20 Best Responses to “Happy Halloween”

How to Respond to Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in the United States, Canada, England, and Germany. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st once a year. During the celebration, people have fun, eat a lot of candies, light bonfires, and often wear scary costumes or make-up to scare off ghosts. When someone wishes you a happy … Read more

How to Respond to “Just Chilling”

How to Respond to "Just Chilling"

Sometimes you could be having a conversation with a friend, only for him to reply to you by saying “just chilling”. Sometimes it could be that he is chilling with friends or family and he just needs a time out with them. How do you respond in a situation like this when someone says “just … Read more

How to Respond to “I Guess So”

How to Respond to "I Guess So"

Imagine talking to someone and expecting good feedback from the person, only for the person to say ‘’I guess so”. This will get you confused because you will not be so sure if the person says yes or no. That is why I wrote this article. In this article, I will show you 15 different … Read more

How to Respond to mhm

How to Respond to mhm

When you are having a conversation with someone and the person goes ‘’mhm’’, the first thing that comes to your mind is that the person said yes. This is because, originally, when someone says ‘’mhm’’, the literal meaning is that the person said yes. It means that the person is positively replying to you. In … Read more