How to Ask Out a Cashier Guy?

Having a crush is one thing, but asking them out on a date is another thing. However, when this crush is the cashier guy behind a counter, it becomes a different thing entirely.

Here, you would have over ten persons in the queue behind you and several eyes on him and probably on you, so how then will you ask him out? 

How will get his attention without making it all awkward? I’m sure many of us don’t have a clue on how to go about it. And many of us also may be too shy to even conceive trying.

If you are one of them, don’t worry. I am here to hold your hands and guide you on ways you can ask your favorite cashier guy out. 

11 Ways to Ask a Cashier Guy Out

How to Ask Out a Cashier Guy?

There are different ways you can ask a cashier guy out. We will be looking at different approaches you can use. 

Moreover, these approaches will be useful to those who are very shy and don’t want to be direct. Below are 11 ways you can try to ask out a cashier guy:

  • Always Smile at Him
  • Frequent the store
  • Use his name
  • Be friendly
  • Give him Compliments
  • Flirt with Him
  • Slip in your number with a little note
  • Politely ask for his number
  • Small talk your way into a date
  • Given him your card
  • Dare the task


Always Smile at Him

Smiling is one of the magic of life. This act is one of the major positive emotions that evokes a positive comeback.

Whenever people smile at us, we’re most times provoked to smile back because a smile evokes reciprocity. So, smiling is the first step to take if you want to ask a cashier guy out.

Have you been seeing that cashier guy you like and you don’t know what to do about it? Smile.

The cashier guy is probably trained to smile with customers, but you can beat him to it by smiling whenever you get his attention.

It could be when you walk into the store when you’re approaching him or even while you’re moving from aisle to aisle. So, this will need you to make an effort to always get this attention.

So, smiling is a nice approach to meeting the cashier guy you like. This act can melt his heart and let him know that you like him. And who knows, he may like you too and might even do the asking first.

Moreover, it’ll make it all the easier to ask him for a coffee date or the likes. So, always start with a smile to get his attention.

Frequent the Store

Another tactic you can use to ask a cashier guy out is to frequent the store. In this way, he’ll become familiar with your face and it’ll be easier to become friends.

Frequenting the store of your favorite cashier guy creates a friendly atmosphere and opportunities for you to shoot your shot.

There are times when it’ll be a very busy day and your crush may not pay you the slightest attention. Also, there are days you may notice he’s in a sour mood and so that wouldn’t be the right time to ask him for a date. 

But, if you frequent the store, you’ll be able to find the right time to approach him with your intention. 

First, you’ve made it simpler by making your face familiar, so asking him out on a date should be easier. Also, while you’re frequenting to store, remember to always smile at him. 

Then one of the days, you can pop in the question: 

  • Would you like to go see the Harry Potter movie with me this Friday?
  • Would you like to go on a drive downtown when you’re free?

Now, you’re a familiar and friendly face, it’ll make it difficult for him to reject your offer.

Use His Name When Speaking with Him

Another approach to asking a cashier guy out is to use his name while you speak with him. Using one’s name has a way of getting to people and they’ll respond well to it. 

You’ll find his name on the tag. So after he attends to you, you can say your thanks and include his name. 

You can also wave him goodbye and include his name or do what you’ve to do and include his name. Something like,

  • Thanks, Larry. 
  • Have a good day, Larry
  • Hi, Larry, I can’t seem to find the  Diced pimentos, can you help? (You probably know where the pimentos are, you just need his attention)

In this way, you have created a friendly air between you two, so getting down to the task should be easier. You can also use this name when asking him out.

Be friendly

One way to make your task easier is by being friendly with him. You can achieve this by dropping small conversations here and there. 

Whenever you’re close to him, you can start a discussion about anything while offering a smile. Also, while he’s attending to you, you can hold this conversation.

So, whenever you’ve got the opportunity, try to be friendly with him. This act of friendliness increases your chances of him accepting you.

In addition, say your thanks cheerfully, always try to get into his line and while leaving, say something in this line:

  • See you some other time
  • I look forward to completing this conversation
  • It was nice meeting you

Give Him Compliments

Another way you can ease your way into asking a cashier guy you like out is by giving him compliments. Compliments are nice and you can win his heart by leaving one whenever you visit the shop.

