Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me? 10 Major Reasons!

When you are in a relationship – or simply attracted to a person–you are changed in a way as the bond between partners grows.

Joking about a breakup in a relationship is commonly seen as a red flag for most people, and they have a good reason for this.

When you are in love, some of such jokes or comments can agitate or confuse you.

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

An undesirable thing that can happen in a love relationship is to have a partner who jokes about your feelings or is insensitive about everything else.

By joking about a break up your boyfriend is dropping subtle hints unless he is a full-time comedian than his excuse.

Many signals can point to your relationship reaching its peak or moving into a more serious phase. But nothing meaningful can be achieved if you don’t express how you always feel.

If you have a sour relationship, you may not be certain of its continuity and every situation may seem like a setup for a breakup.

Every partnership goes through a rocky phase, but certain tells let you know if it’s quite a time or buckle-up time.

If you have a boyfriend who jokes frequently about breaking up with you and you are interested in finding out what this means, this article has you covered.

10 Real Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up

Jokes that should be shared amongst the both of you should be safe and you feel good about. Joking about a breakup is a potential red flag and below we would list and discuss what this means.

  1. He has intentions of breaking up with you.
  2. Your boyfriend doesn’t have as much affection as before.
  3. He constantly thinks about breaking up with you.
  4. He wants you to feel insecure about your relationship
  5. He wants to get a reaction from you
  6. He wants to know if you are hiding something from him.
  7. He wants to know if you take his love seriously.
  8. He wants to know if you have another option aside from him
  9. He Wants To See The Extent You Can Prove Your Love For Him
  10. He Wants To Mess With You And Get More From You.

1. He Has Intentions About Breaking Up With You For Real

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

A clear sign of a potential breakup is little fore-warning jokes about breaking up.

Your boyfriend has been harboring thoughts of breaking up and uses sly jokes and comments to pass this message through.

This means he thinks often about this and is about to serve you break-up breakfast.

Do you know how we only joke about what we think? If your boyfriends want to be funny, there are over millions of jokes he could come up with to make you laugh. And if there is a conversation to be heard then you both should talk about this.

I don’t appreciate the cloak and dagger of joking about a breakup. If you encounter such and feel upset or weird about this, speak up to him.

Once you do, you should be ready because you may find him ready for a breakup.

Constant breakup jokes from your boyfriend are signs that he doesn’t care about your feelings or is insensitive to know when something is a joke. All the same, it is a red flag that should be addressed immediately.

2. Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Have As Much Affection As Before

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

When love grows cold, we can feel its chill bite our lovers. Your boyfriend joking about a breakup is a clear sign he doesn’t love you any more or his love is dwindling.

If a guy loves you, he will do nothing to make you feel bad or seek a way to end what both of you had.

He won’t bring up insensitive jokes about breakups or anything similar that will shatter your confidence and make you feel bad.

True love from your boyfriend would show like a drag. He will be by your side and always try to be positive, optimistic and about any issue you both have.

Making jokes is a poor way of dealing with issues in any relationship.

By joking about breaking up, your boyfriend is telling you he doesn’t care if you both break up.

If it truly stresses him he will not be comfortable making such jokes around you, and like I pointed out earlier this is a red flag.

A lover who cares for your emotional state would never joke about things that hurt and makes you uncomfortable.

This opens up the possibility that he is only taking you for a ride and not in love with you.

3. He Constantly Thinks About Breaking Up With You

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

We have mentioned in this article that a person would only joke about something that is constantly on their mind.

You should know that regular jokes about breaks up mean he is occupied with these thoughts.

A breakup in a relationship is usually not sudden, there are stages before the final deed is done.

It is common for one to spend weeks thinking about a breakup situation. So if your boyfriend has been making jokes about these chances are, he has been thinking about this a lot lately.

During conversations with you, he would joke about this. Dropping breakup hints disguised as jokes because he is thinking about it.

Discuss such a situation once you feel it has happened too often than you are comfortable with. He may have found someone else and just biding time before he leaves you.

Finally, there is a saying which says all jokes have been borne out of elements of truth. Your boyfriend is planning to end your relationship, hence regular jokes about your breakup.

4. He Wants You To Feel Insecure About Your Relationship

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

The thought of a breakup isn’t always pleasant for anyone. The heart skips a beat at the thought of being shattered by a breakup.

Your boyfriend knows this, and if you discover he jokes about breaking up, he’s trying to hurt your feelings. Making talks about break-ups is intentional and the purpose here is to make you feel bad.

