He Rejected Me Because He Has A Girlfriend

When a guy makes you feel rejected because he has a girlfriend, there is something important you need to do.

If he is your ex or someone you intend to build a relationship with, and you strongly feel that he pushes you away for his girlfriend, then you need to understand that he has moved on and has chosen someone else over you.

However, you mustn’t accept his rejection. As much as you should respect his decision, you need to focus on your personal development, surround yourself with things that will make you happy, and map out your next move.

Ensure that his disposition towards you doesn’t crumble your self-esteem; instead, draw lessons and move on with so much optimism and confidence in yourself. This article gives you ideas on 10 things to do when a guy rejects you because he has a girlfriend.

10 Things To Do

When a guy rejects you because he has a girlfriend, you should respect his decision and focus on self-care and personal development instead of pondering on and accepting being rejected. Underneath are some more things to do;

  • Respect his decision
  • Stay away from anything that concerns him
  • Focus on self-care and personal development
  • Stay around positive people. Share your pain with them and stay positive
  • Reflect on the reason behind his action, draw lessons from the incident, and map out what to do next
  • Ensure you don’t make the wrong move by pestering him or going about blaming yourself
  • Have an open heart towards getting over and surround yourself with words of affirmation
  • Move on, no matter how tough it seems
  • Speak to someone or go to therapy
  • Try something new

1. Respect His Decision

He Rejected Me Because He Has A Girlfriend

It is possible that he decided to move on without telling you, against your former agreement, to simply stay away from one another for some time. If that’s the case, then you should not pressure him.

No matter how bad you feel, you shouldn’t push too hard; it means you are indirectly telling him to his face that you do not respect his decisions.

So, no matter how hard it seems, you ought to respect people’s choices, including his. You can ask him to clarify if he really meant what he said, and tell him that you didn’t expect such from him.

However, don’t play blame games or try to persuade him to change his mind now that he has a girlfriend. Instead of thinking about how to make him change his mind, permit him to live his life. Remember that everyone has the right to choose what’s best for them.

So, consider this case as his decision to have a girlfriend, whether he went against his word or hurt your feelings. Wish him the best and accept that he has made a decision that is best for him. We need to persuade him to change his resolution.

2. Stay Away From Anything That Concerns Him

Rejection is a terrible feeling that can make you frustrated and depressed. In order to heal completely and stand up on your feet without being bound by frustration, you need to avoid every form of contact with him.

Intentionally make sure that you do not stay around him for a while, especially if, on hearing the news of his girlfriend, you feel sad and confused as to why he is rejecting you.

This doesn’t mean that you should act like he is a plague or that if he comes around you, a disaster is set to happen, but you should skillfully do this to break loose from the emotional ties you had with him before now.

Stay away from him on your social media accounts as well so that thoughts of low self-worth don’t plague your mind as you get in contact with him physically or through others. Do this with a purpose in mind—to heal as quickly as possible.

3. Focus On Self-care And Personal Development

Don’t allow your personal growth to be hampered by the rejection you are facing from him because he has a girlfriend. Instead, channel your energy towards personal development.

Ensure that you do not starve yourself or deprive yourself of nutritious meals. At this point, you ought to take much better care of yourself than you did before and be more intentional about your activities.

Engage mindfully in activities that are fulfilling and profitable because you deserve to achieve your goals without suffering rejection. Get enough rest and free your mind from any form of worry or question as to whether he did what he did because you lacked any quality.

When you begin to work on yourself, the best in you will show forth, and you won’t see his rejection as a setback but as a stepping stone. Set goals and take up the challenge to do exceptionally well to get to the top. 

4. Stay Around Positive People. Share Your Pain With Them And Stay Positive

He Rejected Me Because He Has A Girlfriend

It is not enough that you rally around high-spirited people. Also, cheer up. Don’t allow the feeling of rejection to sink deep into you. Stay positive with the mindset that you ought not to be rejected because you are a person of high quality.

Engage with your family in conversations; don’t shy away from friends or continue being isolated from the public. Debunk every negative mindset that comes to your head anytime you remember the situation.

Go positive all the way. When it gets difficult, talk to a trusted personality that can keep you motivated and cheer you up. Try not to make her efforts and advice a waste or to trace negativity in everything that unfolds when you are alone or around people.

Avoid any advice that will distort your positive thinking or push you towards violence against him or his girlfriend. Take your mind off comparing yourself to her by any standard at all.

5. Reflect On The Reason Behind His Action, Draw Lessons From The Incident, And Map Out What To Do Next

You shouldn’t simply act like the reason he rejected you is based on selfish reasons. Try to examine yourself.

