10 Female Equivalents Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt?

Giving someone something exceptional or priceless from your possession has historically been an element of courtship and dating customs, she says.

Movies from the mid-20th century are well renowned for guys making gestures like presenting his girl with his letterman jacket or having a woman wear a guy’s signet ring on a chain around her neck.

Even if a guy is not willing to give away your sweatshirt, he thinks of this kind of extortion as the ultimate kind of admiration: “We took it from you because we like you.” Does that make sense?

On this note, the equivalent of your boyfriend’s sweatshirt ought to convey the same feeling; otherwise, its essence is counterfeit.

However, it can be confusing to know what to give as a perfect replacement that your boyfriend would love. Oh! Well, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will be looking at the 10-dollar equivalent of a boyfriend giving his girlfriend his sweatshirt.

Below are 10 female equivalents of a boyfriend giving his girlfriend his sweatshirt

  1. A scrunchie
  2. An umbrella
  3. A favorite shirt or sweater
  4. A jacket
  5. A cologne
  6. A hat
  7. A bracelet
  8. A pair of jeans
  9. A backpack
  10. A muffler

A Scrunchie

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

The scrunchie – an elastic covered in a silky material that creates a ruffle when worn on the wrist – is a beautiful replacement if you get a sweatshirt from a guy who happens to be your boyfriend or crush.

A guy wearing a scrunchie shows that he has a girl in his life. not just a girl, but one he is in love with.

Just like wearing a guy’s sweatshirt around gives one the idea that you got it from a guy, a scrunchie clearly speaks about his relationship status.

Wondering how this stipulation came about even though a scrunchie was invented to be a better option when styling long hair to avoid breakage.

There is a high possibility that the popular Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” brought about the rampant use of scrunchies by men to show they have a girlfriend.

The lead character of the movie, which is centered on Jenny Han’s young adult novel edition, pulls a scrunchie out of his crush’s ponytail and puts it around his wrist while remarking how she looks gorgeous with her hair pulled back. Han was unaware that the scene would have such a big impact.

This resulted in a wide acceptance of the notion that any guy wearing this beautiful and elastic piece of silky fabric on their wrist has a girlfriend.

Therefore, a scrunchie is an alluring present you might want to consider giving your boyfriend.

An Umbrella

Watch closely, and you’ll discover that there aren’t many males carrying or even utilizing umbrellas. But why is that so?

Why do you guys not use umbrellas? Most of them feel they are real men, and real men do not use umbrellas. A number of them also feel that umbrellas are in short supply and should be used more often by women.

Wondering why you should then give your boyfriend an umbrella because he may never use it? Oh well! You are right.

He may never use it, but that is only when you give it to him and make him feel he should use it when he deems fit.

So, here’s the idea: You’d give him an umbrella, letting him know that he has to bring it along with him when you both are taking a walk, and he would hold it while you converse downtown.

On a lighter note, it doesn’t have to be about you all the time. You can help correct his mindset by pointing out that an umbrella is not only an accessory peculiar to women.

It is important for him to protect himself from harsh weather conditions. His use of the umbrella will eventually tell his friends and every other person around him that he’s got a girl.

A Favorite Shirt Or Sweater

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

Giving your boyfriend a favorite shirt or sweater of yours that he can wear to feel close to you could be a way you can show your affection and care for him.

It could also be a way to share a part of yourself with him and to feel connected to him. The shirt or sweater serves as a symbol of love and commitment to the relationship.

In some cases, it could also be a practical way for the boyfriend to stay warm or comfortable if he is cold or feeling chilly.

This gesture could be particularly meaningful if the shirt or sweater has sentimental value to you, such as if it was a gift from someone special or if it holds special memories for you.

By giving it to your boyfriend,  you are showing that you trust him and that you want him to be a part of your life and memories.

A Jacket

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

Guys love jackets. It is one part of their wardrobe they would not mind wearing every day, not just during the week.

Knowing that your boyfriend would repeatedly wear a jacket you bought for him, it’s sure worth getting him one. To do this, you should consider getting him something that’s spectacular. a jacket whose fabrics are embroiled in excellent designs, such that one can’t help but admire it.

This arouses comments and questions like, ‘Which store did you get this beautiful jacket from?’ From this point on, you become the center of the discussion.

He will only want to give a response, saying his girlfriend got it for him. He might go further, letting out how much you love him and would always give him the best.

Now, you can say that again! It gives a very high sense of fulfillment.

