7 Possible Meanings Your Boyfriend Keeps You A Secret On Social Media  

Is there a reason your boyfriend is keeping you secret on his social media page?

Does he avoid posting your pictures and prevent you from doing the same? There are many reasons why such an attitude will be worrisome.

In this article, we are going to discuss why he does this and what it means.

Keep in mind that there as many reasons why your boyfriend will do this. 

It could be personal or based solely on his view of your relationship. 

Whatever the reason may be I have written the best possible meaning of the actions of your boyfriend.

Keep reading.

7 Possible Meaning Why He Keeps You Secret On Social Media

1. He Is A Private Person

One reason your boyfriend is keeping you secret on social media is that values his privacy. 

The rise and use of social media can have other people to view one’s personal life. Not everyone is of this opinion. 

He simply doesn’t want to put his private life out there in the public eye.

It’s possible your boyfriend falls into this group of persons that are private about their lives. 

It doesn’t mean he feels different about you, rather it’s his personal preference for private life.

When you post on social preference media most of the things you do and the people you interact with become public knowledge. 

Your relationship with him is important and by keeping it away from social media, he gets to enjoy time without online validation.

2. He Doesn’t Feel It’s The Right Time

If your relationship is new or the time isn’t right, your boyfriend would want to hold off posting you on social media. 

Posting you on his social media is a way of saying ‘’ hey guess what it’s official I’m dating this person’’.

The relationship between the two of you hasn’t reached the level of commitment that posting you demand.

 This reason is why he is feeling unsure about posting you. Some people want to take it slow, and social media puts a lot of pressure on a relationship.

Comments and trolls can sour a good post. Your boyfriend wants to feel sure about the future of your relationship. 

When this happens, he will post you confidently, and all you need to do is have little patience.

The right time for him to post you on social media usually comes when he feels safe about the two of you. 

He must have trust while seeing you on a level that makes him want to commit.

3. He Is Seeing Someone Else

A reason why your boyfriend is not posting you on social media is that he has another partner.

Posting you on social media will not be comfortable for him because this other person is a secret.

People follow each other on social media and can even become friends who can view and access each other’s media files. 

A picture of you on your boyfriend’s social media will cause him to alert this other partner of you. 

This will not be good for him, and preventing It means he can’t post you on his social media.

If you have dated him for a while and you feel, it’s the right time. This Is a reason why he hasn’t taken that step, especially if he doesn’t have issues posting other stuff online.

Looking close enough you can tell if he has someone else. It is possible he has a double life on social media and posting you on there will ruin things for him. 

I feel it’s important to assess your value in his life before trying to get on his social media.

This is because if he cherishes you, you wouldn’t have to beg to be posted on his social media.

4. He Doesn’t Value The Relationship

How important you and the relationship you have with your boyfriend to him determines how he will treat you. 

This is also the logic that informs his decision to post you on his social media or not. 

When he doesn’t think you are worth it and isn’t serious about taking the relationship anywhere. It will make it difficult for him to post you on his social media.

Before posting anyone on social media, people are sure that’s who they want to be identified with.

If he is hiding you from his online community, it means he doesn’t see any future with you. This is a red flag and means you need to re-evaluate your position.

This is not the case for new relationships. 

When there has considerable time invested and commitment like this is being dogged. It’s time to get out of the relationship and bring some respect to yourself.

5. It’s too soon

Your boyfriend hasn’t posted you on his social media because it’s too soon for him. 

This means that he has an ex that he hasn’t gotten over yet and posting you on his social media will bring up those feelings. This can be because he is looking out for her or himself, causing him to be hesitant about posting you.

If he posted his ex on his social media before they broke up, he will want to take some time off before bringing a new relationship on there. 

Vestiges of his past relationships may still be on some of his accounts and he hasn’t deleted or removed them.

Because he is still reeling over his previous relationship, there isn’t space for you to be posted. You will have to take your time and be patient. 

Time will tell if he’s ready to let her go.

Some folks post so much stuff about a past relationship on social media that once it’s over, it takes a mental toll dealing with the removal. 

It is a painful process for some and takes a while for them to process. If your boyfriend falls into this category, he is still mourning the loss of his previous relationship.

