving, accepting, and receptive to his desires.

It’s not your fault; it takes two willing people for a relationship to work. You can invite someone to a relationship, but ultimately it’s their choice to commit to the relationship.

People leave for a lot of reasons, and most of the time, it’s about them and not you.

Practice Self Care

Eat well, exercise, take a walk, and sleep properly. Being rejected might tempt you to compromise on your health habits, but that’s ultimately more dangerous than any rejection at all.

After rejection, it’s time to be yourself again, be kind to yourself and surround yourself with positive and reassuring vibes.

Who knows, this might be time to try out yoga and meditation.

Get a Therapist

He Seemed Interested but Rejected Me

If you feel too overwhelmed, then a therapist might be a good option. They are willing to dedicate the time, support, and patience required to help you get through the dark emotions that might cloud you.

You can schedule an appointment with any in the cities near you.

Try again

Being rejected shouldn’t be the end of your love life. You were just rejected, and there are millions of people in the world who would love to have you as a partner.

Once you are confident that you have healed enough, then it’s time to return to the dating solace and eventually find your ‘happily ever after man.

Confide in someone

When dealing with rejection, having a friend or family as part of your support system is a great way to vent your emotions. Reach out to them. Allow them comfort and support you.

One day you might be able to act in that capacity for them. A support system means you get advice from people who might have experienced such emotions before.


Ultimately relationships are a personal choice and cannot be forced. As such, a lot of reasons could affect a man’s interest in you.

Most of the time, you are not the problem; they might have personal issues weighing them down.

So, should he reject you after seeming interested, accept his decision and acknowledge that he might not have been the perfect one for you.

There are a lot of alternatives, so if you do get rejected, you have a good chance of still finding happiness with someone.

In this article, we discussed why men reject even after seeming interested and what to do in such situations.


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