What Does It Mean When He Jokes About Moving in Together?(FIND OUT)

Being in love is beautiful. Do you know what’s more beautiful? Knowing your partner chose you and would want to spend the rest of their life with you.

But you could be thrown into a deep state of confusion if your boyfriend jokes about moving in together and he doesn’t seem to want to take any definite stand on the issue yet.

Amid the confusion, you may end up ruminating on things you think could be the reason for his actions. And best believe you can end up with wrong or ridiculous results.

I’ll be helping you find answers to your questions in this post, as we’ll be looking at the plausible why (s) and how to figure out his true intentions about moving in. Happy reading!

6 Possible Meanings Why He Makes Jokes About Moving in Together 

I know you’ve probably thought of a lot of things as to why your boyfriend jokes about moving in together. I’m going to be realistic; your thoughts are valid and your confusion is expected.

Where it goes wrong is prioritizing the wrong things in the whole ‘think-a-tank’ exercise you put yourself through. 

This is because you can’t say what his true intentions are or what he means by that. In light of that, I’m offering to give you perspective and that’s by providing you with a lot of options on what it means when he jokes about moving in. 

With these many options at your disposal, you can then make informed decisions about what to think or even your next line of action, especially according to what you think your boyfriend is capable of (judging by his personality or temperament). Without further ado, let’s get to it already.

  • It means he wants you to move in but doesn’t know how to tell you
  • It shows he’s afraid of commitment
  • It also means that he may not be ready to have you in his space
  • It could be just a joke; nothing serious
  • It might be his little way of learning how you’d react to moving in with him
  • It could be his line to hint at getting serious with you

It Means He Wants You to Move In but Doesn’t Know How to Tell You

Do you have a boyfriend who is always unsure about things? If you do, then this could be the reason for his actions. At first instance, I take it that a person who jokes about something is indirectly serious about it but seems not to know how to say it.

Perhaps, the person is unsure of the outcome of their main statement so they tend to present it in form of a joke, to reduce the gravity of its meaning. 

I know this because I had an acquaintance of mine from way back in high school days that joked about being hungry whenever he was hungry.

And he does this to avoid being chastised by other classmates for coming from a family that is not well off, financially.

For what it’s worth, this could be the reason why your boyfriend joked about moving in together. He may not know how exactly to tell you about his intentions, so he chose to joke about it to give you a hint.

On some occasions, he’s not even giving you a hint. It could be the joke happened unconsciously because the idea of moving in together with you has been on his mind and it just comes off like that but in the form of a joke.

It Shows He’s Afraid of Commitment

If a guy is afraid of committing to a woman, he’s likely to be scarce with making long-lasting plans with her.

This could be the reality for your boyfriend as he’s likely to be scared of committing to you. As it seems, moving in with a partner means you’ve decided to get serious with them.

In light of this awareness, we can agree that the reason for your boyfriend’s attitude toward moving in together with you is borne out of indecisiveness.

Since he’s afraid of commitment, he’ll likely also be unintentional about what he wants from you or the relationship itself. That is even more reason why he feels it is right to joke about it. That way, he takes the burden of being afraid off of his mind and tries to get along with you.

If this were to be the case, you’ll notice that he wouldn’t want you to pick up the fact that he’s unsure about committing to you. He’ll instantly try to cover up the joke with something else but deep down is feeling bad about it.

It Also Means That He May Not Be Ready to Have You in His Space

A lot of couples love each other and want to spend their years together, but there’s a likelihood that they won’t want to be in each other’s space.

I know a couple that was the best love birds I’ve ever seen, but they became hostile to each other just after the girl spent one week at the boyfriend’s apartment. What happened? He felt suffocated in his own house.

This is not about commitment, if it were, he was up for it. But he just couldn’t come to terms with her being all up in his business every single minute of the day.

On that note, your boyfriend could share a similar sentiment as this. He probably joked about moving in together because he wants it but is yet to be sure of sharing his space with you.

It Could Be Just a Joke; Nothing Serious

While you swim in deep thoughts and I try to dissect the meaning of his actions across all circumstances, it could just be a ‘joke’ and nothing more. He’s just joking and doesn’t mean anything in a particular. 

For this type of reason, I will tell you to lock up and take your mind away from the worse of conditions. This is because there’s nothing to think about here; he’s just being a funny person and that’s just it.

It even adds up more if he’s a sort of highly jovial person, and tries to crack a joke from the slightest of things, or just anything at his disposal.

