What Is a Boyfriend Hoodie? Here’s All We Know!

A hoodie is a sort of clothing apparel that is meant to protect the body against the natural element of cold. Slowly, this piece transitioned into a part of most people’s regular outfits.

What is unique about the hoodie, you may ask? The thing is, comfort and poise are all that you can afford with hoodies.

The uniqueness of the hoodie makes it come in different patterns and designs, which brings us to what a boyfriend hoodie is.

Don’t be too fast to conclude that it is a hoodie belonging to your boyfriend, because that’s just a partial meaning to it.

Before I crack the chick prematurely, let’s get into the details of this post. In the course of that, we’ll look at what a boyfriend hoodie is and some other queries surrounding this comfortable piece of clothing.

What Is a Boyfriend Hoodie?

What Is a Boyfriend Hoodie

A boyfriend hoodie is a hoodie that is owned by your boyfriend, which you took from his pile of clothes.

The silhouette of a boyfriend hoodie is made in a way that provides guarded protection on the upper part of your body.

The boyfriend hoodie is made with heavier sweat fabric and thicker. Similarly, the kangaroo pocket in the front part is bigger than in a women’s hoodie with a bigger hood stitched on the neck region.

However, the boyfriend hoodie is built more triangular and is larger in size, shoulder, and length.

You might’ve seen a girl displaying on social media with a super oversized sweatshirt with a hoodie on. That right there is a good illustration of a boyfriend hoodie.

This type of hoodie corresponds to men and is often larger than a normal hoodie, and it equally looks like any woman wearing it got it from her boyfriend.

Simply made for rail workers, the boyfriend hoodie didn’t waste time before it transitioned into fashion mainstream.

So, there you have it, a detailed explanation of what a boyfriend hoodie is from two angles of both relationship and fashion trends.

Why Do Girls Take Boyfriend’s Hoodies?

Irrespective of women’s placement in the gender ladder as submissive fellows, they’re still out to make a statement about possessiveness.

That could be a reason why a girl would take her boyfriend’s hoodies. Is that all? I doubt that because there are other reasons why they do that.

Could it be that she doesn’t like wearing her clothes? Well, I don’t think that’s the problem. Let’s get right into a list of 6 reasons why girls take their boyfriend’s hoodies.

  1. It serves as a souvenir of memories of their boyfriend
  2. It is because hoodies are cozy and large, women love the convenience
  3. It shows that they’re marking their territories
  4. It suggests that they want to feel small and safe
  5. It could be bait to make their boyfriend come to their house to collect it back
  6. It may be a way of getting their boyfriend’s attention

It Serves as a Souvenir of Memories of Their Boyfriend

Relationships are nice but become a beautiful experience when memories are made out of them. It’s such a sightseeing couple on a beach, together, or playing in the bowling alley like soulmates.

Everything looks golden, but without having memories of them that you can relive it becomes a failed experience.

This could be the reason why girls take their boyfriend’s hoodies. They just want something to remind them of him even in his absence.

They want to feel him as close to them as possible. Some girls cook for their while wearing their hoodies, and I bet they’d love to reciprocate the same feeling when they cook in their homes, which is why they resort to taking the hoodies and eloping to their apartment with them.

In a case of a misunderstanding, I also discovered that some girls find it difficult to let go of their boyfriend because they’re stuck with waking up to the smell of his cologne on the hoodies they had taken from his house.

In this scenario, you can see the hoodies as a mundane spice that’s keeping the relationship solid.

For what it’s worth, you can feel the presence of someone if you wear their clothes, especially a favorite one like hoodies for the guys.

It Is Because Hoodies Are Cozy and Large, Women Love Convenience

Women are beings of convenience, and they don’t mind adopting whatever it is that affords them the luxury of being comfortable.

Since hoodies give this and more, it is sensible to assume that it is one of the reasons why girls take their boyfriend’s hoodies.

After a long day of wearing tight slim jeans and a cotton top with blazers on, some girls would crave a bit of freedom with their child-feeding part being free from a brazier cage and all the other frivolous attachments like waist trainers.

Hoodies provide the perfect convenience for them, and the ones from their boyfriend’s closet, with their largeness and coziness, answer the question.

Who wouldn’t want to have a Netflix and chill moment with their partner while rocking one of his hoodies? I’m sure the ladies know what I’m talking about.

It’s chilling, soft, and sensual because it’s coming from your boyfriend and you’re getting all of these in just one hoodie. You have to give coziness a spot as one of the reasons.

It Shows That They’re Marking Their Territories

What Is a Boyfriend Hoodie

The sight of a girl making sure her boyfriend doesn’t look at other girls’ bum in public is often funny.

They make use of eye contact, holding hands, crossing the guy’s arm over her shoulders while she throws hers around his abdomen.

Some even wear matching bracelets and even clothes. However, wearing hoodies is also a part of their strategy while they mark their territory.

For them, it is more like a fun moment but also they know deep down that it does beyond that.

They’re simply letting other girls know she has him, not just loosely but so close to the extent of wearing his hoodies outside.

