15 Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

Are you feeling a special connection with that Mexican guy that is just too hard to ignore? Are you wondering if he feels the same way about you? If so, you should read this post!

In this article, we’ll look at a few signs that can tell you if a Mexican guy likes you. So, keep reading to find out more, and get ready to take your relationship to the next level!

15 Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

Mexican culture is well known for its passionate and romantic nature, and it could be said that Mexican men carry that same sentiment into their relationships.

It can be difficult to understand if a Mexican man likes you, so here are some signs that could provide you with a better indication of his feelings

  1. He Would Be Planning to Spend Quality Time With You
  2. He Gives You Little Gifts
  3. He Remembers Little Details About You
  4. He Invites You Out Anywhere
  5. He Puts His Arms Around You
  6. He Compliments You Often
  7. His Family and Friends Know About You
  8. He Treats You Differently Around Others
  9. He Is Protective of You
  10. His Body Language Speaks Volumes
  11. He Talks About the Future With You
  12. He Wants to Know What You Like and Dislike
  13. He’s Open About His Feelings
  14. He Initiates Group Hangouts
  15. He Texts and Calls You Often

He Would Be Planning to Spend Quality Time With You

When a Mexican guy wants to spend quality time with you it will often mean much more than just going out for dinner and drinks.

He will be invested in making sure the experience is different from what you would normally do with someone you don’t have an intimate relationship with.

Depending on your relationship, he might want to take you to a fun restaurant or show you a special place that may carry a special meaning to him.

He may plan fun activities like dancing to great music outdoors or visiting a nearby farm or lake.

At the end of the day, a Mexican guy’s desire to spend quality time with you is a sign of sincere affection.

He wants to make an effort to show you how much he cares for your friendship and is willing to put in extra effort to make the experience extra special.

This is his way of expressing his feelings towards you and is often a clear indication of his romantic interest.

Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

He Gives You Little Gifts

One telltale sign that a Mexican guy has feelings for you is if he gives you little gifts. This will usually start as small tokens, like sending you a message or two wishing you a happy day or bringing you a small treat like chocolates or flowers.

This can be seen as a sign of his appreciation for you and is a way of showing his affection discreetly. These types of courtship displays may be more common in Mexican culture, as it can be seen as an indicator of his interest in getting to know you better.

The gifts can start as small, but if he is into you, the gifts can start to become bigger and more frequent. He might bring you a handmade item that he has made, or have a special dinner at his favorite restaurant.

He may even surprise you with larger gifts, such as jewelry or a nice watch. All of these are signs that he is very into you and wants to show you just how much he cares.

Another way to pay attention to is the thought and effort that he puts into the gifts. If he’s getting you things that you mentioned you liked in conversation, or things that he thinks you would like, then it is a sign of his interest in you.

It could also be his way of deepening your connection, by getting to know your interests and tastes and bringing them to life in the form of a gift.

He Remembers Little Details About You

When assessing whether a Mexican guy likes you or not, one sign to look out for is whether he remembers little details about you.

Remembering trivial things that you have mentioned is a sign that your partner is paying close attention to you and is interested in you as a person. It exhibits care and effort in connecting with you.

The fact that you love mojitos, that you’re a cat person, or that you’re originally from Texas. He doesn’t just remember these things because they’re unique – he remembers them because they matter to you.

People naturally want to talk about themselves since it is in their nature. When someone takes an interest in your life and reciprocates with his own stories, it is an indication that he is genuinely interested in you.

To be able to remember little details requires a strong level of commitment. After all, your Mexican guy will have to keep track of any information you hand him, or any hints you drop to make your story memorable.

He Invites You Out Anywhere

One of the signs that a Mexican guy likes you is if he is keen to invite you out to lots of places. This could range from going to watch a movie, to hitting the town for drinks or even going on a romantic mini-break away.

If he takes the initiative to invite you out, then your Mexican guy is likely truly interested in you.

Inviting someone out can be a big step for a man, as it may indicate his interest in something more than just casual fun. By inviting you out, he could be hoping to get to know you better and see if a spark for a deeper relationship may be on offer.

It also shows a level of commitment to you; he is happy to make time for you and is willing to put in the effort to make an event memorable for both of you.

Even if the place he invites you to doesn’t sound overly exciting, you should still take it as a positive sign. He likely cares enough about your opinions that he has asked you where you would like to go, and where you will feel most comfortable.

Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

He Puts His Arms Around You

One of the clearest signals that a Mexican guy might be into you is if he puts his arms around you when you’re together.

This could be in several contexts, for example, he might lead you to the dance floor, give you a back hug, or even take your hand as you’re walking.

This type of physical touch indicates a stronger level of interest in comparison to one-on-one conversations or simply holding hands.

It implies an unspoken message of comfort, intimacy, and trust to you and projects an aura of familiarity and connection. It shows that he is at ease with being up close and personal with you, and is likely willing to take it a step further.

In Latin culture, physical affection is the norm, so it is not usually considered too intimate. Mexican men usually like to be quite demonstrative when they’re attracted to someone, and physical contact is often seen as a sign that they like you.

On the other hand, it might also be indicative of wanting more than just a platonic relationship.

