Would My Crush Find Me Creepy if I Randomly Followed Him on Instagram?

Having an emotional connection with someone, enough to term it a crush is not bad. Instead, it is just your nature to like anyone of the perceived opposite gender who has most of the features you desire.

It can be a problem for you to nurse this feeling, but the bigger problem lies in trying to follow up with your crush.

Since social media platforms like Instagram provides an enabling environment to do this, you need to know how best to go about following your crush. The thing is, he can find you creepy if you do certain things. How then can you avert this from happening?

In this article, I’ll provide you with premium answers to your questions on how to go about this situation. Let’s get into the details of this post, as I also shed light on relative topics.

Would He?

Would My Crush Find Me Creepy if I Randomly Followed Him on Instagram?

Yes, he would. There is a high chance your crush you creepy if you followed him on Instagram. But this depends on your activities on Instagram. If he finds you creepy, then it is a reflection of what you do on his Instagram page.

Probably how you interact with his content regarding your comments, likes, or even how you go about praising his pictures or videos on Instagram.

It is even more of a creepy move if you send him a DM just minutes after hitting the follow icon. So, he would probably find you creepy if you follow him on Instagram.

Why You Think He Probably Would?

It is more like a case of instinct to think your crush would probably find you creepy if you followed him on Instagram. However, there are clear-cut reasons he would see your move as a creepy one. Some of the reasons include.

  • If he didn’t give you his handler name
  • If you’re not in his circle
  • If you’re Different and he’s not
  • If you liked his posts intrusively
  • If your comments and reaction under his posts are too cryptic

If He Didn’t Give You His Handler Name

If the guy in question didn’t give you his handler name, there’s a chance he will find you creepy if you popped up from nowhere to follow him on Instagram. This point is most effective if he doesn’t know you on a personal level, which I will explain in the next point. 

I will find it weird if a girl went through the stress of scrolling through pages of Instagram search results just to find my account and follow me. And your crush could share the same thoughts as me. It makes more sense if he operates a locked or private Instagram account that you can’t easily interact with. 

If You’re Not in His Circle

This is another reason why your crush could find you creepy. Some people operate an Instagram account that is only known by their close friends or families. If your crush is something close to this and you’re not in his circle, he’ll find it creepy if you follow him on Instagram. 

If You’re Different  and He’s Not

It is a common occurrence for a member of the LGBTQ community to crush on a straight person. But it becomes creepy if you take the likeness to social media, to extent of following him on social media.

If the guy is conversant with checking out his latest followers on Instagram, he could find it creepy that you followed him. 

If You Liked His Posts Intrusively

I have heard and seen occasions where a person acts obsessed over another person on Instagram. They do this by going back 2-3 years to like posts or uploads made by the person they’re obsessed over. 

If you do any of this after following your crush, he would probably find you creepy.

Going back years ago to like or react to your crush’s pictures or videos on Instagram gives you away as a weirdo even when you’re not one.

This is because your crush will receive a bulk of spam notifications of your likes and reaction on posts uploaded like 3 years ago.

A lot of people dislike spam notifications, and if he gets them due to your intrusive liking he would probably see you as a creepy person.

If Your Comments and Reactions under His Posts Are Too Cryptic

This is the last but not the least reason why your crush can find you creepy if you follow him on Instagram.

Just like some look through reviews about their launched book; some read comments and reactions of people regarding any post they make on Instagram. Be It their video or pictures, they just want to know what people think of it.

You have to be cautious of what you say under posts like this, because the handler may see it. If your crush is one of such persons, he will probably come across your comments. And he would probably find you creepy if most of your comments and reactions are cryptic.

How to Not Be a Creepy Follower on Instagram?

Would My Crush Find Me Creepy if I Randomly Followed Him on Instagram?

You can follow anybody on Instagram and won’t appear. How do you do this? You can do this by some of the tips below.

  • You should not like the person’s uploads intrusively
  • You should only comment or react with less attractive and cryptic words and emojis
  • You should not hit up the person’s DM just after minutes of following them
  • You have to avoid spamming

You Should Not like the Person’s Uploads Intrusively

One of the best ways to avoid being seen as a creepy follower is to avoid intrusive liking. This implies you should not like the person’s uploads with so much vigor, enough to send off the vibe of a weird.

Also, you have to avoid going back in time to like some of the person’s uploads. I mean going back to like uploads from 2-3 years ago. If you stick to liking the person’s posts sporadically, you’ll avert looking desperate and also creepy at the same time.

You Should Only Comment or React With Less Attractive and Cryptic Words and Emojis

You can steer clear of being a creepy follower by using less expressive language or cryptic texts/emojis while dropping comments under a person’s post.

