Why Do Guys Look at My Hips?

You’re probably wondering where all the glares and gazes are coming from.

It’s not an entirely terrible experience because there are lots of views as to why you receive visual compliments from guys.

But the bone of contention remains. Why are all the compliments forwarded to your backside? Is there something unique about this part of your body that differentiates it from the other parts?

Your questions are valid, as you are not alone in this path. So many other concerned ladies have asked similar questions and you are in for lots of answers in this article.

This post will be answering your question of why guys look at my hip.

10 Reasons Why Guys Look at Your Hips?

The following are ten possible reasons why guys look at your hip. But before I get into them, a quick reminder would do.

The following reasons do not in any way summarize a lot of men or guys.

They are opinionated reasons and differ from person to person. These reasons include:

  1. It shows you are attractive.
  2. It means they like you.
  3. It means that they pay attention to you.
  4. It means an intimate gesture.
  5. It means that they could be weighing it with others.
  6. It means they are looking for a basis of affection.
  7. It is just a reflex action.
  8. It shows that they are objectifying your body.
  9. It proves that some men are perverts.
  10. It means that you might have an abnormal hip shape.

It Shows You Are Attractive

This could normally be the initial thought that came to your mind whenever guys look at your hip. ‘Oh! I must be very alluring’. ‘My hip looks like one of those TV stars and Hip Hop musicians.

The truth is, you are not far from the fact. It is a case of attractiveness for most men. Back in high school, I had a guy stare at my hip countless times without saying a single thing.

But I later heard gossip from his friends that I’m his crush. Do you see? Women with sizeable hips stand a chance of being more appealing than those without.

Why Do Guys Look at My Hip

Therefore, when guys look at your hips, there is a big tendency that you are stunningly beautiful. A good self-evaluation can help you realize your beauty.

So, wake up one bright morning and walk to the full-size mirror in your room. Stare at yourself while you do a slow 360, you will see how endowed you are.

With this in mind, you will have less to worry about, knowing fully well that you appeal to those guys, which is why they look at your hip.

It Means They like You

A guy might like you if he looks at your hip.

I read through some reports on a social evaluation conducted to determine why guys have their eyes fixated on certain places of a woman’s body and the circumstance of the gaze.

What I found out is not a myth, it is just a simple daily routine of most men that I do not have proper notes on.

The study proves that most men who are in the ‘just friend’ league limit their gaze to their faces or legs.

While men with erotic intents, tend to adjust their gaze to places like the bosom and hip.

Why Do Guys Look at My Hip

This is not the case with all men, just like I mentioned earlier on, but a greater percentage of men fall into this category.

They are eager to get to know you more. Although this might not be entirely true, it is neither a lie that a guy who likes you will start seeing you in a different light, even if he hasn’t been seeing you that way.

It shows that his interest in you is beyond platonic and could mean something more romantic and intimate.

It Means That They Pay Attention to You

Only a guy who pays attention to you well enough will have the time to look at your hip.

In the same manner, I wouldn’t notice that guys or a guy are looking at my hip if I don’t pay attention to it.

An absent-minded individual will not have the time to look at your hip. Likewise, this only becomes a case of misdirected gaze if he does this a few times, but if it persists, there could be a chance that he’s paying attention to you and your detailed body.

Why Do Guys Look at My Hip

The intent behind the attention could vary like he’s probably developing a love interest which we have looked into previously.

Or he might be weighing your hip with another. Whatever the case may be, attention is one of the drives why guys would look at your hip.

It means an intimate Gesture

There are many ways through which a guy shows their love interest without being too verbal about it.

While some of them would take you to the movies, others would buy you gifts and the silent ones prefer staring without saying a word.

If you catch a guy staring at you or looking precisely at your hips, there is a good possibility that the guy in question finds you attractive.

The attractiveness in this aspect goes beyond the type discussed earlier in this post because this here is defined. The attraction here is a purely sensual, and seductive type of affection.

Further studies show that most men now prioritize a nice-looking hip or backside over a standing or pointed woman gland.

It is currently the basis for building feelings for a girl. So looking at a girl’s hip lengthily means that you are extending an intimate gesture to her.

But as a woman, you might start feeling unease at the onset of all these happenings, but just know that it’s a mere gesture and not a compulsive act that aims at making you his girlfriend or spouse.

