What Do You Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

When someone tells you that you made his or her day, it shows that you made the person very happy. The statement shows appreciation, thankfulness, and the act of being grateful.

How then can you reply to this statement if you would like to reciprocate the appreciation?

There is no need to think about it because that’s what this article is about. So let’s take a look at 20 replies you can give when someone tells you that you made his or her day. 

20 Ways You Can Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

What Do You Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

  • It’s my pleasure
  • You’re welcome
  • Well, thanks. That’s good to know
  • That’s nice
  • You made my day too
  • I appreciate hearing that
  • I’m glad
  • Yeah! You too
  • I had a nice time too
  • How about tomorrow
  • Thank you for that 
  • Yeah! Same here
  • Anytime dear
  • You’re always welcome
  • Always at your service
  • Really? How?
  • You’ve always made my day
  • That means so much to me
  • Yes. I do that for a living
  • I did? Sounds like an achievement for me
  • It’s my pleasure

When you give this reply, you’re simply saying thank you to the person. When a guy tells you thank you for making his day, this is a polite way of replying to such a statement. This reply implies that you’re happy to make his day.

It could also imply that you’re glad you both had a nice time. It is a good way to reply politely to someone you’re not so used to.

Though, it’s always said to someone you’re familiar with, to show that you’re also happy about what happened or the things you both did. 

You’re welcome

What Do You Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

This is a good way to reply to a person that is thanking you for making him have a good time. This statement is a way of saying “that there is no need to thank me”.

It shows pleasure to the person thanked. This statement is used when replying to someone that thanked you for something. You use this reply to acknowledge their thanks in a very polite way.

It is a very polite expression that shows acceptance of gratitude. It’s an acceptance that you were happy to help or that you were happy to be there with the person.

Well, thanks. That’s good to know

Here, you’re letting the person know that you have been waiting to do a compliment or statement from him or her. When you give a reply like this, it could mean that you didn’t know or weren’t expecting the person’s gratitude.

It is a way of saying thank you with a little bit of pleasant surprise in it. It shows that you were surprised by the person’s acknowledgment and you are also happy to hear the person say it.

Probably, the person doesn’t usually give a compliment and this one came as a surprise to you, you can use this reply to show your amazement.  

That’s nice

This reply is similar to the one above. You’re telling the person that you like the comment. It implies that the statement is pleasing to you. It is also very polite.

Though it is not regularly used it’s still acceptable. You can also use this to tease someone or show a little sarcasm. 

You made my day too

This statement shows that he/she also made your day. It means that he or she wasn’t the only one that was happy that day or that enjoyed the day to the fullest but you also did.

This statement can be used to reassure the person that you also had a nice time and would even love to do it one more time.

Some people like getting reassured that they are making a meaningful impact in a person’s life. You can use this statement to clear a person’s doubt about how you feel.

I appreciate hearing that

What Do You Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

This reply shows that you’re thankful for the person saying you made his day.

Probably, he has never said that to you, and today he says it, you can tell him that you appreciate hearing the statement. This statement implies that you’re very grateful that he made such a compliment.

This statement would tell the person that the comment he or she made was accepted wholeheartedly. When you give such a reply, you’re making it obvious that you would love to hear more of such a compliment.

I’m glad

This reply implies that you’re happy you were able to make his day a memorable one. You might also be happy for not only that but also for him saying that to you. An alternative reply which is similar to this could be “I’m happy to hear that” “That’s awesome”. 

Yeah! You too

This statement implies that he or she also made your day the same way you did for him. He also made you happy and gave you moments to remember.

You accept that you made his day but also acknowledge that he also made yours. You’re trying to tell the person that he/she also made an impact. The use of “you too” implies that the person isn’t left out. 

I had a nice time too

What Do You Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

This is similar to the one above, it’s just that you’ll be saying it differently. When the person tells you that you made his or her day, you can reply with “I had a nice time too”.

This is to show that you also enjoyed the moments you both share. It shows that you were not left out of the fun you both had. You also had a nice and memorable day. It is a way of telling him that you both had fun equally.

How about tomorrow

What Do You Reply When Someone Says You Made My Day

Here, you’re inviting the person to go out with you the next day. In other words, you’re telling the person “let’s do it again tomorrow”.

