How to Surprise Your Boyfriend?( Perfect Ideas)

Being in a relationship is lovely. It gets more interesting when you’re also deeply in love with your partner. To keep such a relationship locked in, you need to be creative and jolly with your actions.

Therefore, as a girl, you might want to usher in this creativity by looking for liable ways to surprise your boyfriend. If this is the plan, then you have some petty work to put in place.

Surprising a loved one is even easier than a total stranger, so you won’t find it extremely hard to surprise your boyfriend.

Still, you might need help strategizing things you can do to put an unusual smile on his face on different occasions. I’ll be walking you through how to surprise your boyfriend in this post. Happy reading!

Different Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend When He Comes Home

Do you have a boyfriend that doesn’t work from home? I mean, the trend of remote working is becoming the new norm but your boyfriend could be different.

If that’s the case, that means he goes out daily to make ends meet and subsequently comes home to you after he’s done.

Accompanied by the stress of work, your boyfriend could be likely exhausted and needs some rest.

In this case, your strive to surprise should include helping him relieve the stress like making him his favorite food with homemade fruit juice or a warm hug as soon as he walks through the door.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the meat of this section of the article which discusses how you can surprise your boyfriend when he comes home.

  • You can welcome him with a warm and lengthy hug
  • You could try wearing something unusually alluring
  • You can go all out to prepare his favorite meal
  • You can offer to assist him to take a hot bath, which you’ve made available
  • You can try cutting him the slack with whatever habitual drama you put on

1. You Can Welcome Him with a Warm and Lengthy Hug

I know that hugging your partner when he comes home right from work or hanging out with the boys is a normal thing to do. But have you tried reinventing it?

That’s where the magic happens…reinventing the act of hugging to make it transcend just wrapping your hands around his body.

You try something different, and that brings us to the first thing you can do to surprise your boyfriend when he comes home.

There’s a difference between a warm hug and a casual hug. Don’t do the latter, because this tip centers on doing the former and doing it so well that he gets surprised at the remarkable work you put into it. 

To do this, you should hug him with passion and make it seem like you want to have your way into his skin. I know this sounds bizarre but it is just the right dose you need to pull this plug.

While you passionately hug him you should also make sure it lasts more than usual. This is will help cement how surprising it is for him, and get you the reaction or response you so desire.

2. You Could Try Wearing Something Unusually Alluring

Lingerie is not only meant for bedtime or a time when things are about to get freaky in the room. You can employ them if you want to make your boyfriend surprised the moment he steps through the door into the house. Good strategy, don’t you think?

As I’ve observed, thinking is an integral part of being a man because you have a lot of things up in your mind. The same can be the case with your boyfriend and all he needs to relax is a sharp distraction.

Well, your interesting silhouette can be a good way to start the healing process from excessive thinking. 

With that said, you can surprise your boyfriend by putting on something alluring to welcome him when he comes home. And when you do, you shouldn’t hesitate to hug him in this outfit, because it adds to the excitement. 

PS: The advisement about lingerie is exclusively for couples who live alone and have pretty tender or no kids at all. This is to prevent any form of early childhood exposure to sexual orientation.

3. You Can Go All Out to Prepare His Favorite Meal

Another delightful way to surprise your boyfriend is by preparing his favorite meal whenever he comes home, especially from a tedious day at work.

On the day you plan to do this; you should be cautious so he doesn’t pick up any trails about your plans before he goes out in the morning. Because if he does, then it will lose its spice as a surprise. 

You can complement the meal by making him homemade fruit juice using a fruit he hasn’t tasted yet, or one he fantasizes about.

This will help boost the excitement on his face when he sees the palatable dinner set before him. Trust me; he’ll be more than surprised.   

4. You Can Offer to Assist Him Take a Hot Bath, Which you’ve Made Available

Do you want to blow your boyfriend’s mind when he comes home? If so, you can take my word for it and employ this tip and see how he will appreciate it. With that said, you surprise your boyfriend by making him a hot bath and offering to help him take his bath. 

He’s going to insist at first, and that’s where you come in fully with your abilities to convince him. After you’re done convincing him, you should help him take off his clothes and lead him right into the bathtub. Help and scrub and wash… it is all show of love.

5. You Can Try Cutting Him the Slack with Whatever Habitual Drama You Put On

If you have a habit of making little arguments into huge ruffles, especially when he comes home from either work or chilling with the boys, you can avoid them for the day you want to surprise him. I’m sure he’s going to be shocked at your sudden change. 

You need to cut him the slacks with the nagging, complaining, and even arguments. He doesn’t need any of them, so you can surprise him by staying off such radars.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend over the Phone?

If the circumstance of surprising your boyfriend were to be over the phone, that doesn’t call for any sort of discouragement.

This is because you can pull the plug on that one too. How do you get that done? You can try flirting with him over the phone or giving him positive breaking news.

Let’s find out with the different tips I curated below.

  • You can flirt with him at random
  • Tell him you have a present for him 
  • You can call him and run a quick 20secs moaning
  • You can tell him you got that job you applied for, or you just reached a milestone with your blogging career 

1. You Can Flirt With Him at Random

This is the first way in this list on the topic of how to surprise your boyfriend over the phone. This entails you can achieve this by flirting with him at random.

I know you guys are already dating, but you can spice things up a bit by playing the role of the guy. Call him up, talk dirty with him for a while, and watch how he finds it exciting.

2. Tell Him You Have a Present for Him 

Another way you can surprise your boyfriend over the phone is by telling him you have a present for him. Generally, men are not popular to be at the receiving end of gift exchanges, it is usually the ladies that get the gift. 

However, you can flip the card and tell him you have a gift for him. He won’t only be surprised; he’ll also be so pumped to know what you got him. 

