Do Guys Like Hips? (ANSWERED)

Do Guys Like Hips?

Yes, guys do. Guys are usually attracted to women who have slim waists and wide hips. When a woman has wide hips, it accentuates her beauty and makes her more attractive. 

When a guy becomes attracted to a woman in a romantic way, he checks her out. One of the things he checks out on the lady is her hip. Some guys believe that the curlier a woman is, the more fertile she becomes. 

In this article, I will share with you the various reasons why guys like hips, you should read on if you have ever wondered why guys like hips. 

Why Are Guys Attracted To Hips?

  1. Guys see them as a sign that she is more fertile
  2. Because it makes the woman more attractive
  3. It is associated with good health and reproductive potential
  4. Hips are more attractive in dresses
  5. It is a good gene for mating

Guys see them as a sign that she is more fertile

This is one reason why guys are attracted to hips, especially if the hips are wide. Guys see it as a sign that the lady is more fertile and she is less likely to be a mother. This means that the lady will be able to bear kids if the guy happens to end up with her. 

If the guy sees you as someone that he would like to have a family with, your slim waist and wide hips will be a sign to the guy that you have not had kids before and you are more likely to have kids for him the moment you both start to have kids together. 

If you have a wide hip and slim waist, you will start to attract guys to you, especially those guys who love ladies with wide hips. Try to not feel uncomfortable if guys start to stare at you, it is just a natural thing for guys to get attracted to hips, especially wide hips. 

Because it makes the woman more attractive

This is one major reason why guys love hips. They tend to be more attractive. Hips are more attractive when the lady has a thin waist and wide hips. 

Men do not necessarily get attracted to all types of hips, they love wide hips better than when a lady has narrow hips. 

Slim women with thin waists and wide hips are more attractive than slim women with narrow hips, they may be attractive, but if you ask a guy to pick which one he is more attracted to, most guys will definitely go for the woman with wider hips, that is the one they find more attractive. 

Guys will always notice your hips or waistline, especially if they are romantically attracted to you. When a guy is romantically attracted to you, he tends to check out your hips and chest region

That is his way of checking you out, when you have good-looking hips, it increases his attraction toward you. 

It is associated with good health and reproductive potential

When a guy sees that you have wide hips that look good, he believes it is a sign that you are healthy and that you have the potential of being reproductive in the future.

If he has plans or intentions of being with you in the future, he will be more concerned about how reproductive you are.

Guys want women that can have kids for them, when he looks at your hips, he would be able to decipher if you would be reproductive.

It may not be the best way to figure out if she is reproductive, but her having wide hips is a good sign that she is reproductive and has good health too. 

If you have wide hips, you will be stared at more often, guys would often tend to look back at you when you walk past them. They just naturally like to look at hips when they see one, especially a wide one. 

Hips fit better and are more attractive  in dresses

There is a different fit that dresses give when you have an attractive shape as a woman. When you have a small waist and wide hips, dresses would look more attractive on you.

When you go to an event looking so good, guys will often stare because of how good you look in the dress you had on. 

You can tell the difference when a girl with a slim waist and narrow hips puts on a dress and when another lady with a slim waist and wide hips puts on the same clothes, the one with wider hips would be more attractive than the one with narrow hips.

That is how it would naturally be. You will barely see a lady with wide hips that do not look attractive in dresses. 

When a guy tells you he is attracted to your hips, one of the reasons is that he likes how good it would look when you wear dresses. Not just dresses, clothes that you wear would fit you better. 

It is a good gene for mating

Before a guy has anything intimate to do with you, or if he sees you as someone that he would like to have as a future partner, he thinks about his offspring and what his offspring would potentially look like. 

When you have a good physique, which includes a wide hip, he would see it as you have good genes which means when you both have kids together, your kids will also inherit some good genes from her which would lead to healthier and better-looking offspring. 

As a woman, you may not know this, but this is one thing that guys take note of before deciding to go intimate with you. He sees you as someone that has a good gene for mating. He wants his kids to possess those good genes of yours. 

What Other Things Are Guys Attracted To In Women? 

