What Does It Mean When A Guy Puts His Hand On Your Shoulder In A Picture?

This can mean anything from an invitation to a date after the photo shoot to one to a party. It can mean as many things as the human mind can conjure, some of them almost unbelievable but possibly all the same.

The likelihood of this happening to you is high if you are friends with guys who like your company and you like theirs too. It means you enjoy some exposure when it comes to male gestures.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Puts His Hand On Your Shoulder In A Picture

But what if this action is new to you, what can it mean if a guy puts his hand on your shoulder in a picture? This article will explain 10 things it can mean.

1. He Likes You

It’s as simple as that. And this meaning is the first one that would come to a girl’s mind. You’re not being simple-minded for thinking a guy likes you just because he puts a hand on your shoulder in a picture. Guys are that simple-minded too.

If a guy likes you, it’s not hard to know. He will show it in the most overtly obvious way – touching. The most common way of this is the ubiquitous hand on the shoulder. Guys are good at this, ladies.

The hand is quick to flick out of nowhere and viola, it is on your shoulder. Although it may sit there on your shoulder, harmless and seemingly meaningless, it is loaded with hints.

So, for this first meaning, just accept that the guy likes you. He’s in the picture with you because he likes you, but to let you know he really does, he touches you.

2. He Is Merely Comfortable With You

It can also mean he simply finds you a great person to be around. You are fun and cool and this has caused him to relax when he’s with you.

And now, here’s a chance to be in a picture with you. He’s not going to appear stiff as though this was a passport photo shoot.

Like I’ve said earlier, guys don’t waste time letting you know where you are with them. They can hardly hide their intentions too. From here on, expect other hints as to his intentions with you.

But for now, he’s comfortable enough to make your picture look good by registering to everyone who would get to see that picture, that hey, this girl is cool, alright.

Of course, you have to look out for other signs that act as a follow-up to his other emotions about you. And also take note of the way he holds your shoulder.

If his hand is dangling off the edge of your shoulder then it may not mean much. He just wants the picture to look good. But if he’s really holding your shoulder, like grabbing it, it may mean, she’s my friend, folks.

3. A Territorial Show

You know this, that guys are territorial with girls they find attractive and are into. And pictures are a big deal for most people. Pictures are like windows into the past.

They tell whoever is looking a lot about the people in the picture; about their emotions, and the relationship between those in the picture at the time it was taken. Guys are logical beings.

When a guy puts his hand on your shoulder in a picture, he’s already thinking and making these deductions. If he likes you he may like to show any other guys who are watching that you are his.

His hold on your shoulder would be firm, he would likely be smiling proudly. A guy can do this even if you are not his girlfriend yet.

Especially if he estimates that you are both on the same page already or you have been reciprocating the feeling he has for you.

4. His Competition Is Around

You likely know this too. Guys are always competing in the business world, politics, and even in the hands of girls.

If you are an attractive lady, chances are that guys are hovering around you too, seeking to get your attention. In the previous meaning, I told you he’s been territorial.

Well, he protects you, not from other girls, but from guys like him, or even those he may think are better. If you are both taking pictures in public he would want to protect what’s his by putting his hand on your shoulder.

Imagine that the guys’ competition is the one taking the shot. Also, you can imagine that the competition is in that picture with you too.

That makes two guys in the picture with you, one of them has his hand on your shoulder because he wants the other to know, I got here first, dude.

A guy who likes you would put his hand on your shoulder whether you are taking a picture in public or at a college party.

5. He Is Proud Of What You Both Have

You probably have something here that other girls crave – a fine relationship. Or what’s close to it. To be sure, it doesn’t have to be a romantic one. It could be platonic, but it’s golden, if not to you, at least to him.

So you might want to consider where you stand in relation to your feelings for this guy. Could he be reading into your actions?

You were probably out walking and you wanted a picture. He puts his hand on your shoulder thinking, oh hey, I’m taking a picture with my girl. If nothing’s defined yet with this guy, then maybe this is the time to let it out.

Putting his hand on your shoulder in the picture may be his way of saying, well I like you too Sharlene. So for him, he just may be proud of being your friend.

But if you feel he’s reaching then just let him know it before he slips down to your lower back next.

6. He Thinks You Like Him Too

Here’s another important meaning to definitely look into. This depends on how long you guys have known each other and on what’s transpired since then.

