20 Best Replies to “Ok, Sounds Good”

It’s very common for people to compliment you or voice their approval over something you did, however, it isn’t always easy to know how to respond.

Especially if the person used a remark that you aren’t sure if you should reply to or not, it can make you feel awkward.

For instance, when someone says, “ok, sounds good” what should you say in reply?

In this article, I’ll give you the best replies for, “ok, sound good” so you don’t feel awkward or debate on whether you should reply or not.

Let’s dive into the 20 best replies to “ok, sound good.” First, however, you’ll know what it means when someone says that.

20 Best Replies to “Ok, Sounds Good”

“Ok, sounds good” is a common remark people make when they agree with you or approve of something you did.

However, depending on the tone, it can also be a sarcastic remark. So, there are different ways you can reply to this phrase.

First, you should know if the person is agreeing with you or only being sarcastic. That being said, here are the 20 best replies to, “ok, sounds good.”

  1. Thank you
  2. Thank goodness
  3. Perfect
  4. Great
  5. Cool
  6. Right
  7. Fantastic
  8. It’s good to hear that
  9. I’m glad you agree
  10. Yippee!
  11. Yes!
  12. So, are we good?
  13. Let’s get to business, then
  14. Good! Let’s get started
  15. So, what next?
  16. Are you sure?
  17. Should I go over it again?
  18. You don’t look it
  19. Doesn’t seem like it
  20. I doubt

Thank You

Appreciation is the ideal response to compliments or any good done to you.  The same also can be said when people agree with you over something.

If you say “thank you” when someone agrees with your suggestions or plans, it shows your gratitude to them for their positive thoughts towards it.

This reply is suitable to use in any setting: formal or informal. In addition, you can add endearments if you’re discussing with your partner or someone close to you.

Then, if it’s in a formal setting, you could add their title or use “sir” or “ma’am” as appropriate.

Thank Goodness

“Thank goodness” is a suitable reply to use when someone shows their approval with, “ok, sounds good.”

It’s a good reply that shows your relief, especially if you’re unsure about what you’re discussing with the person.

Also, if you think the person is a difficult person to please, you can use this expression with your body language to show your gratitude and relief over their approval.

Furthermore, you can use this reply with anyone or anywhere.


Another good example of a response you can give when someone agrees with your work or opinion is “perfect.”

“Perfect!” is a good reply that’s good to use in any environment.  It’s a simple expression that can also show your relief and happiness over their approval.

In addition, with your body language, this expression can also show your enthusiasm to get things started since they’re good with it.

Furthermore, this reply can also be used sarcastically if you think the remark is a sarcastic one.

As I earlier established, someone can say, “ok, sounds good” just to be sarcastic. With their tone, you’d know they don’t approve of what you told them.

So, you could also say “perfect” with a sarcastic or bored tone.


Replies to Ok Sounds Good

“Great! is another reply that’s good to use when someone says, “ok, sounds good.”

It also expresses your gladness and contentment just like “perfect.” It’s a good way to show your readiness to begin work.

In addition, you can also use this reply sarcastically if you don’t like the tone of their approval.


Another perfect reply to use is “cool.” This response is suitable when you want to sound cool and not desperate for their approval.

For instance, when you’re dealing with an extremely difficult person whom you don’t appreciate, you could reply with “cool” just to show that you’re less concerned about what they think.

Also, if you want to play down your excitement, this reply is a perfect example to use. You could even show that you don’t care with your facial expression or body language.


“Right” is another perfect example of a response that you can use when you want to play down your feelings.

When you’re not counting on what others think or relying on their opinion, “right” is just a reply that doesn’t sound desperate.

In addition, you can say this with a proud tone and smug expression to show that you expect them to approve of your idea in the first place.


“Fantastic” is one of the replies you can use to express your gladness when someone agrees with what you’re saying.

It works like “great” and “perfect”, showing that you’re concerned about what they think.

Also, you can say “fantastic” with sarcasm when the other person says, “ok, sounds good” without much care.

A good example is when someone in a group doesn’t show concern for what you say, and afterward, gives their remark with a bored attitude.

It’s Good to Hear That

When you count on the opinion or approval of the person who remarks, a good reply you can use is “it’s good to hear that”

This reply expresses your contentment and happiness with what they think. It’s a suitable reply that can work in a casual or business setting.