This shows that he made your day too or that you enjoyed your day with him or her. You’re asking for another fun time with the person to show that the time you both spent was very nice and worth repeating.

You want another wonderful experience with him or her and you’re requesting another time, possibly the one that would be better than the one you just spent.

 Thank you for that!

You’re using this reply to appreciate the person for making you feel important. You’re being thankful that the person admitted that his time with you was worth it and also enjoyable.

You’re being grateful for the statement he made and as well glad that you made his day as well. It could be that the person rarely gives comments and you hearing it today can’t help but appreciate it. 

 Yeah! Same here

This is similar to “I had a nice time too”. It is direct and it implies that the person also made your day. Though, people mostly use this phrase on social media.

You can use it if you’re having a chat with the person later in the day. You can also tell the person face to face, this is because it will still pass the same message.

  •  Anytime dear

Saying “anytime” as a reply to “you made my day” is an alternative way of saying you’re welcome. “Anytime” puts the person at ease and assures him or her that what you did was out of love. “Anytime” could also mean “whenever”, meaning that you’ll always make his or her day.

It shows that it’s not just that day but every other day. This reply is like permitting the person to always ask for your presence whenever he or she needs it.

The feeling is mutual

When you tell someone that the feeling is mutual, it implies that you feel the same way. It shows that the same way the person feels you made his or her day, it is the same way you feel that he or she made yours.

This reply lets the person know that whatever happiness, joy, excitement, and memories he has or feels of that day you too are feeling exactly the same.

 Always at your service

This is an assurance of your presence anytime. The phrase shows you’re available for the person whenever he or she pleases or needs your attention.

You’re telling the person that you’ll always get his back and you’re available whenever he or she needs someone to chat with.

The statement looks really serious and formal but it is also used in an informal setting, especially when you want to be playful or humorous.

It can be used in an informal way when you use the phrase after your name, like a way of introducing yourself by saying you’re willing to help in the best way that you can. This statement can put a smile on the person’s face, except if the person lacks a sense of humor.

 Really? How?

This is a question you can use as a reply to introduce another conversation. It can be humorous as well. Asking a person *how* You made his day by asking him to tell you what part of his day he enjoyed.

There has to be a part that he enjoyed that made him conclude that you made his day. This statement is a polite way of bringing up another conversation, probably you want to still chat with the person for some time.

 You’ve always made my day

This shows that it’s not just once or twice he or she has made your day but all the time. The use of *always* here shows that it is a repeated action. It means *all the time* *every time* every single moment*.

This means every time and every moment you spend with the person, the person has always made you very happy.

 That means so much to me

It is another way of saying that you value what he said. It is an expression that shows that what he said is really important to you. It shows that the statement he made is something you really appreciate. You can also say it as “I am really grateful” or “it means a lot to me”.

Probably, you enjoyed your day so much that you feel you should be the one saying you made my day but the person says it instead. It shows how deeply you value the statement. 

 I do that for a living

When a person says you have made his/her day, the person is trying to show appreciation for how you have made him/her happy. This response will be perfectly ok, depending on your closeness to the person.

If it is someone you are attracted to, making him/her smile with this statement will be a perfect move. If you have made his/her day, there is a tendency that the person will remember that moment for a while.

The conversation you have after the compliment can also add to the memory, depending on how relevant you make it to be. 

Assuming you have made him/her laugh earlier, you’ll be making him/her laugh again with this. This is a way to tease the person and there is a tendency that it will lead to another silly but memorable conversation between the two of you.

 I did? Sounds like an achievement for me

This statement will crack the person up. However, this depends on your closeness to the person. By saying this, you mean the person is quite hard to please but you are saying it in the lightest tone and diction. 

Saying this reply and adding some exaggeration to it. You will make him/her smile further and that will add to the memorable moments of that day. Depending on the person, a funny conversation can be sparked from this.


The way we reply to people will often determine how the relationship will continue. When you spend your day with someone or probably end the person’s day by doing some things that make the person happy, the person may like to appreciate you by saying “you made my day”.

It’s possible that you brought back sweet memories that the person would always remember.

You may also want to reply to this statement by saying something that would make the person know that the feeling isn’t one-sided. You can use any of the phrases above to reply to someone that tells you “you made my day”.


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