It Means That They Could Be Weighing It with Others

Yes, as funny as it sounds, a lot of guys look at your hip to compare it with those of other girls. What a goofy act, you might ask?

But I leave the main interpretation of this act to be answered by the guys because they have the final say when it comes to their actions.

I happen to know a guy who would always look at my sister’s hip and mind you, my sister has a pleasant hip, and she flaunts it with reckless abandon.

The stares continued on and on and it perturbed me. To break the jinx and let the cat out of the bag, I decided to have a word with this guy, and what he told me sounded almost unbelievable.

He told me that anytime he sees my sister, he just wonders why his girlfriend didn’t look like her.

He has been indirectly consoling himself of his girlfriend’s rather ungenerous hip, with my sister’s sumptuous hips that looked like they went under the knife for some BBL.

The same thing might be the case for guys who look at your hip. If they are not showing any love interest or passing any intimate advances, just take it that the young man sees your backside as a consoling sight for his girlfriend’s or spouse’s lack of endowed hip.

It Means They Are Looking for a Basis of Affection

Have you ever heard of love languages? Well, the phenomenon refers to a set of acts that denotes the basis on which a person gets attracted.

Some people’s love involves touch, gifts, and even some acts as subtle as giving them enough attention.

However, the group which falls into the love language of physical touch tends to get attracted to very nice-looking ladies.

Most of the men in this category see a well-built lady as a more attractive person than an intuitive one.

Since having a nice-looking hip often converts to beauty, it will also be right to say that a guy who looks at your hip is looking for a basis of affection.

Probably, the person falls within this group and tends to see your hip as a nice asset that would determine his interest in you.

Albeit, the logic in this sounds vague, that’s men for you always acting in the abstract.

Moreover, my current boyfriend made his intention known to me after he was convinced that my figure satisfies his view of a good-looking woman.

It Is Just a Reflex Action

Yes, before we label it anything else, it is first a reflex action. It is normal for guys to look at your hip.

Want to know why? The simple answer is that we are built that way. You are a person who is good-looking, and these guys can’t help but look at you from that angle.

Thus, your hip is a probably delightful sight as a woman and is prone to getting stares and glares, especially if they are stunning.

So, it’s just a matter of reflex action set by our brain as humans and as emotional individuals.

It Shows That They Are Objectifying Your Body

Even in the presence of all the adoration and compliments that come when a guy looks at you, it can also mean that he is objectifying your body.

As disturbing as this sounds, most guys do it. They are the group of guys who would go; ‘I just want to be in and out of this girl.

Others would say, ‘she will look good under my sheets’ and all manner of degrading statements.

If you notice that guys look at your hip with this lusty stare, then it is possible you are being objectified.

Why Do Guys Look at My Hip

Furthermore, I have discovered that this set of guys does not see any other worth in a woman, other than just intimacy.

They argue that most women have nothing to offer and would rather have you for intimacy or nothing else.

This group of guys is likely to become a nuisance if you continue threading their path, so beware.

It Proves That Some Men Are Warped

Long and lustful stares say many things, in which being a pervert or blockhead is one of them.

This proves that most guys would rather lust over your stunning body than express how they feel about you.

And even when they do, they do so with foul words or in a derogatory form. This is the group of guys that would say things like ‘you look strumpet’ or can I touch those?

They are categorically known to be depraved, which means they see you in a different light.

These guys would look at your hips with so much lust and vigor that you start to question your physique.

It Means That You Might Have an Abnormal Hip Shape

All this while, I have taken my time to establish the different reasons why guys look at your hip because of how good they look.

What if they are not looking at your hips because of how good your hips look but due to your abnormal hip shape?

A lot of girls develop into women having excess fat in their hip region, which leaves them with a close-obese physique.

While this might be disturbing for them, it won’t stop guys from looking at it. They look at it because of how disproportional it looks.

You might even experience a decrease in intimate advancements from guys due to this factor, yet you wonder why they still look at your hip.

So, you might want to hit the gym or, better still, lose some weight to get the right response from guys.


To wrap up this article, I would love to reiterate that the points which I presented as reasons do not apply to a general lot of men.

While some of them define the ideal man, others deal with a group of men whose attitudes toward women we often see as derogatory or demeaning.

However, I believe you now have clues about what could be the reason why guys look at your hip.

This post also covers possible acts which you can use to reproach or compliment guys who look at your hip.


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