But here the focus is on his perception of what you both have going on. It’s possible that while there are no strings attached for you, it’s a big deal for him that you’re together.

So he might see the request to take a picture with him as a confirmation of the fact that he thinks you want to be his girlfriend. This isn’t a strange conclusion, and you shouldn’t be surprised by it.

It happens all the time when men and women read the wrong meaning into stuff that’s going on. And you can’t really say jumping to a conclusion like this is invalid.

If you’ve been setting up dates, inviting him over, texting back and forth for a long time, and getting really comfortable with each other, you can’t blame a guy for thinking there could be something more to be had.

Except if you both have separate partners. You can’t also rule out the fact that even when you’re both into other people, there couldn’t also be the possibility that something is brewing here and now.

7. It’s A Thing He Does When Taking Pictures

Here, he’s just being himself. It’s not that he’s comfortable with you. He’s comfortable with anyone. And when he’s taking pictures with anyone, male or female, he puts his hand on their shoulder.

Could this truly be the case? Of course, it can. Especially if it’s a group photograph you’re taking. In college, guys would put their hands on anyone’s shoulder regardless of their gender.

They are caught in the spirit of the moment and they just want to share their love and happiness with others.

Maybe your shoulder just happened to be the closest around. And if you’re one of the most attractive girls in the class, then that could be an added reason.

If this happens only once then this meaning could be the one. You have to watch his facial expressions to see if he’s aware of what he’s doing.

If he’s taking advantage of the moment for creepy reasons you’ll surely know it.

8. He Would Just Love To See What You Look Like Together

This meaning is most likely true if it’s a group picture, a college photograph perhaps. Yeah, I know, this meaning isn’t so likely. But don’t rule out the most unlikely reasons people do stuff.

There are outrightly awkward reasons too and they have their rights for representation on this list. I digress. Now here’s this guy who probably has a blistering crush on you all of your senior year or university.

So now it’s graduation and everyone’s jostling for a picture with everyone. Now it’s a group picture and you feel this individual wriggling himself into the space beside you. Then you feel his hand on your shoulder.

Now there’s no reason why this should creep you out, but it does. You can’t help it. If he doesn’t bring his cheeks close to yours when the photographer shouts cheese, then you probably have nothing to be bothered about.

You should check what he does after the picture is taken. Does he look at you and ask for a personal picture with you and put his hand on your shoulder again?

Or does he just walk away with his guys like you don’t even exist? Very often, the circumstances determine what you make of it.

You sure would forget that guy before the day ends and may only recall him if you see him again. If it bothers you so much then maybe you like him too.

9. He Is After The Aesthetics

What Does It Mean When A Guy Puts His Hand On Your Shoulder In A Picture?

Think about it: you are looking at a picture you took with a guy and there’s a foot of real estate separating both of you in it. Awkward, right?

So, let’s just say this guy you took a picture with puts his hand on your shoulder because he understands this picture mishap very well.

When two people take pictures, they should not leave such a huge space between them. If they are male and female, some photography experts suggest that you either bend into each other or the taller person puts their hand on the shoulder of the other.

The bottom line here is that the guy may not want anything other than trying to make sure the picture comes out beautiful and correct.

10. He’s Testing The Waters

Lastly, this guy has his hand on your shoulder because he’s trying to see your reaction. This is your chance to either object or lets things take their natural route to togetherness.

This could be the case if what you have here is a guy who likes you but is not trying to bludgeon his way into your heart.

When some guys like you, they go ahead and tell you from the first time they set their eyes on you. They ask for a date, ask you to come over soon after, you know, the work.

There are guys who like to check how deep the water is before taking the dive. They present you with many of the little gestures that they would be employed in a relationship to see if they are things you like.

Or they touch you in certain ways to see if they are welcome. A guy touches you like a boyfriend to see if you’d like him to be your girlfriend.

You have to establish first that this guy has shown signs that he likes you for a relationship. You are probably interested in him as well, enough to suggest that you both take a picture.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Puts His Hand On Your Shoulder In A Picture

Bottom Line

A guy puts his hand on your shoulder in a picture for any of the reasons on this list. Or he could have no reason for it.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that his hand landed on your shoulder because it was within reach. Especially if you are both in a group.

You can know more about the intention of this guy by taking the time to see what he does after the picture is taken.

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