A Cologne

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

If your boyfriend’s sweatshirt gives you a constant reminder of him, then one option you might want to consider to make him feel the same way you do each time you put on his sweatshirt is giving him cologne.

No doubt, you would want to put on his sweatshirt as often as you can, but you will agree that you can’t wear it every day.

A cologne, however, is more of a part of a person’s wardrobe, day in and day out. This gives him a more frequent thought of you, which brings about a stronger bond between the two of you.

If he likes your choice of cologne, then you should get him one that is the same as the one you normally use.

If he doesn’t, then you can consult the perfumery to make him a signature cologne. We all love it when someone gives us a present.

Our emotions even get more heightened when it is customized to our personal preferences. It is no different from this.

A much more pleasant equivalent of your boyfriend’s sweatshirt is cologne.

A Hat

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

If your boyfriend happens to be one whose outfit is incomplete without a hat, then you can never go wrong giving him a hat.

On the other hand, your boyfriend may not be one who loves to wear hats, but here is one thing: guys do not always wear hats because they like it.

It is a way of protecting themselves from harsh weather conditions. Due to the fact that a large number of them see using umbrellas as a feminine thing, a better option for them is a hat.

This is to say that a hat is a very nice equivalent that you might want to consider. All you have to do is put some necessary considerations in check.

For instance, his occupation and lifestyle are two factors you should consider. This is because if the hat doesn’t match his preferred fashion class, he may never put it on.

Secondly, his facial shape is a great determinant of what type of hat you can get for him. The fit of a hat is admired if it perfectly suits the face of the person who wears it.

Thirdly, you would want to consider his location. The type of fashion being expressed in the place he lives matters. You shouldn’t be thinking of getting him a cowboy hat when he doesn’t stay in Texas.

On a lighter note, if you are already knowledgeable about his hat specifications, then you don’t have to do too many findings. Do well to give him the best.

A Bracelet

When you give a guy your bracelet, it gives him the perception that you adore him so much. However, this isn’t focused on just any guy at all, but your boyfriend.

There is always this desire for him to feel how much you love him. Your bracelet can give a clearer expression. Look in your jewelry box and let him have your favorite bracelet.

He sure would cherish it, as it serves as a constant reminder of you. On the other hand, you can give him a particular bracelet that he will always compliment whenever he sees it on your wrist because he loves to see it on you.

A Pair Of Jeans

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

Oh, how guys love to have a pair of jeans on. Yeah! It is almost inevitable to see a guy who doesn’t own a pair of jeans.

A lot of them go to the point of acquiring as many designers as they can just to express their love for jeans. Hence, a perfect equivalent to your boyfriend’s sweatshirt is a pair of jeans.

It would be even more interesting if you both had the same size. If he is slightly fatter than you are, then you can give him one of your mom’s jeans.

However, because you’d want to give him something he will desire to wear, you can get a pair of jeans according to his specifications.

For instance, if he loves his trousers to be slim fit, then you should take that into consideration. If you play your cards well, you may be giving him the best pair of jeans he ever had in his closet.

A Backpack

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

Handbags are not part of a traditional male’s outfit, except when they are cross-dressers or as a result of their personal preference.

This is because handbags are mainly associated with a feminine outlook. However, since the pockets in a guy’s trousers can’t contain all of the stuff that he needs to carry along, a backpack is a flexible option.

It doesn’t only pack all their stuff but also fits the majority of their outfits. Your backpack serves as a perfect equivalent to your boyfriend’s sweatshirt.

A Muffler

Female Equivalent Of A Boyfriend Giving His Girlfriend His Sweatshirt

Letting your boyfriend have your muffler can serve as a nice equivalent to acquiring his sweatshirt. This will be more valuable if he stays in very cold terrain.

Depending on how meticulous you are about it, you may be gifting him the best muffler he’s ever had.

You can relate to the usual habit we all develop when we love a particular piece of clothing – we make it our favorite and wear it as often as we can.

This can be reciprocated if you give him any one of your mufflers that he likes or one that has his favorite color and design.


Girls are known to always take their boyfriends’ sweatshirts. It is so well known to the point that every lady who is seen dressed in a sweatshirt is assumed to have her boyfriend’s on.

However, finding a perfect equivalent might be difficult. Hence, you have the above options to choose from. When making a choice, ensure you do not impose it on him.

Get him something he would love, just like you love to be dressed in his sweatshirt. If he isn’t interested in what you are offering him, he will not consider using it.

I believe you now have an idea of the possible things you can give your boyfriend that will serve as an equivalent to his sweatshirt.

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