If you know how much guys love hoodies, you’ll have no choice but to assume they’re seriously dating, because guys don’t easily let go of that piece of clothing.

It Suggests That They Want to Feel Small and Safe

You can’t take away feminity from girls. Even those who try to suppress it are often disappointed in the end.

Women want to feel small, vulnerable, submissive, childlike, and many more, just so a guy’s attention can be drawn.

When a girl takes a guy’s hoodie and probably wears it in his house she’s telling him that she’s safe with him. Also, she’s implying her vulnerability because she would look little in that hoodie.

It Could Be a Bait to Make Their Boyfriend Come To Their House to Collect It Back

New love is usually like good wine. It gets better with time, and it depends on the work put in by the partners involved to make it happen.

If you’ve been seeing a girl and haven’t been to her house despite her invitations, she can devise a new way to lure you in.

Your reasons for not showing up could be genuine, but a woman always wants to get what she wants.

She may decide to take your favorite hoodie to get you over at her crib. If she knows you have a soft spot for that piece of clothing, then she’ll capitalize on that to lure you in.

It Could Be a Way of Getting Their Boyfriend’s Attention

After arguments in some relationships, the ladies tender apologies first. While in others the guy does that. Whichever way yours might be, a girl could take your hoodies to get your attention after an argument.

What she’s doing is getting your audience, probably after you ghost her for some time. Oftentimes, this little ploy works out and other times it doesn’t. But, that’s another plausible reason why girls take their boyfriend’s hoodies.

What Is the Difference Between A Male and Female Hoodie?

It is not a surprise that the gender differences between men and women also play out in the fashion world.

But this particular dress piece often gets people confused about if there is something like a ‘male and female’ hoodie because there are not many differences around it.

However, there still exist a couple of disparities between these two gender-based types of hoodies.

Spotting the difference between a male and female hoodie isn’t quite a job because it is not a hard task at all.

When we take a look at the shape, you’ll notice that the male hoodie has a triangular shape, like a funnel.

It is made this way because it fits the masculine body which broadens at the shoulder and falls down to the hem.

Another significant feature that differentiates the both is the size of the hood which is stitched to the neck.

While the male hoodie has a larger size of hood, the female one is less and is not raised more like that of the male hoodie.

There’s also a bigger kangaroo front pocket in that of the males, while the females are small

What Is a Boyfriend Hoodie

What Does Wearing a Boyfriend Hoodie Symbolize?

A lot of girls love wearing their boyfriends, and while most do that just to feel included in the clique of girls with a boyfriend; only a few know what it symbolizes.

However, there are key symbolisms that are present when a girl wears a boyfriend’s hoodie. The following are what wearing a boyfriend hoodie symbolizes.

  • It means she’s engaged
  • It shows a mark of territory
  • It symbolizes a deeper sync between the lovers

It means she’s engaged

Whenever a girl wears a boyfriend hoodie, then she’s telling people that she’s taken without even being verbal about it.

It is believed that most of the time a girl wears a hoodie of that size, which means she has a boyfriend.

So for those single girls who would walk into a store and buy this type of hoodie, you’re passing the wrong message with the right medium.

It shows a mark of territory

Another thing that comes up to the minds of people when they see you in a boyfriend hoodie is that you’re being conscious about it.

You’re marking your territory and making sure the other girls know he’s with you and you’re in his clothes.

This symbolism takes a greater effect if you wear the hoodie while you’re with him in public, or when his friends come by the house.

It Symbolizes a Deeper Sync between the lovers

There needs to be a certain level of connection between partners in a relationship before they give in to sharing things.

It starts subtly by getting better with time. Therefore, it symbolizes that you have a strong sync with your partner if you wear a boyfriend hoodie.

4 Things You Can Do With Your Boyfriend’s Hoodies?

You can do a lot of things with your boyfriend’s hoodies. Some of them include.

  1. You can wear it after a long period of intimacyfte
  2. You can use it to relive his memories
  3. You can even wear it to stay away from cold
  4. You can wear it casually to the store

You Can Wear It After a Long Period of Intimacy

One common thing that some women do is to wear their partner’s clothes after a long period of intercourse.

The majority of them flip on the guy’s buttoned-up work shirt, but you can step up the game by rocking his hoodies after intimacy.

You Can Use It to Relive His Memories

Is your boyfriend late? Did he travel or did you guys break up? Whichever it is, you can use your boyfriend’s hoodies to relive his memories.

In doing this, you sulk at the smell of his long-spent cologne and sweat.

You Can Even Wear It to Stay Away From Cold

Nothing stops you from wearing your boyfriend’s hoodies during winter. It is both healthy due to its large and heavy, and also romantic.

You Can Wear It Casually to the Store

You can even wear hoodies down the street to get some groceries in the store. People who see you in them will easily conclude you’re with a man.


A boyfriend hoodie is not an artifact, but a piece of clothing that is designed to be male-fitted, but has turned into a trend among women.

However, there are a couple of talks and questions surrounding this type of hoodie, which I have mashed out and treated also.

I’m hopeful that I have helped you clarify any prior doubts you had. Kindly drop a comment to show us what you think and hit the share icon before you leave.

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