You can talk about anything from his hair and his cute smile to his neat shoes. While you are at it, learn to leave a warm smile and look directly at him.

When you leave him compliments, you’ve succeeded in warming his heart towards being friends with you. This will make it easier to ask for a date. 

Flirt with Him

Another way to make asking out a cashier guy easier is by flirting with him If you’re bold enough. Flirting will give him all the hints that you’re into him.

You can try to wink at him whenever your eyes meet.

Slip in Your Number with a Little Note

Another way you can ask out a guy is to slip in your number with a little note. Now, this is a cool style for those who are shy. If you can’t try any of the above, you can subtly leave him a note.

However, if you’ve been coming to the shop before and you’ve gone out of your way to be friendly, you’ve probably made it difficult for him to reject your offer.

What you need to do is to make sure you get into his line. Then ensure you’ve got the note amongst the items in your cart.

In this way, it’s difficult for him to miss the note. Also, you can slip in the note along with your cash or your card. In addition, ensure you pen down your intention with your phone number.

You can write down something like this: 

  • Hi, I think you’re cute. Wanna have drinks with me? Here is my number…
  • Hello, John, I would love us to have coffee when you’re free. Call me up…
  • Hi, John, I would love us to continue our conversation over lunch. If you’re in, call…

So, if he does call you off, you guys can hit it off from there. This approach is a cool way to get started and may save you some awkward conversations or situations.

Politely Ask for His Number

Another way you can ask out a cashier guy you find interesting is to politely ask for his number.

If he writes you his number, then you can ring him up when you’re safely tucked in your bed. You can ask for his number while he attends to you.

You can start with a small talk about the weather, ask about his shifts, and then before he finishes with you, can ask for his number. He’s probably going to give it to you.

First, he knows others are watching and so he may not want to call attention to himself by denying you his number. Also, if you’ve warmed your way with a smile and friendly chat, he’s likely not to deny you.

However, if you don’t want to wait till you’re in line. You can call his attention while you’re shopping to help you out with any difficulty you’re facing.

Then, right there, start a small talk and then ask for his number. You got it right? It isn’t difficult.

Small Talk Your Way into a Date

How to Ask Out a Cashier Guy?

Another way you can ask a cashier out is to small talk your way into a date. This approach is one of the most natural approaches that’s likely going to be a success.

You can have this conversation anytime he’s close by. While he’s helping you find a product, you can start a conversation around that product. 

For example, if it’s a wine, you can start by asking what his favorite wine is and then asking if he would like to share one with you. 

If he’s checking your goods, you can ask if he works every day and if he says no, you can then ask if he would love to grab a drink with you on the day he’s free.

This is a cute and simple way to ask out a cashier guy. 

Give Him Your Card

How to Ask Out a Cashier Guy?

Another way you can ease your way into asking out a cashier guy is to give him your card. If he calls, then do the asking over the phone.

This approach is a cool and safest approach for those who are shy and may not know how to hold a conversation or start one.

So, while he attends to you, make sure you slip in your card. You can slip it in with your cash or credit card. Also, you can as well keep it with the items you bought. 

Dare the Task

Another way to ask out a cashier is to directly make the request. If it’s the first time you’re coming to the store, you can ask him out while he attends to you if you’re bold enough.

Some guys like bold girls, so if he’s that type of guy, he’s likely to accept. You can say something in this line:

  • Hey! I like you, will you love to have a drink with me?
  • Cute smile you have there. Wanna grab a drink when you’re free?

This is a very direct approach that might take him aback for a few seconds, and he may likely not know when he says yes.

If you don’t want to try it on the first day, you can start by being friendly and flirty, then one of the days you make your request directly.

Any lady who’s bold enough to do this is likely not scared of rejection. So go for it if you can.


There are different ways to ask out a cashier guy you like. First, these guys are on duty so it may be awkward to be direct with them. But there are ways to indirectly make your request.

Ideally, it’s cool to always smile when you see him, frequent the shop and make friendly conversation with him and leave him compliments.

This act will warm his heart towards you and while you’re at it, you can politely ask for his number or small talk your way into asking him out.

In this way, it’ll be easier for him to accept. And if you’re shy, you can slip in your card or a small note with your phone number.

Also, you can ask him out directly when he attends to you if you’re bold enough.

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