My Friend Compliments Everyone But Me (Why/What to Do?)

Choosing great friends is vital in building healthy relationships. The people you spend time with have a way of influencing you one way or the other.

Moreover, good friends will make each other feel good and one of the ways is by dishing out compliments to each other.

So, when you’ve got a friend who never compliments you but compliments others, it won’t leave a good feeling.

For instance, it won’t be nice if you take your time to dress up and look nice for an outing and your friend ignores the effort.

In this article, I’ll be discussing 7 reasons why your friend will compliment others but not you. In the end, you’ll know what to do in response and why giving compliments is important.

7 Reasons Why Your Friends Compliment Everyone but You

There are countless reasons why your friend compliments others but never you. First, there should always be positive energy and happiness among friends.

So, if your friend compliments everyone but you, it’s either they’re bitter about you, jealous, or don’t take you as a friend in the first place.

In addition, it could be that you never give compliments or you’re so full of positive vibes and they don’t see any need to say nice things about you

That being said, below I’ll be discussing the reasons your friend compliments everyone but you.

They Are Embittered

One of the major reasons a friend will compliment others but not you is if they’re bitter about you or the relationship you share.

This is something that gradually builds up in your relationship that you may not notice. Probably things have always been the way they should be with friends, so you may not notice when things start to change.

If it’s the case that they’re embittered about you, if you think back carefully, you may notice when things became different.

Therefore, think about how they’ve treated you. Have they always complimented you? Have you noticed a change in the energy or air from them?

Did they make some rude or snide comments you’ve been ignoring? If such is the case, then they became bitter along the way.

However, some people may be good at hiding their feelings so you may not find anything. Nevertheless, if they’ve always complimented you before, it’s something to consider.

They Are Jealous

My Friend Compliments Everyone But Me

When friends become jealous of you, they’d stop acknowledging good things about you and instead find something bad to say.

One good quality of a good friend is knowing how to hype and when to make you feel good. It isn’t that it’s an obligation for them to give you compliments.

But a good friend should have something nice to say about you once in a while. So if a friend becomes jealous about you, they’d find it hard to compliment you but can always compliment others.

Moreover, it’s not difficult to identify a jealous friend. Apart from the fact that they’ll stop complimenting you, they’d also find flaws with you; It’d be easier for them to point out something wrong with you.

And even when you share your good news or achievements with them, they’ll either ignore it or congratulate you with an uninterested or bitter tone.

They Are Not Genuine Friends

My Friend Compliments Everyone But Me

Another reason why your friend won’t compliment you is if they’re not true friends in the first place. They’re probably with you for personal gains.

A true friend will always be happy with you and they’ll show it in their words and actions. So, if this person is not genuine, he may find it hard to say nice things about you.

Also, a friend who’s not genuine will not put you first or remember you. When they do it’s when they’ve something to benefit from. So, you’ve to watch out for such friends.

Are they with you because they want something from you? Have you been the only one giving out your time, resources, and compliments?

These are questions you should ask yourself to know a real friend.

They Want to Stop Being Friends

When people are tired of something they’d stop putting effort into it. So, if your friend doesn’t compliment you, it could be because they’re tired of the friendship and want out.

If it’s the case that your friend is no longer interested in being friends, you’d notice other negative behavior or negative energy they give out.

These signs are their ways to let you know that they’re tired of being friends. Think back on how they’ve been treating you.

Have they stopped doing things they do with you before? Do they spend less time with you or find excuses whenever you suggest hanging out? Do they reach out as before?

If you notice all these signs, then they’re no longer interested in the relationship.

You Don’t Compliment Them

Another reason your friend doesn’t compliment is if you don’t compliment them. It’s very easy to accuse someone of the same thing you’re guilty of.

So, check back, do you also compliment your friend? Probably, your friends have always been complimenting you before, but they stopped because you don’t return the gesture.

Maybe you appreciate them. But if you’re the type who’s not good at giving compliments then you shouldn’t expect one, even from your friends.

So, if you’re the type who’s stingy with compliments, then that’s the likely reason your friend doesn’t compliment you but compliments others.

They Feel It Isn’t Necessary

One of the reasons your friend may compliment others but not you is if they feel it isn’t necessary.

This can happen if they’ve become too familiar with you and think it isn’t necessary to compliment you anymore.

However, they compliment others who may not even be friends with them.

Also, if it’s the case that they feel they don’t need to compliment you, it could be because you’re the always happy type with full vibes. This makes them not see the need to compliment you.

