Dollface or Doll Face: Which Is Correct?

Internet slang is becoming a common practice these days. And if you’re active on the internet, especially on social media, you should be familiar with many of them.

Moreover, most of these words are used in communication outside the internet among young people.

Dollface is a common slang used mainly to describe women’s facial appearance. In addition, doll face is another term that’s used to describe women too.

Dollface and doll face are often interchanged. You’ll see them in many expressions on the internet. However, is there any difference between both terms? Which one of them is correct?

In this article, I’ll explain the major difference between both expressions and their uses.

Also, you’ll know which term is correct, and finally, you know when dollface is used as a compliment or an insult.

What Is The Major Difference Between Dollface and Doll Face?

Dollface and doll face are two expressions that mean the same thing or are used interchangeably.

The major difference between both is that dollface is a noun, which is a name given to a woman with a pretty face.

For instance, here is an example. “She is beautiful, she’s a dollface.”

On the other hand, while “doll face” is also used to describe a beautiful woman, this expression is a combination of two words. The doll here’s an adjective used to describe the noun, face.

For instance, “she is beautiful, she has a doll face.”

In this case, it means a woman with a face like a doll, which means an attractive woman.

Which Is Correct: Dollface or Doll Face?

Dollface and doll face are both correct expressions for an attractive woman.

They’re endearing terms used to compliment a woman with beautiful features, paying attention, particularly to her face.

So to answer the question about which is correct will depend on the context in which it’s used. As I earlier established, dollface is a noun word, given to a woman with a doll-like face.

However, oftentimes, people confuse “doll face” with “dollface” and use it like a noun. Therefore, in this case, “doll face” can be considered incorrect.

Notwithstanding, both expressions are correct. In addition, both terms can also be used as an insult.

Dollface also means a woman with a fake attitude. It means someone, especially ladies who cover up their problems and pretend all is well.

For example, “I know who you are, dollface.” Here, the word is used in an insulting manner.

On the other hand, when you use “doll face” as an insult, “doll” will also serve as an adjective. For example, “she’s so fake, she keeps a doll face.

Consequently, both terms are correct expressions and will only be incorrect when used wrongly in constructing sentences.

When Do You Use Dollface?

Generally, dollface is used as a compliment. It’s an endearing term used for attractive ladies

However, this can be also used in a derogatory manner, or even when you want to be sarcastic.

Below, I’ll explain when you can use dollface:

To Compliment a Lady

Dollface or Doll Face

The first major use of dollface is to compliment a lady. If you find a lady that’s very pretty, you can call her a dollface.

Generally, guys can call the girl they’re crushing on or their partner dollface, because to them they’re very pretty.

So, when you want to compliment a lady, you can call her a dollface.

As a Nickname

When you need a nickname for a pretty lady, you can call her a dollface. This is a suitable nickname for a friend you find cute or any lady with pretty features.

Also, this is a general nickname that can be used for any lady. Once a guy likes a lady, he can take to calling her a dollface.

In addition, a guy can nickname his girlfriend or his wife dollface while she calls him some other endearing term. This is just an endearment used to show that he loves his lady.

Rarely, guys can also be given the nickname, either by their fellow guys or by a lady. If a guy has a feminine face or a face that his friends or people find pretty, they can nickname him dollface.

Furthermore, ladies can also be nicknamed dollface by guys who don’t like them, who find them fake or even ugly.

When You want to Hit on a Lady

When guys want to hit on a lady, they can call her dollface just to get her attention.

This is a pretty simple way to flirt with a lady to get her to blush. There are many ways to use this word to hit on a lady. It’s just like calling a lady “pretty” or “cutie.”

Also, this is a cute way to let a lady know you find her attractive. It’s synonymous with calling her, “baby doll.”

Here are a few examples:

  • Hey dollface, can I get your attention?
  • You’re hot, dollface
  • I love that smile, dollface

When You Want to Insult a Lady

Apart from being a compliment or an endearing term, dollface can also be used as an insult.

In this case, it can be used for a girl who pretends to be what she’s not. Also, when bullies want to make a lady feel bad, they can offensively nickname her “dollface”.

When Do You Use Doll Face?

“Doll face” is used in a manner similar to “dollface.” Since this expression is made up of an adjective that’s qualifying a noun, it’s used to describe a lady’s features.

Also, it can be used to insult a lady. Below are ways to use “doll face:”

To Describe a Lady’s Facial Features

Dollface or Doll Face

“Doll face” can be used to describe a lady that has a baby-like face. That’s a lady with a smooth appearance, without blemishes or wrinkles.

Here, you can use it as a compliment to describe a woman you find attractive. For example “she’s got doll face, she really is cute”

So a woman with a pretty face is compared to a doll because a doll is seen as something flawless and beautiful.

In addition, a woman can also be given a doll-like face with makeup. Make-up artists or cosmetologists can make a lady appear like a doll.

So, in this case, you can say someone with this look has a doll face.

To Insult a Lady

You can also say someone has a doll face to insult them. For instance, a lady who has too much makeup on her face can also be called a doll face.

In this case, it isn’t used as a compliment but rather used mockingly.

When is Doll Face an Insult or a Compliment?

“Doll face” can be an insult or a compliment depending on how it’s used.

Someone who says you have a doll face to compliment will show it in their body language or their voice.

If it’s the case that someone is complimenting you, they’re likely to smile and say it sweetly. A compliment is a compliment and it’ll always be given with love.

But when someone says you have a doll face to insult you, the tone of voice will sound mocking, flat, and even bitter.

How Do You Handle Someone That Calls You a Doll Face?

When someone calls you a doll face, depending on whether it’s an insult or a compliment, you can either appreciate them, ignore them or give them a smart comeback.

Here are ways to handle someone who calls you a doll face:

Appreciate Them

Dollface or Doll Face

When you receive a compliment, it’s ideal that you appreciate the giver. In this way, you show that you accept the compliment.

When a compliment is given with the right intention, it’ll make the receiver feel good and the giver also feels good when it’s appreciated.

Compliment Them

Apart from showing gratitude, you can also compliment the complimenter.

When someone calls you a dollface, you can call them words like a cutie, pretty, cutie pie, and some other sweet words.

Ignore Them

You can as well ignore someone who calls you a dollface, especially when it’s an insult. Instead of paying attention to them, you can remain silent and pay attention to whatever you’re doing.

Ignoring them can even make them feel the embarrassment they wanted you to feel.

Give a Smart Comeback

If someone calls you a doll face to mock or insult you, you can give a smart retort in reply.

Here, you’ll let them know you cannot be easily intimidated by their bully. Here are some smart replies for them:

  • Why not mind your business, a-hole!
  • You look like your attitude


Dollface and doll face are two expressions that are used for the same purpose. They’re both used to compliment or describe a woman with a smooth and beautiful face.

You can nickname a cute lady, your crush, or someone you love dollface. In addition, you can tell a lady she has a doll face to let her know she’s pretty.

In addition, they can both be used to insult a lady. However, while dollface is a noun that can be a compliment, nickname, or an insult, “doll face” is used when describing a lady’s facial appearance.

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