15 Signs An Italian Man Likes You

Have you ever had a relationship with an Italian Man? Oh. You probably just met this Italian guy and you are wondering if he likes you. There is one thing about Italian guys. It is quite easy to tell when they like a thing.

That doesn’t mean you will know if YOU are the “thing” they like. Remember, it’s not obsession so it doesn’t have to be so obvious. That also doesn’t mean it’s hard to tell.

I can look in the eyes of an Italian Man and tell him the last woman he winked at. They are quite easy to predict. It may feel like an obsession but Love is much closer to it.

To know if an Italian Man is in love with you, here are 15 signs to look out for

  1. Compliments
  2. Pet names
  3. Makes eyes at you
  4. Gets a bit nervous around you
  5. Becomes Self-conscious around you
  6. Stops flirting with other girls
  7. Wants to take you out
  8. Gets jealous
  9. Speaks about Italy and the things he loves.
  10. Laughs around you often
  11. Confesses his love and makes moves
  12. Surprises
  13. Wants you to meet his parents
  14. Teaches you Italian traditions
  15. Asks questions about you

He compliments you

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian Man will compliment a person he likes. That is quite usual, isn’t it? For someone who likes you, you will be hearing a lot of compliments.

For someone who loves you and needs you to know, you will be hearing more than just a lot.

If you have been with Italian men, you’ll know they are the outspoken type (that doesn’t exactly apply to all but you’ll be finding more outspoken Italian men).

There is a high chance you will be hearing your Italian Man tell you how much he loves you directly. He could start with a ton of compliments.

If you have heard of how Italian men flirt, then you’ll know how careful you should be in this case.

When he’s throwing compliments, you may find it hard to tell if he likes you or if he’s just flirting. However, expect those compliments. Even a Russian man says compliments.

He calls you pet names

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian Man will call you pet names if he likes you. Pet names can be developed out of anything or any act.

You can imagine meeting someone like me in a park (while we’re still strangers) and you sneeze. We just discovered a pet name there. We could call you, “Mucus Fountain”. That is not quite romantic.

An Italian Man will surely find something better. You are very much assured. They are already used to flirting so they already have about a billion pet names in their heads.

Instead of “Mucus Fountain”, an Italian man can probably call you “Crème de la Crème”. All puns intended.

That’s probably still not “romantic” enough but an Italian man is very good at finding the best pet names.

You will find yourself smiling. If they can give pet names while flirting, they will give pet names to someone they love too.

He Makes Eyes At You

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

If an Italian man loves you, he will make eyes at you. Not every lover makes eyes. An Italian Man will make eyes at a stranger he is willing to flirt with.

If you find a strange Italian man staring at you at an event, he must “like” you and want to speak to you. That doesn’t mean he is in love with you yet.

“Love” doesn’t just pop into the heart. It starts from somewhere before it gets there. You will get to know how much your Italian man flirts after a while.

You can the difference between an Italian man who wants to flirt and the one that likes you. After you get to know your Italian man, if he keeps making eyes at you, he is probably wanting something else.

In an event with so many beautiful ladies, if your Italian man is in love with you, he will find it hard to keep his eyes off you. If you like him back, there’s a pretty high chance your eyes will meet a few times.

Gets A Bit Nervous Around You

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man may get a bit nervous around you. Don’t expect this at all. As stated earlier, Italian men are not the shy type.

They say things as they are so you can expect to hear your Italian man say it directly when he is in love with you.

However, it may not always happen. He may not tell you directly if the feelings seem to be newly setting in. He may not tell you directly if he thinks you already consider him “just a friend”.

If an Italian Man tells you he likes you, there is a high chance he is just flirting. Keep it somewhere in your mind but don’t fall into that trap. Hold your tender heart with the utmost care.

When your Italian man starts to get thrown off by you, you should know he sees something special in you and he’s hoping you would keep your eyes on him for a few seconds.

Becomes Self-conscious Around You

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian Man will become very self-conscious when he’s around someone he loves. They are already used to flirting so they are less self-conscious when they are in the act.

However, if an Italian is in love with you, he cares what you think about him. He will surely want to know how he appears to you. Do you see him as a colleague, an attractive young man, or a “nincompoop”?

While they are being self-conscious around you, there is a chance that they will become so self-conscious and make it obvious.

There is also a chance that they will be so conscious about certain parts of themselves that they forget to take care of some other parts.

You want to know if he’s doing that because he likes you? Stare right into his eyes and smile. You’ll know instantly.

Stops Flirting With Other Girls

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian Man will stop flirting with other girls if he is in love with you. Love works the same way for everyone even if we express it differently. Once Love sets in, it takes a space in the mind.