Take a new route if the mistake is on your end, and since you have acted that way and he has rejected you, you should simply apologise, get better, improve, and not make the same mistakes.

If his reasons were unfair, ensure that you do not make choices as such that will put others in the tough times you faced emotionally. Ensure that you draw out lessons that will help you build better relationships.

It could be that he has a girlfriend because he has moved on and wants a serious relationship. Ask yourself what you really need right now and go for it intentionally. Again, project how you want your next relationship to be, avoid the mistakes you made, and work towards achieving it.

Ensure that you are neutral, not judgmental or seeing yourself as the victim here, but be sincere and map out your best course of action.

6. Ensure You Don’t Make The Wrong Move By Pestering Him Or Going About Blaming Yourself

He Rejected Me Because He Has A Girlfriend

Even though he rejects you for whatever reason, you can now right the wrong. Ensure that you do not feel less of yourself and remain without adding value to yourself.

Don’t shout at him or cause a scene because he rejected you as a result of his new relationship status. Don’t rain causes on his girlfriend as well. Simply stay calm, no matter how you feel. Don’t say anything rash if you are angry.

Never put yourself in a situation where you feel less valuable or inadequate in yourself. Simply keep your head straight and stop blaming yourself.

At this point, one of the best things to do is to avoid negative self-talk and instead focus on your strengths and building your confidence.

Ensure that his recent relationship does not cause you to seek revenge or put you under pressure from any desire to get into a relationship as well. Try everything possible not to take decisions based on how you feel at that point in time.

7. Have An Open Heart Towards Getting Over And Surround Yourself With Words Of Affirmation

Don’t lock up your heart or punish yourself by exposing yourself to more rejection. Open your heart to receive life and healing.

Closing your heart against the good side of life will do you no good at all; remain consistent in affirming beautiful things to yourself. If he rejected you because of a virtue in you that was missing, speak the possibility into your life.

Tell yourself time and time again that you are wanted and not rejected. You can paste the words of affirmations around you and declare them to yourself.

8. Move On, No Matter How Tough It Seems

Have it in mind that, as long as you put your mind to it, everything and anything is a possibility. It might have taken so long and so much to get to where you are right now with him.

However, you shouldn’t lose hope of what you will become or how tough starting over again will be.

Simply keep in mind that, even though it will take you time and another extent of sacrifice, you will go through it to ensure that your sanity is protected and his transition is smooth without having an aftermath effect on how you feel.

Since he has moved on with a girlfriend, you ought to do the same, with or without being in a relationship. Just ensure that you are doing well and are satisfied with yourself.

When it seems tough, buckle your belt and move on without him. Speak to yourself continually that there is much more beauty for you to explore and enjoy, and do not sob over his rejection or feel bad about his new status, whether you feel he moved on so quickly or not.

As you move on, open your heart to future committed relationships that have greater possibilities.

9. Speak To Someone Or Go To Therapy

He Rejected Me Because He Has A Girlfriend

At this point, it is crucial that you do not die in silence. Reach out for help when you sense that you cannot tackle it on your own and you are falling into an intense level of depression.

If you can afford to pay for therapy, then that will be helpful as well. But, if you have no means to, then reach out to someone who can be of positive help to you.

Go to them with an open mind, say how you feel, and do not hesitate to take deliberate steps to get better as they hint at what to do.

The therapist or counsellor will not completely bring about your healing; you need to open your heart and intentionally choose to heal by appropriating what they ask you to do.

From time to time, go back to keeping yourself in check so that you don’t keep coping with rejection until your sanity gets affected or your life remains on pause. Shoe yourself with as much kindness as is required.

10. Try Something New

Make sure that you do not remain like you have always been. Ask yourself to strive to get better, take yourself out, try out your hobbies, go out with friends, meet new people, attend events, and go out of your way to help someone.

Don’t stay indoors sobbing all day. You can as well consider going on a date or taking a break from dating for awhile. Also, you can record audios about how you feel and write epistles about the whole event and how everything unfolds.

You can keep the paper, journal, or diary to yourself and never let it get to him. If need be, you can show it to someone who will help you work on your emotions, but not to him.

Go on adventures and read books. Speak with and listen to people who have been in one tough situation in their relationship and create storylines from them.


Knowing that he rejected you because of his girlfriend is not a good enough reason to put your life on hold.

No matter the agreement you two have made before now, you need to keep in mind that humans change and everyone has choices to make, including him.

Time will tell if he made the right choice anyway, but for you, you need to step out of every form of rejection because you deserve more and you are valuable.

At this point, you need your mental health to be in check, and you need to protect your self-worth, not minding how hurt you feel by his actions. Don’t try to compare yourself with his new girlfriend because you are simply uniquely you. 


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