3. You Can Call Him and Run a Quick 20secs Moaning

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend?

I know this right here sounds like setting you up for something you’re not fond of, but that’s what it’ll cost if you want to make your boyfriend surprised and in the sexiest of ways. 

This is the deal…you’ll call him probably during work hours and tell him to go to the restroom (this is to avoid work disruptions).

Once he’s inside, you should tell him to hear what you have to say to him and when you get his full attention, you can run a quick 20secs moaning over the phone. This will make him go nuts over you.

HINT: This works well if you have a good communication relationship with your boyfriend.

4. You Can Tell Him You Got That Job You Applied For, or You Just Reached a Milestone with Your Blogging Career

Have you recently applied for a job opening and got in? You can choose to break the good news to your boyfriend over the phone.

You can also surprise him by mentioning your new career milestone over the phone. He won’t only be surprised; he’ll also be proud of you.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend on His Birthday?

Birthdays are auspicious events in the lives of many people. I know people who empty their bank to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or even theirs.

Well, you’re not going to empty your account for your boyfriend as the funds can be used for more important projects. 

In this section, I’ll be discussing how to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday. A hand-drawn portrait is not a bad idea, so let’s get into the rest of the tips.

  • You can create a happy birthday collage for him
  • You can procure a hand-drawn portrait of him
  • You might want to upgrade his gaming system
  • You can get him a new watch and sneakers
  • You can take him on a blind date sponsored by you

1. You Can Create a Happy Birthday Collage for Him

In memory of the day your boyfriend first saw the light of the earth, you can surprise him by creating a collage for him.

This collage has to bear texts signifying that you’re wishing him the best in life. It could also contain a short note expressing how much you love him.

This piece will help cement your resolve to love him and make him feel special at the same time. This photo collage can contain his childhood pictures if you have them, and mostly his throwback pictures up to the moment you guys started dating.

2. You Can Procure a Hand-Drawn Portrait of Him

I know a handful of people who take fancy photos of their loved ones to celebrate their birthdays.

Yours can be different, as you can procure a hand-drawn portrait of your boyfriend instead of taking mere pictures with a Smartphone or professional camera.

The portrait in question can either be a pencil drawing or an oil painting (I prefer pencil drawing) and he’s going to love it.

3. You Might Want to Upgrade His Gaming System

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend?

If your boyfriend is a huge gamer, you can surprise him on his birthday by upgrading his gaming system. This could be done by buying him the latest play station or even changing his gaming pads or CDs.

4. You Can Take Him on a Blind Date Sponsored by You

Just like girls grovel on blind dates, guys love it too. So, your boyfriend will love it if you organized one sponsored by you. It shouldn’t even be exotic; just a simple yet romantic and private date.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend Over Text?

While you can make someone fall in love by giving them a call, you can even make them remember you for a longer time by being fancy with your texts.

Hence, you can surprise your boyfriend over text, and that’s what I’m about to show you how to do that.

  • Text him ‘I love you’ for many unusual times
  • Text him a location and time with no caption

1. Text Him ‘I Love You’ for Many Unusual Times

I know that this tip works because I’ve used it before, and trust me it is effective. It will positively make him uncomfortable but also surprise him at the same time.

If you text him ‘I love you’ 5 consecutive times, he’s going to wonder what it is you’re up to, hence, the surprise.

2. Text Him a Location and Time with No Caption

This tip right here is a funky one and can pop the excitement and anxiousness in the mind of your boyfriend at the same time.

If you text him a location and time without a caption, he’s going to be surprised and he’ll call you. When he does, you can then tell him that it’s a date.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend after a Long Time Apart?

Distance is one of the untold enemies of a good relationship. So, when your boyfriend who has been apart from you for a long time comes around, you might want to surprise him on his return. If that’s the plan, then you should know I’ve got a few tips for you. 

  • You can try to recreate the last special time you guys had together
  • You can take him for a spa treatment sponsored by you
  • You can write sweet messages on small cards and paste them around the house
  • You can print a 3D picture of him on a shirt and wear it the day he comes home 

You Can Try to Recreate the Last Special Time You Guys Had Together

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend?

I’m sure that you guys did have some special moments before he left. To surprise him after a long time apart, you can try recreating one or two of those special moments with him.

Once he discovers what you’re trying to do, he’ll understand the message you want to pass to him but with a surprised countenance to show how he feels.

2. You Can Take Him for a Spa Treatment Sponsored by You

After a long time apart, you can make your boyfriend astonished by taking him to a spa treatment sponsored by you. But before you guys get on the road, don’t tell him where you’re headed. 

You can blindfold him or make him choose between 2 small papers bearing the same content (spa treatment). This makes it so that either one he picks, still has to be a spa treatment in the bag for him. 

3.  You Can Write Sweet Messages on Small Cards and Paste them around the House

Upon the return of your boyfriend from either work duty that took him away for months, you can surprise him by throwing the littlest party between just you two.

But instead of just candles and light out, you can write sweet messages on small cards and paste them strategically around the house. He’s going to be wowed by the decoration and appreciate you for your efforts.

4.  You Can Print a 3D Picture of Him on a Shirt and Wear It the Day He Comes Home

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend?

To finish the touches, you can wear a shirt with an imprinted 3D picture of him or his favorite pet on the day he comes home to you. This will blow his mind off because it is not a usual plug to pull. 


Love is sweet when you’re doing it with someone who not only loves you but appreciates you. In this article, I have given super dope tips on how you can surprise your boyfriend in different scenarios.

These tips are not only practical, but they also have a success rate of over 90% because I’ve made use of some and equally enquired from my close friends who are in love. 

I trust they meet you right and help you achieve your aim of putting an unusual smile on the face of your man.

If you have any suggestions or questions, which I know you might have; the comment box below is available for you to express yourself. 

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