She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names! Why?

How we express likeness for someone differs from person to person.

For some people, it entails being physical and sensuous, basking in the euphoria of being caressed or even doing the caressing.

To others it might mean verbal affirmation:

Speaking assuredly to one’s love interest, calling or addressing them by something other than their names, otherwise called pet names.

Women according to statistics tend to call their love interest by their pet names more often than males. Men on the other hand appreciate pet names more.

In some traditions, it is considered an offense to address elders, fathers, and mothers by their names if they have a pet name. In such a tradition, pet names seem to be preferred over their maiden names.

Regardless of this, lovers whose love language is words of affirmation cherish it when their love interest calls them by their pet names.

What are pet names and why do they mean a thing?

Pet names are sweet ways of calling someone you love other than by their names.

For those whose love languages are words of affirmation, a pet name means a lot to them the same way gifts mean a lot for someone whose love language is service and material things.

What happens when this stops? How do guys who cherish pet names react when a lady suddenly stops calling them by pet names? What prompted the sudden change?

Six Reasons why a Lady Stopped calling you Pet Names

Below are possible reasons why a lady is likely to stop calling you pet names:

  1. Not returning her compliment.
  2. Relationship Issues
  3. Her Personal Choice.
  4. The popularity of the Pet name.
  5. Misinterpretation of Pet name calling.
  6. Guilty conscience.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

1. Not returning her compliment

In the introductory part of this article, it was stated that different people respond differently when it comes to expressing love to the one they love.

If you as a dude fancy the pet name calling, what then makes you think that your lady doesn’t deserve to be complimented in return?

Ladies love being complimented even when she does not compliment you, it should be second nature for you to do, more so if she is one whose love language is affirmations.

So my friend, if you like her, adores the pet name she calls you without complimenting her. She is likely to quit calling you by the pet name.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

2. Relationship Issues

One of the common reasons why a lady would suddenly stop calling you pet names is when your relationship is having issues.

Many things could fracture that name calling you do cherish: A conflict in the choice of friends you both keep, failing to reach a level ground on what should be watched on the television, etc are examples.

However minuscule or grand these issues are, if not properly curtailed, could leave an unpleasant memory in the minds of both couples.

How does it feel when the neighborhood discovers that your lady no longer calls you by the name that makes them jealous of your relationship?

Think about the days the flame of romance burning in your relationship and how the passion-driven communication thrived as well accentuated the pleasant name calling.

You sure would want to revive those good old days I bet.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

3. Voluntary Decision

Sometimes ladies could have an irrational mood swing such that everything irritates them and somehow get to find themselves doing weird things.

The bitter part of this action is that the guy is left to assume that he’s probably done something wrong to incite this mood of hers. Dear dude, sometimes it’s not necessarily your fault.

When a lady who’s fond of calling you by pet names and you deep down know that nothing from your end is responsible for that, bear in mind that she is probably trying to get her head cleared.

If upon questioning her, she assured you that it’s nothing wrong, please believe her. Take her acting like a deluge, it falling suddenly and then sunshine.

The good news though is when she’s in this state, she is aware of your other needs and would do everything to meet them.

She’s voluntarily chosen not to call you by a pet name.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

4. The Popularity of the pet name

This fact holds when it comes to a reason ladies refrain from calling a guy by a pet name.

Aside from the confusion associated with a certain household using the same pet name on their love interest, the intimacy of such a name is lost by virtually all of them (this rings true if the predominant love language is affirmation).

Also, if your love interest is a suspicious lot, having many ladies within a vicinity call their guys by the same pet name she is calling you could mean something else to her.

She might feel that there is a relationship going on between you and the girl who innocently calls her man the same pet name she calls you ( becomes worse if you accidentally answer the other girl’s call).

Knowing this, she is going to quit calling you by the same pet name any of the neighbors call their love interest.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

5. Misinterpretation of the pet name-calling

Most ladies out of being too nice and without any intention use pet names freely on just about anyone.

If you as a guy suddenly realize that this lady has stopped calling you by a pet name, it could be your fault. You’ve probably misunderstood her intention.

Some ladies freely use the pet names “dear”, “darling” and “Love” without any romantic interest in a guy. A guy who’s ignorant of this is likely to misinterpret the message.

If the lady begins to notice your unsolicited advances and could trace this recent action of yours to the pet name she’s been calling you, she immediately refrains from calling you that again.