It Might Be His Little Way of Learning How you’d React to Moving in With Him

Another meaning that I can read into the reason for your boyfriend’s joke is the fact that he could be using it to gauge your reaction to moving in with him. Perhaps, he’s just joking about moving in together to know what you’ll think of the idea. 

He probably used the humor effect to lessen the impact of the revelation. This will help condense the hurt you might inflict on him if you were to decline his idea of moving in together.

To know if this is true, you’ll notice that he’ll be hell-bent to find out what your reaction would be after he cracks the joke.  

It Could Be His Line to Hint at Getting Serious With You

What Does It Mean When He Jokes About Moving in Together

Your boyfriend could’ve used the joke to let you know that he’s serious with you, and would love to take your relationship with him to the next level. Perhaps, his joke was a reflection of how he felt inside. 

This could be true if he’s already fond of speaking in parables or indirectly passing important information. If he is a weirdo, then this could be the meaning of the joke he made about moving in with you.

How Do You Know if He Wants to Move In Together?

Having looked at the possible reasons or meanings which we can read into your boyfriend’s action of joking about moving in together; you may now wonder how to find out his true intentions. The question now becomes…how do I know if he wants to move in together? 

There’s no particular way to know, but there are a bunch of signs that strongly point to the fact that he wants to move in together with you. In this section of the post, we’ll be looking at some of these tips or hints he wants to move in together.

  • If he presents you as his partner to people
  • If he’s intentional about setting goals and sharing responsibilities with you
  • If he envisions a successful future with you
  • If he’s been joking about moving in together lately
  • If he’s been lately bringing up stories of relationships that became successful after the couples moved in together
  • If he prefers Netflix and chilling at his place, other than going to a cinema 

If He Presents You as His Partner to People

If your boyfriend carefully introduces you as his girlfriend to people, especially his neighbors when you come around his house; it is an indication that he wants you to move in with him.

While he may not be vocal about it, his action of introducing you to his neighbors and close friends means he wants to get things serious with you. And the first step is usually by having you move in together with him.

If He’s Intentional about Setting Goals and Sharing Responsibilities with You

When your boyfriend starts setting certain goals for y’all, it is a tip that he wants you to move in together with him. One such plan is the idea of having a kid.

If he recently started going on and on about the number of kids he wants to have with you, that’s a strong indication that he wants you to move in together.

This is because the birthing n and child upbringing can only work best if you guys stay in one apartment as a family.

If He’s been Joking About Moving in Together Lately

Did your boyfriend recently start joking about moving in together? If that’s the case, then I bet he wants that to happen. It becomes more obvious if he does this more than usual, say… every day you guys meet. 

If He’s Been Lately Bringing up Stories of Relationships That Became Successful after the Couples Moved in Together

Another notable way to know your boyfriend wants to move in together is if he’s been lately talking about stories of couples that became successful after they moved in together.

Since everyone wants to succeed greatly in their endeavors, he could be saying that to tell you that you guys can try that out to see how it goes. He’s probably using this as an indirect way of telling you that he wants to move in with you.

If He Prefers Netflix and chilling at His Place, Other Than Going to a Cinema

What Does It Mean When He Jokes About Moving in Together

If your boyfriend is a sucker for indoor activities, especially with you then it could be an indication that he wants to move in with you. He probably prefers watching TV shows with you in his arms, then going to the movies where everyone will see you two. 

His indirect way of confining you to the house with him could be an indication that he wants you to move in with him. 

How Long Should a Couple Date Before Moving in Together? 

The question of how soon is too soon to move in together between couples has been asked way too many times.

Sadly, a lot of people still end up with the same question even though there have been a lot of views and comments on what should be the best time to move in together with couples. However, the question should be how long should a couple of dates and not how soon is too soon. If you agree to the former and not the latter, then I’ve got you covered. 

A couple should date at least one year before moving in together. Anything between 6-8 months of dating is too soon to move in with your partner. Before a year runs off, you should’ve figured out a lot of factors about your partner.

Things like finances, temperament, communication, lifestyle confusion, and insecurities should’ve been talked about and resolved before you plan to move in together with the person in question.


Moving in together as a couple with your partner means the ‘next level’ in your relationship. If your boyfriend jokes about this, you are prone to be perplexed, or worse, vexed.

I was able to point out a couple of reasons for his actions in this article, so I believe you now have your conflicting thoughts settled between tangible reasons. 

This article featured tips on how you can know if your boyfriend wants to move in with you. You also got to get an answer to the recurrent question of how long a couple should date before moving in together.

I’m happy I brought clarification to you. In the event of questions or suggestions, the comment section is open and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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