What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodie?

We can show affection in so many ways, from smooth touches to forehead kisses and even an act as sublime as sharing clothes.

This leaves a lot of girls wondering what the exact translation of certain acts is put up by their boyfriends.

Well, the case is relatively what this article is all about because you might have asked yourself, the reason why he gives you one or two of his wears, say, a sweatshirt or hoodie?

He might be feeling you more…or he doesn’t want you to catch the flu from the cold. He might as well want to have a reason to come to your place or something else.

Don’t go about getting worked up, thinking about what does it mean when your boyfriend gives you his hoodies?

Because you just found your answers in this article, so read on to discover what your man might be up to.

10 Meanings to When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies?

The following is a possible reason why your boyfriend gives you his hoodies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy and I know what we are capable of… Not speaking generally though, but a greater percentage.

And your boyfriend is likely to be in this percentage, so let’s get right into what he might have going on.

  1. It means a hint of romance.
  2. It shows that he wants to show you off.
  3. It shows that he wants you to feel protected.
  4. It means he values you.
  5. It means he wants to come over to your place.
  6. It shows he wants you to stay healthy.
  7. It is a commemorator/ souvenir of love.
  8. It shows a special occasion is in front.
  9. It shows a possible next-level intimacy.
  10. It can be a test.

It means a Hint of Romance

There is a possibility that your boyfriend is being just romantic. Isn’t that what most women want? Yeah, they do.

So, instead of just getting flowers as usual, which is almost like a cliché now, he’s trying to throw in the same erotic gesture with something more personal; his hoodies.

You can testify to how cherished hoodies are for most guys. It’s almost like their second skin, so letting you slip into one of his is most likely to be a romantic gesture.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

This is what certainly comes to your mind at first, but how sure are you? I’m going to make it a lot more concise, so you will get it all figured out. Romance could be the intent.

At least it has been the motive why your boyfriend does things that might sound improper.

Like spanking you right in front of your friends, or licking off the ice cream from your face in public.

Therefore, the same motive might be behind him gifting you his hoodies as it points in the direction of eroticism.

So, when next he does that, try to reciprocate with a kiss or something because the message he’s trying to pass through to you is purely sensual.

It Shows That He Wants To Show You Off

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

Another meaning of you getting one of your boyfriend’s hoodies from him is a showoff.

You remember how crusaders wore dresses that had cross swooshes on them, which shows that they are Christians.

The same thing applies here figuratively, not literally. If your boyfriend gives you one of his hoodies, then he’s probably painting his name all over you.

Let’s say you guys walk to the grocery store to pick up something while you wore this particular hoodie.

What message do you think it’s passing on to the onlookers? She’s his babe… one might say. They must have some real thing going on there, another might add.

The bottom line here is that he wants to send a message that you are taken. Not only that, he wants to let people see that you are his.

You don’t have to get all mystical if he pulls this stunt. Most of us guys do this. It’s commonly known as ‘marking our territory.’

Your boyfriend is clearly showing the world, especially intending side-chicks, that you’re his girl, so they have to bundle up their feelings.

It Shows That He Wants You to Feel Protected

A possible feeling of insecurity could get resolved by getting a hoodie from your boyfriend.

Most women need the coverage of a man to feel protected, and most guys do not know of the best ways to do this.

Giving you his hoodie to wear hints at that. He just wants you to feel secure under his watch and coverage.

To prove this, have you ever heard of a careless boyfriend giving his hoodies to his girlfriend?

The chances for that to happen are as slim as a meter rule. Hence, there is a big possibility that your man just wants his angel to feel protected and have the thought that he’s got your back.

It Means He Values You

Just like the previous reason, if your boyfriend gives you his hoodies can also mean that he values you. I’m not going to act all shady.

If I don’t see any worth with a girl, then she has nothing to do with my piece of stuff like hoodies.

I mean, I will only do that if I value a girl, or at least see her as worthy of having my hoodies.

Therefore, your boyfriend might likely be like me and he gave you that hoodie to show you just how he values you.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

Although you might see it as a mere hoodie, I believe the intent is hidden in plain sight, probably because he is not verbal enough to say it out.

Think it this way, I would personally give my hoodies to a random fling. So, if your boyfriend gives you his hoodies, it means that he takes you as something more than just being intimate or cuddling.

It also means that he wants you to feel wanted. Similarly, I can’t give my hoodies to a girl that I don’t want to have anything to do with, except getting laid.

It Means He Wants To Come Over to Your Place

Your boyfriend might be looking for the perfect setup to show up at your place. Letting you take his hoodies home might hint at that.

Say you live with your parents, then he’s probably looking for the perfect excuse to drop by at the house and see your parents while seeing you.

It might either mean he wants to get seen by them or he wants to see them, be as it may, it’s all intentional.