I’m Glad You Agree

“I’m glad you agree” is another good reply you can use when someone says, “ok, sounds good.”

It expresses excitement and relief that the person loves your ideas or proposal.

In addition, it’s a good reply for someone you rely on for their opinion or someone you look up to. For instance, a mentor or your loved ones.


Replies to Ok Sounds Good

“Yippee!” is an exclamation of excitement and elation. This is a suitable reply to use when their approval means a lot to you.

When you have put so much hope in that business proposal of yours or the person approving it, you definitely may not be able to contain your joy.

And “yippee!” gives that exciting expression you need when you want to respond to others in this situation.


Yes is a show of joy and you can use this reply even in the workplace if there are no strict measures about such expressions.

So, Are We Good?

When someone approves or agrees to your plan, it isn’t out of place to ensure that you both are on the same table.

So when someone nods their approval with, “ok, sounds good,” an ideal response to get them to emphasize their agreement is, “so, are we good?”

With this question, you’re ensuring and confirming that they agree with what you think.

This is a suitable response to someone you’re partnering with within a project or some sponsors or investors to your project.

Let’s Get to Business, then

When one agrees to your idea or business plan, it’s natural to want to kickstart immediately.

Especially, if they’re investors or partners in your project, you could reply in a way that’ll get you all started at once.

A suitable reply that can work is “let’s get into business, then.” This statement should get everyone ready to start something.

In addition, this reply can also express your excitement and readiness to work.

Good! Let Us get started

Another response you can use when you want to express your excitement and eagerness is, “good, let’s get started.”

“Good” expresses your relief and happiness in their consent and approval of what you think and “let’s get started” shows your enthusiasm.

This reply should get everyone on track and started.

So, What Next?

If you want to know what next steps to take, you should ask the question.

If you bring an idea or suggestions to someone’s table and they consent with, “ok, sounds good,” you could ask them what’s next if they’re the one in charge.

Also, you don’t have to wait to use it with someone in charge, you could say this to your partner to get their opinion on what next steps you both should take.

Are You Sure?

There are situations when you’ll doubt the person who gives their approval.

Earlier, I have established that one can say, “ok, sounds good” with a sarcastic tone either to mock you or to express their dislike for what you’ve said.

Also, if someone hesitates or their body language doesn’t show what they say, you could ask them to be sure.

If you notice any of this in their tone or body language, “are you sure?” is an appropriate response.  However, it’s not in every situation that you use this response.

You definitely shouldn’t try this with your potential sponsor or investors.

Should I Go Over It Again?

In another case when you notice that there are some elements of doubt in the person’s expression or body language, you could use this reply.

Perhaps you need to sound more convincing; so you could ask if you should go over it again.

When you ask this question and the person okays it, it allows you to present your plan better and convince them more

So when they nod their approval again, you can be sure of their agreement.

This response is appropriate when you want to ensure both parties are on the same page. It’s essential to make sure that they’re in full support.

You Don’t Look It

Another response you can use when the person who says, “ok, sounds good” doesn’t sound convincing is, “you don’t look it.”

This is a good way to get them to give their approval again and to assure you that they agree.

Furthermore, this response is appropriate for your friend, partner, or in any casual or informal setting.

Doesn’t Seem Like It

Another way to reply when you notice the person who okays your statement doesn’t sound like it is by saying, “doesn’t seem like it.’

This reply will let them know that they need to sound more convincing. Also, it’s a good way to let them assure you completely of what they think.

I Doubt

When you’re in doubt about whether their approval or agreement is genuine or not, “I doubt” is a good reply to use.

When you use “I doubt” when someone says “ok, sounds good,” it should get them to reassure you with their reply.

In addition, you should only use this reply with your friends, partner in a project, or someone close to you and not in a formal setting.

Final Words

When people approve of your idea, it’s ideal that you appreciate them and it’s natural to show your excitement.

So, if someone says, “ok, sounds good” to your proposal, you could say “thank you” or some of the other appreciative words.

In addition, you could play down your excitement or show that you’re not concerned about what they think with your reply.

Also, when they sound unconvincing, you could give a reply that should get them to reassure you again.

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