You Don’t Appreciate Their Compliments

If you’re the type that doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge compliments, it’ll be difficult for people to compliment you.

Therefore, if your friends don’t say nice things about you, but they do to others, it’s likely because you don’t appreciate when they do.

So, think back and see if you appreciate your friends when they compliment you. If you don’t, you’ve to work on becoming better.

What to Do When Your Friend Compliments Others but You?

There are several things you can do when you don’t compliment yourself but compliment others. First, however, you’ve to understand that it isn’t the duty of your friend to compliment you.

Whether they compliment you or not, it’s up to you to feel good about yourself. You owe it to yourself to be happy and not rely on anyone.

That being said, these are what you can do when your friend compliments others but not you.

Talk to Them About It

The first thing you should do when your friend compliments others but not you is to talk to them about it.

Speaking to them about it will make you understand why they choose to compliment others but not you. So, before jumping to a conclusion about why they don’t say nice things about you, you should talk to them about it.

However, you should understand it’s not their duty so you shouldn’t talk to them with entitlement. Also, you should cleverly make your point so as not to sound like you need their approval.

You can talk to them in the following way: 

  • Didn’t you like the dress I wore last time?
  • I told you about the game I wore last time and you didn’t say anything

Learn to Compliment Them Also

Maybe your friend doesn’t compliment you because you don’t compliment them, so you should be conscious of that.

If it’s the case that you don’t compliment them, then you should learn to begin doing so.

For one, if you’re the type that doesn’t comment on your friend’s achievements, then you shouldn’t be bothered if they don’t compliment you.

Moreover, giving compliments to your friends is important. You don’t have to wait for them to compliment you before doing so. So, learn to say nice things about your friends too.

Cut Ties with Them

There are times when you’ve to cut ties with your supposed friend. If you’re sure they’re not complimenting you because they’re jealous, bitter, or are not genuine friends, then you’ve to end the relationship.

The signs will be there, so you’ve watched out for these signs. Do they never put you first? Are you always the one giving everything?

You shouldn’t be with friends who don’t take you for anything. Therefore, you should cut ties with any fake friends, jealous or bitter friends.

Learn to Appreciate Yourself

One thing you should never forget is that appreciating yourself is very important. You don’t need anyone’s acknowledgment before you acknowledge or appreciate yourself.

Be intentional about complimenting yourself and saying nice things about yourself. This act will help you build your self-esteem, that whether your friend compliments you or not you won’t be bothered.

Also, learning to appreciate yourself will help you not to wallow in your mistakes for long but rather work to better yourself.

Therefore, if your friend doesn’t say you’re beautiful, tell yourself you are.

Why Giving Compliments Is Very Important

While compliments may seem simple, they’re one of those simple things that have a great impact on people.

Compliments give a warm feeling both to the receiver and the giver. It helps communicate our appreciation and feelings towards people.

So, giving compliments is very important and the importance cannot be overemphasized.

Below are why giving compliments is important:

It Makes People Feel Good

One of the importance of giving compliments is that it makes the receiver feel good.

When you say nice things about someone’s appearance or personality, it definitely will leave them feeling happy. To so many people, you’ve made their day.

Compliments don’t only benefit the receiver, the giver will also feel good to see that the receiver is appreciative of the nice words.

So, at all times when you can, say nice things to people. It may just be what they need for that day.

It Makes People Feel Valued

Another importance of giving compliments is that it makes people feel valued. Someone who lacks self-respect can benefit when people compliment them.

For instance, if someone is never encouraged in what they do or they’re looked down upon it can make them feel bad about themselves.

But, if you’re the type who always acknowledges their little efforts and praises them when they do something insignificant to others, it’ll help a lot.

This act alone will make them feel valued and have higher self-worth.

It Strengthens Relationships

Another good thing about giving compliments is that it strengthens relationships.

When you’ve people around you who are always ready to encourage and acknowledge you, it’ll help your relationship with them.

Also, if you return this gesture, it’ll go both ways in building your relationship with each other.

If you’ve got a partner who doesn’t pay attention to your dressing or what you do, it’ll strain your relationship.

Final Words

The importance of giving compliments cannot be overemphasized.

For a healthier relationship, it’d be best you surround yourself with people who don’t only see the flaws in you.

So, if you’ve got a friend who compliments others but never you, it’s either they’re bitter, jealous, or are not real friends.

It could also be because you don’t compliment them or appreciate their compliment. So, you should talk to such friends, stay away from them and learn to also compliment them.

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