20 Best Replies When Someone Says, ‘Dream Of Me’ (Sure-Fire Responses)

Normally, someone who has a cordial relationship with another can say to them, ‘Dream of me,’ after exchanging pleasantries.

For romantic partners, it could be a moment to express themselves or get to know if their partners think about them as often as they say they do, as it will show in their response.

However, for some other persons, being told to ‘dream of me’ can be annoying or worse, depending on the circumstances in which they are surrounded when someone says ‘dream of me.’

If they are unhappy and do not want to make a scene, they can simply say, ‘I have heard you.’ In this article are the 20 best replies when someone says, ‘Dream of me.’

20 Best Replies

You can say to someone who tells you dream of me that; ‘dreaming of you is something I enjoy.’ I will dream about the beautiful moments we will have together’ or say other catchy responses as appears beneath;

  • ‘I surely will, bye!’
  • ‘Do the same too, sweet dreams!’
  • ‘Why not?   You have been around me for so long.
  • ‘I do, almost every night.’
  • ‘I have heard you.’
  • ‘Dreaming of you is something I enjoy.’ I will dream about the beautiful moments we will have together.
  • ‘I have you around; I’m not sure there is a need to dream about you.’
  • ‘I’ll definitely dream of you, embracing you and all the glad tidings you bring to me.’
  • ‘You are just the best, so I don’t mind dreaming of you over and over again.’
  • ‘It’s always a pleasure to.’ ‘Dream about me too.’
  • ‘I will dream of you and our love experiences.’
  • ‘It will be beautiful to dream about you.’
  • ‘Sure!   I will dream of ways we will improve.
  • ‘When I see you in my dreams, I feel like not waking up.’
  • ‘I’m grateful to you and all that you have done for me.’ ‘Dreaming about you is the least I can do.’
  • ‘You’re never far from my thoughts, even in my dreams.’
  • ‘I don’t mind dreaming of you tonight because you always inspire me.’
  • ‘Dreaming of you is a great experience I would love to have again and again.’
  • ‘You are my precious gem; I can’t push myself otherwise but dream of you.’
  • ‘I know you will achieve so much in the time to come, and I will dream of them too.’

1. ‘I Surely Will, Bye!’

Best Replies When Someone Says Dream Of Me

This response to someone’s ‘dream of me’ is most appropriate when you admire or have a crush on the person who asks you to dream of them. It is possible that you have always wanted to have time with her or even get more intimate.

After spending quality time together and wanting to depart, someone can say that you should dream of them. Your response in that regard should be, ‘I surely will,’ with a smile, and then you can say your final goodbye as you take your leave.

2. ‘Do The Same Too, Sweet Dreams!’

Instead of telling someone who tells you to dream about them that you will, you can simply tell them to do the same. This could imply that you will love to dream about them when you close your eyes to sleep, but you don’t know if they feel the same way.

If you can, you should tell them to do the same and stylishly wait for their response to fully know what their intent could be. You can end by saying ‘sweet dreams.’

3. ‘Why Not? You Have Been Around Me For So Long

400;”>Someone can say that you should dream of them jokingly. From their words, you may correctly guess that they want to know your reaction because they are interested in you.

However, you might take it more seriously than they do, and you shouldn’t leave them with the notion that you are not interested when you are; instead, you can take a step closer by asking, ‘Why not?’

At this point, their pupils may dilate and become wider as they anticipate your next words with joy in their hearts. You can complete your statement by saying they have been close to you for a long time, and that is a great reason for you to dream about them.

4. ‘I Do, Almost Every Night.’

This response is best if you intend to spice up your relationship with someone you are getting close to. After your conversation, you can call it a day.

In the process of leaving, if the other party tells you to dream about them, you can say that you do, almost every time. This could be a bag of goodies that they will hardly recover from at that moment.

5. ‘I Have Heard You.’

Instead of lying by telling someone that you will dream of them when they ask you to, it is better to say that you have heard them rather than break their hearts by saying that you won’t or by staying silent throughout.

So, when you tell them that you have heard them, you have justified yourself, and you can leave in peace.

You can also respond this way to someone who has made you upset. If they discern, they will retrace their steps, but if they don’t, you should tell them their mistakes.

6. ‘Dreaming Of You Is Something I Enjoy.’ I Will Dream About The Beautiful Moments We Will Have Together.’

Best Replies When Someone Says Dream Of Me

If you enjoy moments with someone who asks you to dream of them, then you should tell them how enjoyable it is to be around them, especially when recalling the amazing times you have had together.

7. ‘I Have You Around; I’m Not Sure There Is A Need To Dream About You.’

If you find the statement ‘dream of me’ too intruding or annoying, you can simply say that you are not sure there is any need to because you have them around.

8. ‘I’ll Definitely Dream Of You, Embracing You And All The Glad Tidings You Bring To Me.’

Ensure that you do not forget or leave out the good tidings that you have shared with someone when responding to their ‘dream of me.’ You can tell them that you will definitely dream of them.

9. ‘You Are Just The Best, So I Don’t Mind Dreaming Of You Over And Over Again.’