So my friend before you go about castigating someone else darling all because she quit calling you by a certain pet name, do know that your misinterpretation of the name is the reason she’s stopped.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

6. Guilty Conscience

A lady with a straight and honest personality would never give you a pet name if she’s cheating on you as her guy.

To them, their words are invaluable, and spending it on someone they feel isn’t worth it is something she naturally won’t do, regardless if this person is her boyfriend.

The guilt of having to call you by a pet name while she’s cheating on you is enough reason to hold back on calling you that.

Man, know that when she begins to cut down on how she treats you, visits you, or longs to see you, know that something’s amiss.

The bombshell is the very moment she stops calling you by the pet name she’s been used to calling you. That my man is a clear sign that she’s been cheating on you.

Knowing why she’s stopped calling you by a pet name is one thing, knowing what to do when this happens is another.

The frustration, heartache, and incessant worrying can be so overwhelming that even looking for a possible remedy escapes your thoughts.

The next point would be covering in detail things to do when she stops calling you pet names.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

What to do when she’s stopped calling you pet names

Away from the reasons why she’s stopped calling you pet names, the outline below are things to do when she’s stopped calling you pet names:

  • Reassurance.
  • Resolving relationship Issues.
  • Understanding her POV.
  • Keeping it Friendly.
  • Letting go of the relationship.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

1. Reassurance

Ladies are emotional creatures, and a guy would need a full dose of emotion to win their hearts.

If your lady had refrained from calling you by pet name because you didn’t return her compliment, wisdom demands you find a way to reassure her.

Reassuring her that you still love her regardless of how much you don’t compliment her( with a promise to do so) would go a long way to strengthen the relationship.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

2. Resolving the relationship Issues

One primary reason a lady would quit calling a guy by the pet name she’s used to is when there’s a relationship issue.

As a guy, you must see that whatever challenge troubling the relationship, it is your responsibility to bring calmness and a voice of reason to the heated relationship.

Every relationship has its nadir and only two mature thinking couples can swim through the challenge if they want to see the light ahead.

In essence, one thing to do when she’s stopped calling you by a pet name is to resolve any underlying conflict in your relationship.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

3. Understanding her POV

Are you thinking that your actions could have prompted the coldness and refrain from that pet name she’s been calling you yet can’t come up with any cogent evidence?

When a lady stops calling you by a pet name, it is not an avenue to go all out sulking or throwing criticism at her but a time where you sit to reason through her actions.

Taking time to see, understand, and live with your lady’s point of view not only shows you to be mature enough to handle her mood swings but also would improve the quality of the relationship.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

4. Substituting the Pet name

Imagine the chaos accompanying referring to a different person by the same name, let alone the same pet name to a different person.

Your lady isn’t in love with you but also in love with everything she does for you(including the names she calls you) and hence where it feels like she has to share what Is reserved for you, she would rather stop doing so.

What is required of you as a guy is to seek a way of having her call you by a substitute name else you lose being called by a pet name forever (lol, just kidding).

When she notices your effort in suggesting a substitute name after asking why she’s stopped calling you by the pet name, she is more likely to be assured of the genuineness of the relationship and consent to using the suggested name on you.

She Stopped Calling Me Pet Names

5. Letting go of the relationship

As much as we pray for a happily ever after,r in our relationship, the stark reality is: that not every relationship tows the path of a happily ever after.

When a lady you’ve been with for a certain period suddenly reneges on the pet name she’s fond of calling you, and the close investigation reveals she’s been cheating. Wisdom demands you quit the relationship.

As much as you want the relationship to work, the truth is that you are only digging an early grave for yourself because no matter how much you try, her heart is far from you.

Get yourself together and flee the danger before you, nature has a way of compensating for losses. Eventually, you would find that person who would call you better pet names and stick with you.


The hidden meaning in a pet name to some remains a mystery, to others, it is a thing they can’t live without and can’t be overlooked.

Whichever it is for you, When a lady quits calling you by a pet name, and you’ve at a point lost your sanity wondering what could have caused the change. Do the following:

Analyzing what could have prompted the sudden change- was it caused by you, is she cheating on you? It’s crucial to put this into consideration.

Afterward, you go on to salvage the mayhem- do you call it to quit, or should you be more understanding? This too should not be taken for granted.

Without analyzing these factors, mistakes as to why a lady stops calling you by a pet name are bound to reoccur.

Luckily, this article has covered everything you’d need to know as regards why a lady stops calling you pet names.

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