6. He Is Worried About Comment And Trolls

The internet today is filled with trolls and comments that can be hateful, vile, and unsolicited. 

Your boyfriend is worried about this and doesn’t want to be judged for his actions. Posting a partner online can put a lot of undue pressure on a relationship.

Sometimes it can even lead to the end of a relationship and he is trying to avoid this happening to yours. 

Also, depending on his social circle, work, and other social factors your boyfriend may be worried about being judged. This fear will cause him to be reluctant about posting you.

His family members on his social media may tease or mock him, and he doesn’t want this.

When you post your partner on social media, you will expose yourself to criticism. It isn’t always nice and people deal with this differently than others.

7. He Doesn’t Want Commitment

When your boyfriend doesn’t want to be tied down by anyone. He wants his option of meeting other people to remain open. 

Posting you on social media will not help this cause. He will lose the interest of other ladies by choosing to post you.

It takes a great deal of commitment to make a relationship last. If he is not ready for this, any kind of action that smells like it is He doesn’t want potential lovers to feel that he is taken or belongs to another.

If his options remain open, then he can meet someone right for him.

What To Do When He Keeps You Secret On Social Media

Tell him how you feel

 There are a couple of things you can do if your boyfriend hides you from his social media. 

You can communicate with him, telling him how hurt or confused such actions make you feel. You must tell him how his lack of posting online makes you feel.

This will spur him to correct his mistakes or open up a dialogue where you can both discuss the issue calmly. 

Ask him for an explanation why he wants to keep you secret. He will have no choice but to explain his actions and you too have an answer.

Opening up communication on the matter will allow both of you to peer inside each other perspectives and see what is needed for a solution.

Tell him what you want

This involves setting boundaries and telling your boyfriend that the whole situation makes you uncomfortable. 

Let him understand that his hiding of you will not be accepted and you need him to change from it.

Here, give him an ultimatum, and his agreement to it is paramount in keeping your relationship alive.

He needs to have the idea that keeping you a secret longer will mean losing you. When things are put this way, you discover what boundaries his willing to cross for you.

Whatever reaction he gives afterward tells you his real feelings about the matter. Here, you will know if he is serious with you or not.

Be patient and watch

What you can do if your boyfriend wants to keep you a secret is to have some patience first.

It may be possible that you are rushing things and your pace with him is different. If you are patient, you notice he will grow the confidence to post you online.

Being patient also helps you re-evaluate your relationship. 

You can critically think, analyze, observe, and watch out for clues that will help in determining the best course of action. 

It is possible to discover any other hidden secrets or estimate the direction of the relationship. If it’s heading the rocks, then you will know when to jump the wagon.

This is because keeping you secrete when he has no reason to is a sign that he sees no future with you. And only by being patient and observant can you have the time to see what’s in store for you.

Speak to other people

 What helps to keep you calm in times like this is seeking the support of friends and family. 

Asking other people for help is a way you can gain closure and an even better understanding of the problem. If you are lucky, a similar story might be shared with you along with the solution you seek.

When you talk through things with family and trusted friends, you feel better about it and can navigate the situation. 

It makes you feel less alone about it, less guilty especially if you are struggling with it. If you want to get external therapy, you can consider doing so.


Discovering that your boyfriend doesn’t want to post you on his social media can be disheartening. 

It takes a kind of courage to confront him on the situation without feeling weak or bad about it. 

In this article, I have carefully written the things you can do to help you in such a situation. Know that these tips will only help if the other party is willing to.

Also, we have discussed various meanings of such acts from your boyfriend. 

In today’s cyber age, it’s not strange to see many people who care about their privacy now. 

There is so much power you can give others when you have all your information out there online. For some, keeping reservations about their lives away from the media brings them peace.

Discuss this with your boyfriend on this matter. When you lay out how you feel about the situation, you will get an answer and even a solution. 

Sometimes, some people don’t even know there is such a thing as posting on social media. This way you can introduce him to the things you like.

Watch out for situations where you are being kept hidden on purpose, there might be other motives you are not aware of.

Finally, be patient and kind in your dealings, social media validation is a two edge sword.

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