  1. High Pitch Voice
  2. Natural looks, less makeup
  3. Height
  4. Good grooming
  5. Fuller chest
  6. Contagious smile
  7. Beautiful eyes

High Pitch Voice

When a girl has a high-pitched voice, she tends to attract guys more. Girls with high-pitched voices appear to be more feminine which men consider to be attractive. A high-pitched voice also gives him the feeling that she is in her youth. 

Generally, high-pitched voices tend to be more attractive, not just to guys, but even to other women who love high-pitched voices. When a lady who has a high-pitched voice talks, you tend to pay more attention to her because you love the sound of her voice. 

Natural looks, less makeup

As good as makeup looks on women, not every man likes it. Most men love the natural looks that women have. This is one thing that guys find attractive in women.

These women do not need to do too much or even go the extra mile just because she wants to look good and attractive. 

Women who do not need to do too much before they look good tend to be more attractive to guys.

These women do not need to do the best makeup before they look good, even though they do make use of makeup, they still look good, but they look their best when they apply little to no makeup. 

If you are a lady you must have noticed that guys tend to love ladies who do little to no makeup. Ladies like this are more attractive. 


Even though girls love tall guys, it doesn’t take away the fact that tall girls are still attractive. Even though guys find women with wide hips attractive, they also find tall women attractive. 

If you are a tall woman, you would notice that guys would approach you more. Guys are also attracted to tall girls the same way girls are attracted to tall guys.

 If as a lady you are tall, expect more guys to approach you the more, you do not need to do much before they approach you,  being tall is enough reason for the guys to want to have a conversation with you.  

A tall woman is usually more attractive than one that is not so tall. Guys may not pay so much attention to it just as women do, but it does not take away the fact that guys still pay attention to tall women. If you are a tall woman, you are more likely to get the attention of men without stressing. 

Good grooming

Do Guys Like Hips

Even though men are not so vocal about the fact that they care so much about the grooming of the woman they would want to be with. Men pay attention to how neat the hair of their woman is and how well she dresses. 

Aside from her physical features like her hips and physique, how she grooms herself also adds to her beauty and what she looks like when she dresses. 

How you groom yourself as a woman plays a major role in how attractive you will look when you step out.

You can tell a lot about someone when you pay attention to how the person grooms herself.

Another way to become more attractive to men is to pay attention to your grooming habits so that your men will begin to pay attention to you and even find you attractive. With good grooming, you do not need to do too much convincing.

Fuller chest

Even though some ladies get insecure about the fact that they have full chests, some do not know that some guys find that attractive. 

Those that do not have full chests also feel insecure, because they feel that guys find fuller chests more attractive. 

If you are the type of lady that has a full chest, guys will find you more attractive. Aside from the hips that guys do find attractive in women, they find her Fuller chest more attractive because it is more appealing

Contagious smile

When you meet someone, just before you both exchange pleasantries, the first thing you would usually notice is her smile. 

When she has an excellent contagious smile, it would make it easier for you to approach her. It will also make her look more attractive. 

That is one thing with those that have beautiful smiles, it makes them look attractive. Beautiful smiles are usually contagious. 

If you are a lady, you should try as much as possible to keep a beautiful smile at all times, when you smile more, you become more attractive and attract good people around you. 

Beautiful eyes

A lady with beautiful eyes around a group of guys is like bait. It is not enough reason to fall in love, a woman with beautiful eyes is more likely to attract more guys to herself. 

When a girl has beautiful eyes, it adds to her beauty which makes her more attractive to guys when she steps out. 

If there is one thing that guys find attractive in women aside from their hips, it is their eyes. Women with beautiful looks are so attractive when they dress in good-looking clothes, you cannot resist staring at them. 


Guys are attracted to women who have wide hips and slim waists. If as a lady you have any of these features, you would notice how guys would start to show interest in you and even stare at you more often. 

It is also good to know that there are other things that guys find attractive in women aside from their hips. Some of those things are her eyes, her smile, good grooming, fuller chest, height, high-pitched voice, etc. 

If you have any or all of these, you would notice how guys would begin to find you more attractive, some would tend to approach you more, including those that have a genuine interest in you.

You should be able to filter those who have a genuine interest in you and those that do not.

When you have conversations with them and when you spend some time with them, you should be able to decipher those who really have a genuine interest in you and those that do not. 


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