Using the wrong choice of words to comment on a person’s post on Instagram can make you a creepy follower. Similarly, you can also be seen as a creepy follower on Instagram if you use emojis that are questionable. 

You can also not be a creepy follower on Instagram, by avoiding unnecessary banters or arguments under a person’s comment session. This way, you can avoid being both weird and also clout chaser.

You should not hit up the Person’s DM Just after Minutes of Following Them

A lot of people are sensitive when it comes to replying to DMs on Instagram because the social space is a vast one. You can stay off the radar as a creepy person if you do not enter someone’s DM just a few minutes or days of following them. 

You can only do that if you have a business deal to propose. But even at that, you need some days to study the module of the person’s activities on Instagram before coming into his or her DM. 

If you violate this commonsensical rule and go ahead to storm someone’s DM just after following them, they would probably see you as a creep.

You Have To Avoid Spamming

Spamming is another activity that can make you appear as a creepy follower on Instagram. If you continually hit up someone’s DM with spam texts or images, the person will easily write you off as a creep. So to stay off the rack of Instagram’s creepy followers, you should avoid sending unsolicited bulk messages to those you follow.

Why It Is Okay To Follow Your Crush on Instagram?

It is a brilliant idea for you to follow your crush on Instagram. The beauty of it all is when you do it the right way, void of any activity that can mark you as a creepy follower. Below are some of the reasons why it is okay to follow your crush on Instagram.

  • It helps you understand their personality the more
  • It aids you to track their highs and lows
  • It gives you an edge to have a peek into their taste in people
  • It even allows you to strike up your first conversation with them

It Helps You Understand Their Personality the More

It is okay to follow your crush on Instagram because it gives you a platform to under the person’s persona.

Many people show their type of person directly or indirectly on social media. Although there are those who fake things, you can still know what their true personality is if you keep studying what they put out there on social media.

So it will be of great value if you follow your crush on Instagram. This way, you’ll get to learn more than just a feeling about the person you’re crushing on.

It Aids You to Track Their Highs and Lows

I know a bunch of people who showcase their whole lives on social media. Since Instagram is where the internet life of the party happens, you can track your crush’s highs and lows in life. You’ll be able to know their wins and losses, and this is only possible if you follow them.

When you have information about your crush’s growth and development, it gives you more points to utilize if you hold any conversation with them.

It Gives You an Edge to Have a Peek into Their Taste in People

When you follow your crush on Instagram, it helps you peek into their taste in humans. You can find out if they’re sapiosexual. Whether they like getting along with extroverts or anything else related to how they interact with people.

You can also figure out if you fall into their category of desirable traits or not. This will save you from disappointment since you could be crushing on someone who won’t settle for you.

It Even Allows You to Strike up Your First Conversation with Them

Would My Crush Find Me Creepy if I Randomly Followed Him on Instagram?

Following your crush on Instagram is also a huge opportunity to start your first interaction with them. Instagram offers a direct messaging feature and you utilize this feature to send your first message across to your crush if you haven’t had any real-time talk with him or her. 

But if you’ve had a conversation with the person elsewhere, you can also use the direct messaging feature to initiate more discussions with the person.

Things to Note before Following Your Crush on Instagram

It is not okay to just follow your crush on Instagram, without taking note of some crucial factors. Because of this, there are a couple of things you have to consider before you start following your crush on Instagram. Some of these factors include.

  • You have to consider the type of online circle they keep
  • You should watch the rate of activities on their profile page
  • You have to make sure your Instagram presence is good enough to stand out

You Have To Consider the Type of Online Circle They Keep

Before you hit the follow icon on the profile of your crush, take your time and study the kind of circle that he or she keeps online. This will help you determine if you can fit into their life or not.

You Should Watch the Rate of Activities on Their Profile Page

You also have to take note of the level of activities on the person’s profile. You should find out if he or she is active, and how much time they spend on Instagram.

This will help you scale your relevance as a follower if you follow them. It would feel bad to follow an inactive Instagram account.

You Have To Make Sure Your Instagram Presence Is Good Enough To Stand Out

Would My Crush Find Me Creepy if I Randomly Followed Him on Instagram?

Before following your crush, you should make sure you have what it takes to drive attention from them. Your presence and number of followers on Instagram equal your relevance, so before you follow your crush you should have an attractive Instagram portfolio.


Following your crush on Instagram gives you ample opportunity to get in touch with them and whatever life they’ve built. But you have to pattern your activities and actions, to avoid appearing as a creepy follower.

I’ve highlighted some of the best practices that will take you off the radar as a creep follower. Most importantly, this article provides you will tip on things to note before following your crush on Instagram, and I expect you to employ them accordingly.

Please do not forget to hit the share icon and help to reach out this content to others who will find it as informative as you did.


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