When you truly appreciate someone, you will not mind dreaming of them over and over again. So, you can appreciate them and say kind words to them in response.

Tell them you don’t only want to dream of them once, but do it over and over again. It is possible that they have not heard such words about themselves before; your words can make them feel much better about themselves.

10. ‘It’s Always A Pleasure To.’ ‘Dream About Me Too.’

You can tell someone that it is a delight to dream about them when they ask you to do so.

400;”>This could mean so much to them, as it shows that you accommodate them and that you also express your kind feelings and a sense of drawing closer to them.

However, when you see their kind gesture or proud smile towards you, you should tell them to dream of you as well.

It is possible that such disposition will create a further connection between you both and even lead to an extended conversation and a better relationship in the end. 

11. ‘I Will Dream Of You And Our Love Experiences.’

One of the best responses to a partner with whom you are in a romantic relationship who tells you to dream of them is to tell them that you will and that you will also dream of the love experiences you have together.

In order to remind them of some of the pleasant experiences you have had together or some promises you have made, you should say you will dream of your love experiences too. You can go further to describe some of your experiences and get the gist of them.

12. ‘It Will Be Beautiful To Dream About You.’

Best Replies When Someone Says Dream Of Me

If you have a crush on someone and you do not mind expressing yourself at every opportunity you find, you shouldn’t fail to tell them something good about themselves at any chance you’ve got.

So, when they say, ‘Dream of me,’ as you smile and speak beautiful words in your mind, you should express it by saying, ‘It is beautiful to dream about you.’ You can add a smile to your words or move closer to them as you say so.

13. ‘Sure! I Will Dream Of Ways We Will Improve.’

After having a quarrel with someone so close to you, it is normal to get upset and decide to leave without saying a word. But, that may not always be the case, as you may need to respond if the other party tells you, ‘Dream of me.’

In order to prove that you have gotten over your disagreement, you must not leave without saying a word, and your words should be in all positions.

In that case, you can simply say, ‘Sure, I will,’ and add that you will as well; dream of ways that you two can improve, especially if you two frequently have issues to tackle all the time.

14. ‘When I See You In My Dreams, I Feel Like Not Waking Up.’

You can hype someone with words when they tell you that you should dream of them to the point that they get to tell you over and over again.

Tell them that you do not want to wake up from sleep any day that you dream about them. Normally, when someone has a bad dream, they struggle to wake up as quickly as possible.

However, their case is quite different, as you so enjoy seeing them in your dreams to the point that you do not want to wake up. You can say this to them.

15. ‘I’m Grateful To You And All That You Have Done For Me.’ ‘Dreaming About You Is The Least I Can Do.’

You can express your gratitude to someone by saying that your response to their ‘dream of me’ is that dreaming of you is the least I can do.

Also, you can add that you are thankful for everything they have done for you because they have been of great support to you.

16. ‘You’re Never Far From My Thoughts, Even In My Dreams.’

When you tell someone that they are not far from your thoughts, they will rest assured that dreaming about them is a normal phenomenon. So, this could be your reply to someone who asks you to dream of them.

You can as well say some words of assurance that, as they are always on your mind, they are not always far from your thoughts.

17. ‘I Don’t Mind Dreaming Of You Tonight Because You Always Inspire Me.’

These words can unlock a secret chamber in someone’s heart. When they ask you to dream of them, you can simply say something like, ‘They always inspire you, and as a result, you don’t mind dreaming of them every night, even tonight.’

If you have ever dreamt of them when you focused your energy on how good they have been to you in the past, then you should tell them at that point.

18. ‘Dreaming Of You Is A Great Experience I Would Love To Have Again And Again.’

Best Replies When Someone Says Dream Of Me

This response is suitable for someone whom you have always admired and who has expressed how beautiful they look or how admirable their character is to you.

You can further say that their face is so beautiful to behold that you don’t mind seeing them in your dreams over and over again.

19. ‘You Are My Precious Gem; I Can’t Push Myself Otherwise But Dream Of You.’

As a result of someone’s character, you may find them unique and attractive.

If you do, you should tell them how important they are to you and how you earnestly wish to stop pushing yourself to dream about them all the time when they say to you, ‘Dream of me.’

Also, you can use that as an opportunity to tell them that they mean so much to you.

20. ‘I Know You Will Achieve So Much In The Time To Come, And I Will Dream Of Them Too.’

It is not enough to tell someone about the potential they’ve got in them; you can put in extra effort to tell them every now and then.

So, when they tell you to ‘dream of me,’ your response can be that you will and that you will also dream of the many accomplishments they will acquire in time to come. 



You might not like the idea of someone telling you to dream of them—maybe someone of the opposite sex in particular; however, you mustn’t throw an offensive reply at their face; you can simply say that ‘there is no need’.

In the same vein, an admirer or people in romantic relationships know the appropriate words to say to their partners when they say to them, ‘Dream of me.’

One of the best responses could be, ‘You’re never far from my thoughts, as in my dreams,’ or ‘I do, almost every night.’ Was this article worth your time?


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