If he frequently cracks this joke, your boyfriend wants your emotions in a twist. This is because thoughts and questions will run through your mind, making you doubt your current relationship status.

Uncertainty grows insecurity in a relationship, your boyfriend knows that making such jokes would cause you to be insecure, anxious, and very much sad, not knowing if the relationship would end or not.

Professionals who study the human psyche proclaim that such an attitude is done to make you feel low about yourself.

Also, he’s keenly aware that making such jokes about breaking up with you would give you the idea that he’s likely to end things with you.

This insecurity may raise jealousy and make you dish out extra attention to him in the relationship.

So when this happens it is good to look inward and speak about the situation. Making jokes is not the proper way of communication.

5. He Wants To Get A Reaction From You

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

Jokes like breaking up are done with a certain purpose or aim.

If your boyfriend is making such jokes, chances are he wants to get a reaction from you. This reaction may be the answer to questions he has about you, and making such jokes is how he will get them.

Your boyfriend may be unsure about how you feel about him. He can’t equate your love and by making jokes about leaving you, he will get a response that will satisfy his curiosity and question.

By joking about breaking up with you, your boyfriend hopes to elicit a reaction from you, which would tell him if you are tired of the relationship. This approach may not be the best but it is a reason for such jokes being made.

Depending on how you feel about your relationship, let him know you abhor such jokes. This will give him the desired answer leading him to stop such an uncomfortable situation.

If your reaction is amusing or indifferent to the joke, he may take this as you not caring about losing him. This would tell him you have no love for him.

A reaction or response is what your boyfriend is seeking when he cracks such a joke about your relationship.

6. He Wants To See If You’re Hiding Something From Him

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

The feeling that your partner is hiding something from you is a troubling one. Many folks are usually confused about such circumstances when it happens to them. So they come up with a way to get this information.

Your boyfriend is probably suspecting you of hiding something from him, and by making such jokes he hopes to rattle you for some information.

If you have skeletons in your closet, you may spill all the secrets If your boyfriend jokes about breaking up with you. He hopes to scare you into confessing why he makes such jokes.

Personally, I know it’s much healthier for conversation and questions to be asked about such affairs instead of making serious jokes that serious.

Whenever he thinks about secrets and if you are keeping some from him, he may suggest breaking up as a joke to see if you will come clean to save what you guys have.

If you find this is the case, have a heart-to-heart talk and explain the situation for both of you to be comfortable about clearing any doubt he may have about you.

7. He Wants To See If You Take His Love serious

When jokes are made about breaking up with your boyfriend, this might mean gauging your love and seeing if you take the relationship seriously.

Anything you are not invested in you would be afraid to lose. By making jokes about both of you breaking up he can tell if you will lose him or not.

Everybody wants assurances, especially about matters of the heart. His fears are manifesting as jokes especially if your relationship is pretty recent.

8. He Wants To See If You Have Another Option Aside from Him

The thought of you having another boyfriend or lover aside from him is a reason for him making break-up jokes.

If he suspects you may leave him for a new lover or anyone, he will joke about a breakup and see how you respond to this.

You will easily agree with such a joke about a breakup if you have a second choice from him. And by joking about breaking up with you, he will get this answer.

9. He Wants To See The Extent You Can Prove Your Love For Him

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

The jokes about a breakup from your boyfriend may be a test to see how much you love him. I agree that this method may be crude but it is also a fact.

If you love your boyfriend so much, such jokes would hurt you, leading to you proving more that you care about him. Such jokes are a way for him to know if you are truly in love with him.

10. He Wants To Mess With You And Get More From You

Why Does My Boyfriend Joke About Breaking Up with Me

Some relationships are based on one party gaining off another. And your boyfriend may just be the manipulative type.

When he jokes about breaking up, he only messes up with your emotions so that you will double your effort in the relationship.

The fear of losing him would allow him to get more from you and also make you doubt yourself and your stance in your relationship.


Light-hearted jokes and safe humor are key in a relationship to lighten up the space. You both need to enjoy having fun with each other to spice your life up.

If you discover your boyfriend makes such jokes and it doesn’t sit well with you, talk to him about this.

Let him know that such jokes make you uncomfortable and you would want them to stop. If he is understanding it will stop.

If he wants you to feel bad, and insecure he will continue to make such jokes despite your talks. Then you should know he’s going to end things with you.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article has cured you of some curiosity.

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