For an Italian man trying to flirt with another girl, he would find it hard to push the thought of you aside. A part of him would wish you were the one before him.

If an Italian man is not romantically interested in you, he could flirt with other girls right before your eyes.

However, if he loves you, his attention will be on you even when there are other girls around.

A nervous Italian man won’t make it obvious that he’s trying to get your attention but he will withdraw from flirting when he’s with you.

That man likes you. Try to start a conversation or just stare into his eyes again.

Wants To Take You Out

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man will want to take you out if he likes you. Even a nervous Italian man will think it’s a nice idea for you both to be in a private space.

If you think your Italian man loves you but is too nervous to say it to you, propose an outing. Then you can torture him with your cute eyes.

A confident Italian man may not need a private space. He believes he will get to win your heart eventually so he will slowly bring you into his life by taking you to places that are important to him.

They are not necessarily private but you can understand the message when he speaks of those places and how much they mean to him.

Gets Jealous

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man can get jealous if he is in love with you. Who says confident men can’t get jealous?

If you are with another man and you find your Italian glancing at you repeatedly, you can tell he is jealous.

An Italian man won’t get jealous if he just wanted to flirt. Rather, he would see it as a lost game.

This doesn’t mean you should try to get him jealous because you think he’s in love with you.

If you think he is jealous because another man is talking to you, then it must be obvious that he wants your attention.

Speaks About Italy And Things He Loves

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man can tell you about things he loves when he is in love with you. He wants your agreement or opinion. He wants you to understand him.

An Italian man won’t be telling you about things he loves if he’s just flirting. No one does that.

An Italian man must have “Italy” as one of the “things” he loves. If he can’t take you to Italy (if you’re not already in Italy), then he must be talking about it.

You will surely be hearing about the things he loves when he’s getting to like you

He Laughs Around You Often

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

When an Italian man likes you, there is a high chance he will laugh while you are conversing. This is not an Italian thing. It is quite generous.

Virtually no one agrees with this but you find yourself laughing at jokes that aren’t there when it’s coming from someone you like.

Asides from him laughing while you are conversing, you can find him laughing with someone else while he glances at you a few times.

He wants you to see the smile so you don’t believe he is miserable while you’re absent (Not exactly true).

He probably wants you to see his cute smile or he wants you to think he can have fun while you are absent.

You can also hear him cracking jokes just to see you laugh too. If you like him, there are also chances you will laugh at his slightest jokes.

Confesses His Love And Makes Moves

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man can tell you how much he loves you. If you reject him, he will continue to make moves.

It is sometimes easy to tell when an Italian man loves you. If you think about it, all the points mentioned earlier are quite easy to notice.

An Italian man can be honest about his feelings for you. He will tell you to your face and do things that may make you consider him.

He will want to take you out, maybe to a private space or places he loves.

That is how he shows you that you matter. By slowly letting you into his life, he’s giving you a chance to understand him.

He Surprises You

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man will drop infinite loads of surprises just to hear you say “Yes” to his love proposal. This is one of the moves he makes after confessing his love to you.

He will continue to surprise you with gifts and things he’s learned about you. He won’t go on so far with someone he just wants to flirt with.

Once you see these signs, you know he is serious about having a life with you.

Wants You To Meet His Parents

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man will want to show you to his parents if he loves you. The same way he tells you things he loves to know if you’ll like them too, he shows you to the people important to him and wants them to like you too.

He won’t be showing you to his parents if all he wanted to do was flirt. Once he shows you to his parents and introduces you to his friends, you are in his head already. Congratulations!

Teaches You Italian Traditions

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

An Italian man will teach you Italian traditions when he starts to think of a future together.

This never comes first though. He has to get some sort of approval from you or, at least, get no hint of rejection.

Once you start smiling at his proposals, he sees that as an unsure “Yes”. Then he goes ahead to bring you fully into his life. He will teach you how to relate in Italy when he takes you home.

Don’t be a killjoy. Learn the tradition. Learn his desires and make efforts. Any man in love with you will want his people to accept you. They all want you to understand how their people want you to act.

You can just be understanding when you are in his hometown. Then you both can choose how you want your life to be when you are together.

Asks Questions About You

Signs An Italian Man Likes You

When an Italian man loves you, he will ask a lot of questions and some may feel irrelevant.

An Italian man wants to surprise you and please you in many ways just to get your love. He can only do that if he knows about your life and the things you want. That way, he can find the best surprises.

You will find him asking questions to know about you. Sometimes, it is just to keep a conversation going.

This happens mostly when the relationship is just starting. Let him in. Give him the answers and don’t be silent.


Italian men are gorgeous and very good at flirting. Don’t be deceived by those compliments and the eyes they make but keep your mind open too.

Too much cautiousness can make you lose the love that’s wildly seeking you.

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