Albeit, the reason still applies if you are staying in your apartment. Most guys like myself often get bored with our crib and would love to explore with our girl somewhere else.

The girlfriend’s place is usually the next cool place to chill out, so that could be the case for your boyfriend.

So, if he gives you his hoodies on a Friday, he might be coming over to take them on the weekends, and you know that means.

A possible Netflix and chill will go down at your place.

It Means He Wants You To Stay Healthy

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

Nobody wants to watch their partner get sick, because having a healthy partner is beautiful.

With that said, if your boyfriend gives you his hoodie to wear on cool winter Wednesday, then he doesn’t want you to catch the flu.

It simply goes back to the case of making you feel protected, but the case is different here.

In this aspect, it is not an assurance of love, but a move toward physical wellness. He wants you to stay healthy and hearty.

I recall opening my closet one time to see no single hoodie, and I just remembered that I have been giving them out to my girlfriend each day she came.

The winter came with a striking cold, and I needed her to stay warm each time. I just went shopping and got new ones.

After all, I wasn’t expecting to get any of them back. Your boyfriend could be as considerate as me if he gives you his hoodies to cover up due to winter.

It Is a Commemorator or Souvenir

Keeping memories is one of the most cherished things to make out of a relationship, and we do it in so many ways.

From carving each other names on a monumental wall to tatting pet names on each other bodies or even exchanging pieces of jewelry.

But in this text, giving of hoodies can also be a form of a memorandum of love. I’m a personal guy, and so many guys are personal too.

Things as casual as hoodies say a lot about a guy’s personality, from his scents to his silhouette and muscle lines.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

If your boyfriend gives you his hoodies, it might mean that he’s giving you something to remember him with.

He’s giving you a souvenir to commemorate his presence. One of my friends in the military gave one of his favorite military-themed hoodies to his girlfriend before going on a certain mission.

When she asked him why he said it will remind her of him even in his absence.

Your boyfriend might be in the military or not, but I believe that his hoodies have his scents all over it and it makes you feel like he’s around, even when he isn’t.

It Shows a Special Occasion Is Upfront

What better gift will remind you that valentine is coming up in a few days, if not getting a hoodie from your boyfriend?

It might not be the perfect gift, but lovers’ day is not here yet, so it’s just a teaser. Although this occurrence is not recorded among a lot of people, it does happen.

The forthcoming occasion might not necessarily be valentine’s day, it could be your anniversary or even your birthday.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

So to get you in a celebratory mood, your boyfriend might give you one of his favorite hoodies.

This act of giving you his wears hints at a possible teaser about an upcoming event that means a lot to you guys.

My girlfriend most of at time gets reminded of our anniversary anytime I give her one of my T-shirts, specifically a week before D-day.

It Shows a Possible Next-level Intimacy

A lot of guys can’t give out their hoodies to a girl if they don’t have anything going on with her.

But this time, you’re his girlfriend, probably a new one, and he starts giving you his hoodies or letting you take them home.

And then you’re a bit worried to know what that implies. Is he trying to test me? Or is he trying to say something?

Yeah, I bet the second guess is the case because some guys are not usually verbal about what they feel for a girl.

They are either scripting something onto a paper or they are piling up notes to send through social media.

Either way, your guy is trying to send a non-verbal but understandable message to you.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gives You His Hoodies

I sense next-level intimacy, do you? If you don’t, then I’ll explain. You already know hoodies as quite a personal piece of clothing for most guys.

They don’t usually give it out just like that. And you are his new girlfriend, of say a month, and things are expected to get a bit spiced up with romance.

So if he hasn’t said anything of a sort hinting at intimacy, then giving you his hoodies speaks volumes about it.

Because getting you to wear his hoodies means that your relationship is gradually moving up the ladders of intimacy.

It Can Mean a Test

If you feel like none of the answers suits your situation still, then there’s a likelihood your boyfriend is testing you.

He could be testing you to know how much you value him. I know of a brother who gave his hoodies to his girl and before the week ran out, she already gave the hoodie out to a friend.

He dumped her when the guy saw his custom hoodies on her friend, and it ended there.

Your boyfriend could be testing you to know how well you are going to keep his property.

Maybe he wants to know how well you can do the laundry, how you are going to cherish something as personal as his clothing.

And you must know well not to screw it up because a single wrong move might translate as negligence on your part.

Wrong moves like returning the hoodies dirty and unwashed could send out a red flag.

So, it might mean your boyfriend is testing you if he unlikely gives you his hoodies.


So this is where I wrap it up in this interesting and informative article. I believe this post is an eye-opener on the meaning of why your boyfriend gives you his hoodie.

Some of the reasons are self-explanatory, while others needed a bit of stretching to make it clear.

Either way, I know you can now decide which of them reads meaning into why your boyfriend gives you his hoodie.

There is also a simple tip that I will recommend and it is, always appreciate the gesture before questioning the act.


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