Physical contact could also be interpreted in other ways. He could be overly friendly, have a strong attraction to you, or even be trying to pressure you into something.

It’s important to be aware of his signals and clear with your boundaries to ensure that you both have the same expectations for the relationship.

Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

He Compliments You Often

Everyone loves compliments, and a Mexican guy who likes you won’t shy away from heaping them upon you. He might tell you that your outfit looks nice, that your hair looks great, or that your eyes sparkle like diamonds.

He might also give you compliments about qualities he admires in you, such as your intelligence, your ambition, or your kindness.

If a Mexican guy is repeatedly paying you compliments in this way, it’s almost a dead giveaway that he’s got it bad for you.

His compliments might also become more flirty over time, like if he says something about how cute you look when you blush or how much he loves the sound of your laugh.

Although it can be tricky to figure out what a guy is thinking by his words alone, if all of his words seem to be dripping with admiration and love, chances are high that he likes you and wants to show it through his compliments!

His Family and Friends Know About You

When a Mexican guy likes you, chances are his family and friends will start to hear about it – and a lot!

Guys who come from Mexican culture tend to be close with their families, so if he’s talking about you to them, then this is one of the signs that he’s interested.

He might even invite you to spend time with his family in a casual setting, which is quite an honor for someone outside of the cultural circle.

If something like this happens, take it as another one of those signs that he likes you. This could even be an indication that he’s getting serious and wants to introduce you to the most important people in his life.

He Treats You Differently Around Others

It’s not always easy to tell if a Mexican guy likes you, but one sure way to find out is to observe how he behaves around other people.

If he’s always treating you differently when you’re around other people, that’s a good sign he’s into you.

He might hold your hand, give you quick hugs or kisses, look deeply into your eyes, or sit next to you when there are plenty of other places for him to sit.

These little things might be his way of showing that he likes you and wants everyone else around him to know it.

Even if he’s not holding your hand or kissing you in public, the energy and vibe between you two will be different when it’s just the two of you and when others are around.

He Is Protective of You

When a Mexican guy likes you, he’ll want to keep you safe and protected at all times. If a Mexican guy is interested in you, one of the biggest signs that that is true is that he will always put your safety first and foremost.

He will open doors for you, make sure you have enough food or drink at a restaurant, and ensure that no one is bothering you. He may even step up and try to shield you from any potential harm if the situation arises.

This shows his dedication to making sure that you are always taken care of, as well as his genuine interest in getting to know more about you.

Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

His Body Language Speaks Volumes

If a Mexican guy has caught your attention, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for body language cues. These can tell you a lot about how he’s feeling, even if he’s not explicitly saying it.

For example, does he make eye contact? Do his eyes light up when he talks to you? And when the two of you talk, does his posture match his enthusiasm? If so, that’s a good sign!

When a Mexican guy is into someone, they tend to be more physical and touchy-feely when they’re around that person.

So, if he’s touching your arm or leg while you talk, or stands very close to you to whisper something funny or intimate in your ear, these are sure signs that he likes what he sees.

He Talks About the Future With You

If a Mexican guy is talking to you about the future, that’s a pretty good indication he’s into you!

For starters, he may ask if you can do something together that involves making plans for the future. Maybe he suggests seeing a movie next week or grabbing lunch in a few days.

Or maybe he talks about attending a big event together, like a wedding or holiday gathering, down the line.

If not that, then he might talk more generally about the future; maybe his plans for college or his dream job.

Whatever it is, if your Mexican guy starts talking about what could happen in the months and years ahead with you around, chances are good that he’s into you!

He Wants to Know What You Like and Dislike

He might ask about your likes and dislikes. He’s trying to learn more about you by doing this. If he’s interested in you, he’ll want to know all about you. So don’t be reluctant to express your feelings to him. He’ll appreciate your openness.

He’s Open About His Feelings

He might not be the best at hiding his feelings, but that’s a good thing when it comes to knowing whether or not he likes you. If he’s into you, he’ll want to let you know, and he’ll do it in the most overt way possible.

He might tell you straight out, or he might give you little clues that let you know what’s going on in his head. Either way, pay attention to how open he is with his emotions. It can be a strong sign that he’s into you.

He Initiates Group Hangouts

If he’s always inviting you to group events, that’s a good sign. It implies he finds you interesting and wants to spend more time with you. And, chances are, he’s not the only one who feels that way. His friends probably think you’re cool, too.

Signs a Mexican Guy Likes You

He Texts and Calls You Often

If a Mexican guy is texting and calling you often, he’s probably into you. What makes this even more telling is if he’s initiating the calls and texts. That’s a big sign that he likes you and wants to be in constant contact with you.

Another way to gauge his interest is the type of conversations you have. If it starts as quick hi-byes but then transitions into something a bit deeper, like sharing what’s going on with each other and talking about your day, he likely has feelings for you.

And hey, if he ever sends you a love emoticon or song lyric during your conversation, don’t take that lightly either! That’s him expressing his feelings for you in written form.


If you’re wondering whether or not a Mexican guy likes you, these are some signifiers to look out for.

Of course, every guy is different, and not every guy will exhibit all of these behaviors. But if you see a few of these signs, it’s a good indication that he’s into you.

If you’re interested in him, don’t hesitate to make the first move.

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