Is It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder?

People can be very funny, they’ll put a link to their Snapchat account on Tinder or other contacts through which they can be reached, then they think it’s weird when they get added by strangers.

Isn’t that the purpose in the first place? To reach newer people across their many social media platforms as possible.

Aside from exceptional cases when people do not intentionally put out traces or links on their Tinder through which they could be reached on Snapchat, then it is not weird.

This is when a person can genuinely find it creepy and swirl in wonder how in heaven they got reached on Snapchat via their Tinder handle.

To be precise in fewer words, it is not weird to add someone on Snapchat via their Tinder when they leave the link to be added there.

Why Isn’t It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder?

  • When you know the person
  • When you have your Snapchat on your Tinder bio
  • When you’re popular

1. When you know the person

It is not weird to add someone on Snapchat from Tinder when it’s a person you know. People, women especially, only get vexed and find it weird when a man springs up in a dating app to ask for their Snapchat to add them.

They feel there should be a safe existing extent of closeness between them and the guys on a dating app before they can have another connection outside the walls of that app.

This is even common too in physical meetings. People are skeptical when it comes to allowing total strangers to have access to them more than necessary. Below is a tweet from a lady expressing her disgust.

Is It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder

2. When you have your Snapchat on your Tinder bio

It’s also not weird to add someone on Snapchat from Tinder when a channel through which they can be reached on Snapchat is on their bio.

This is an indication that they want to be reached from there, either because they want to expand their followership or to broaden their chances of meeting other like minds.

This should be fine for career and business people. Social media has grown to be one of the major tools for business growth, and people leave no chance of utilizing it.

3. When you’re popular

This is a two-way street; it is not weird when you as a popular person add another person on Snapchat from Tinder. Celebrities sometimes chat up their fans asking for their numbers, and these fans count themselves lucky as this is a rare occurrence.

It can also be weird too because people can still be doubtful to associate with you regardless of your popular status. But then, in most cases, it is always the former.

Why Do People Think It Is Weird To Be Added On Snapchat From Tinder?

  • Because they maintain a small circle on Snapchat
  • When they have disabled quick add
  • Because all conversations can be had on Tinder
  • Because it is too sudden
  • When it is a new Snapchat account

1. Because they maintain a small circle on Snapchat.

A person that maintains a small Snapchat circle finds it weird when added from Tinder because his Snapchat has not been made public.

People think it is weird to be added on Snapchat from Tinder because Snapchat friends are mostly those whose contacts are on their phones and those with whom they maintain close relationships.

But the class of people who shouldn’t find it weird when added on Snapchat from Tinder is those who post provocative content. These people have their posts reposted with their handles on them.

And as such, they get flooded with friend requests from random people who have searched for them through the search bar and now want to connect with them simply because of the posts those people have seen of them.

2. When they have disabled “quick add”

You can sincerely find it weird if added on Snapchat randomly from Tinder when you have already disabled the quick add feature from your end.

The quick add feature is a quick way for random users or anybody to search and find any person through their username from the search bar.

So one can find it weird when despite the measure in place, they still get random and annoying friend requests.

Although an exception to this case is some of your lost contacts with a current unfamiliar Snapchat username that truly knows and adds you. These people may come off as some random strangers too.

3. Because all conversations can be had on Tinder

People think it is weird to get added to Snapchat via Tinder because Tinder is a dating app specifically designed for that cause. Adding them on Snapchat is a step too far, especially if they haven’t gotten to know each other.

People think it is weird because every discussion that can be had on Snapchat can also be had on Tinder. So the question is, “why ask for my Snapchat when we could still have whatever discussion you wish on Tinder as well?”

4. Because it is way too sudden

Many guys have been oriented to take the conversation they have with ladies out of the dating app to a more personal one to spark a type of connection that is out of the ordinary.

But because there has been a communication error, some guys take this to mean “say hi and then ask for her Snapchat next” hence, you see what plays out.

Ladies on the other hand find this creepy and way too sudden. This is one of the common requests ladies get from male Tinder newbies.

5. When it is a new Snapchat account

It’s weird to get added on Snapchat immediately after you’re just getting to the platform. At least, like other social media platforms, requests could come from probable comments you made on popular posts, or from some of your other interactions on the platform.

But getting “add” requests almost immediately gets you asking many rhetorical questions. You’re going to figure out that the requests are coming through Tinder in the long run.

Only then can you intentionally make moves to take away all Snapchat traces from your Tinder bio.

Is It Advisable To Add Your Snap On Tinder?

It is advisable to add your snap on Tinder if you want to expand your audience for business expansion, or in a case where you want to be an internet social butterfly.

People use their more popular social media accounts to grow the other ones, so this is advisable too.

The good side to this is that you can secure advertisement contracts from other brands to help them showcase their products when you have a very large audience that views your stories and status daily. This is seen on Whatsapp too.

However, adding your snap on Tinder is not advisable if you wish to keep a small Snap circle that is limited to close friends and associates.

You should know that this would put some part of your personal life in the public’s glare, so know what you’re going into. There’s no absolutism here, what is right or wrong is dependent on what you want.

But then, you may want to ask; “what if I don’t want to be added by strangers after having become popular on Snapchat?”

Well, you can’t help it completely. You can only deactivate the “quick add” feature from your end. This would only minimize it though. Your popularity would still get people who are familiar with your Snapchat trying to add you without necessarily going through the search bar.

What to do when someone adds your Snap from Tinder?

What to do when someone tries to add you on Snapchat through Tinder is either to accept the request (because they cannot automatically add you until you accept) or reject it. The request comes with an “Accept” and “❎” option to choose from.

Is It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder

Here’s how to also know people on your list that have disabled the “quick add” feature. Firstly, there are three dots at the top right end of your screen, click on them.

Is It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder

Clicking on the dots takes you to a dashboard that shows you three options, one of which is “hidden from quick add.”

Is It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder

Tap on “hidden from quick add“, it will show you a list of people that have disabled their quick add as well. If there’s none, it’ll read “No Snapchatters hidden from quick add”.

Is It Weird To Add Someone On Snapchat From Tinder

Parting Words

It is not weird to add someone from Snapchat through Tinder if there is a basis for it. The reason it makes many people uncomfortable comes from a place of unfamiliarity.

But then, the option still lies with you to accept or not. On the other hand, Snapchat has not grown as popular as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

So, people on this platform add others randomly to have as many people as they can. Looking at it from this perspective isn’t very weird.

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